Origami airplanes: tips and tricks

One of the most common hobbies around the world is paper origami. Airplanes, flowers, birds, animals, and much more can be created by yourself from an ordinary leaf.

Probably not in our country, a man who in his childhood was not engaged in the manufacture of paper airplanes. Now we know that these uncomplicated crafts are part of the original art with the exotic name "origami". Airplanes are easy to make for an adult. However, it is quite possible to teach a preschooler to turn a flat sheet into a three-dimensional figure. There are a huge number of manufacturing methods, which differ primarily in the complexity of implementation.

Making the usual paper airplane

Yes Yes. The one who maneuvers in all apartments and houses where there are children. But just like that, not everyone will remember how to do it correctly.

Below you see the folding pattern of a regular paper airplane.He usually becomes the first in the collection of every fan of origami.

origami scheme airplanesThe ideal paper format needed to make an airplane is A4.

How to make a zipper

To do this, we first need to fold a sheet of paper in half in length. Next you need to bend the corners of the future product in the direction of the edges. Do this three times. Moreover, each subsequent bending must pass through the line of the bisector. Thus, each new fold reduces the angle exactly in half. At first glance it seems that it is difficult. By no means. And the presence of a protractor to perform this work is not required. Just bend the corners to the bottom of the plane so that the lines coincide.

paper origami planesWhen the corners are folded for the third time, they need to be bent back 90 degrees. So we get the wings of the aircraft.

Origami airplanes can be made bright by painting them in different colors. For this fit and pens, and paints, and markers, and pencils. You can also use colored paper as a base.

Origami airplanes: recommendations for making

Among experts there is a classification of paper aircraft.According to their opinion, origami airplanes can be “heavy” and “light”, have tail or not, have short wings or long ones.

origami airplanesGood maneuverability of the aircraft will ensure the strengthening of the nose. It is also very important, when folded, to observe perfect symmetry, and the flüselage should be made considerably smaller than the wings in area.

Ensuring stability during flight can be increased by bending the tips of the wings.

If you follow the instructions correctly, even a child under the supervision of an adult will be able to successfully make origami airplanes. Schemes prompt sequence of actions.

It is important to carefully bend the folds and to observe maximum accuracy in the manufacture. The better your aircraft is made, the more it will be able to please you and your children.

Origami airplanes are launched at an angle of 45 degrees. The strength of the launch depends on how your product behaves in the air. This can be a fast flight or smooth planning.

Do not forget to follow the main rule of origami. In everything be patient and careful. It depends on how quickly and efficiently you master the process of making such crafts as origami airplanes.

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