Open an account in Sberbank. Open a bank account: instruction

In different periods of a person’s life, he thinks about the need to open a bank account. Options for why you may need an account are very diverse, starting with receiving money from relatives who are far away (or even abroad), and ending with the simple convenience of paying utility bills. The following are the main types of such financial services for the public and businesses that are available at any bank. It must be remembered that the conditions of registration differ from one financial institution to another, and it is necessary to look for exactly those that will be convenient for the client.

Card account

It is very easy to open an account with Sberbank with the condition that it is managed with a plastic card. Variants of the cards themselves, their capabilities, the currencies that are connected to them, and other elements are vast. Anyone can find the best deal,starting with the simplest and cheapest cards that allow you to simply make payments and pay in commercial networks, and ending with elite platinum cards that provide a huge number of various advantages. Some banks charge a small percentage to the balance on the card account, which also allows them to save money. In addition, many types of such means of payment make it possible to link them directly to electronic money, replenish them or withdraw them to a card.

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Current account

They are usually meant when they want to open a currency account in Sberbank. An ordinary person in most cases absolutely no need to have a card with any other currency except rubles, but in case of such a need it is easier to open a regular current account, which is cheaper and guarantees the safety of funds in both domestic and foreign currency. With it, you can pay for the education of children, if it takes place in other countries, to make payments for goods or services provided by foreign companies that do not work with rubles, and much more. Most often the current account is not used as oftenas a card, and the need to manage it to be directly in the bank branch is not a special inconvenience.

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Deposit account

Opening an account in Sberbank in order to receive income from its storage most often involves the registration of a deposit account. Just like regular current accounts, deposit programs are vast. Each of them focuses on a certain part of the population, helping not only to keep money in a safe place, but also to multiply it. Some clients need to place a large amount for a short period, while others want to put money in for a very long time and consistently receive income from them in the form of interest payments. After the birth of a child, some families practice opening a deposit account and gradually, each month, replenish it with a small amount, capitalizing interest. This is done specifically so that by the time children come of age, a certain amount has already been accumulated, which could be spent on his education, wedding, apartment, car or something else, depending on the situation in the family. The listed types of financial services are only a small part of what becomes available to an ordinary person if you open a bank account.

We should not forget that in order to receive both the deposit amount and interest, banks offer to issue a special plastic card, which, just like a regular one, can be used in retail chains, pay for goods and services on the Internet and perform other standard operations. Sometimes it depends on the amount of the deposit what level such a card will be, starting with the cheapest, impersonal and ending with elite plastic or gold.

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Sberbank account for individual entrepreneurs

Accounts for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities are not very different from ordinary accounts for individuals. But due to the fact that they will be used directly for profit, the list of documents required to open an account with Sberbank to such persons significantly exceeds the requirements for individuals. For an ordinary person, in most cases, it’s enough just to present your passport to a citizen of the Russian Federation. Other documents are not required. Legal entity or individual entrepreneur is required to provide a certificate of state registration, paper, confirming the authority of the director,copies of constituent documents and articles of association (notarized), signature cards of both the director and the chief accountant, documents confirming registration with the tax and pension funds, a registration card confirming registration with the statistics authorities and a license directly for that type of activity, income from which will be credited to the account. In some cases, in order to open an account in Sberbank for an individual entrepreneur or legal entity, other documents may be required, especially if this account is intended to be used to service the loan in the future.

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Corporate cards

Special corporate cards are issued to the current account of legal entities, allowing an authorized representative of an enterprise to use a certain part of the total amount of an account for any needs of an organization. They are issued at the request of directly officials of the specified enterprise and in most cases are issued not in someone’s name, but in the name of the company. This was done so that in case of replacing this type of card, there was no need to completely redo the card and all documents for it, but you could simply provide papers confirming the new credentials of the employee.

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Based on the above, it can be concluded that the number of individuals and legal entities available for opening accounts is enormous, and they completely (and even with a reserve) cover all possible needs of all categories of citizens and organizations. It should be noted that opening an account in Sberbank is often much easier than in other similar financial institutions, thanks to a well-designed service system, its speed, a huge number of branches in all cities and settlements of the country and trained personnel who are ready to advise certain services at any time. . Often, some customers simply do not suspect that their difficult situation can be easily resolved if you listen to the proposals of bank employees who are interested not so much in designing a large number of opportunities as in their profitability.

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