On the cold trip engine: the main reasons

The internal combustion engine is used forcars for more than a century. And its design is constantly being improved. However, despite global modernization, most of the engine damage is already known and studied for a long time, and therefore it is quite possible to eliminate them. In today's article, we'll talk about such a malfunction as engine throttling. Why does the engine trip and what are the signs of this breakdown? About all this and not only - later in our article.

Where did this name come from?

Why do engines with such a malfunctionalways "shots", and not "double" or "quadruple"? The fact is that most of the engines of the previous generations had 4 cylinders. Accordingly, when one stopped working, only 3 of them moved in the motor. The sound of the engine changed significantly. Subsequently, and there was such a characteristic name of the breakdown, as "troya". That is to say, only 3 cylinders work.on a cold trip engine

However, at the present time, 6-, andeven an 8-cylinder car engine. Yes, from the scientific point of view, this term is not quite correct, but most of our auto mechanics characterize this breakdown in this way. And it does not matter how many cylinders there are in the engine - four, eight or twelve.

Why does the engine trip?

So, why is the engine on the cold? Misuse of the motor is often triggered by two problems. The phenomenon of a non-working cylinder can occur if there is no combustible mixture in the chamber, or if there is nothing to ignite the liquid. However, the problem does not always lie exactly inside the cylinder. On modern injectors and diesel engines there is a mass of electronics, sensors and control units. Any of their malfunctions can provoke a trip. Therefore, to seek the cause of this evil should be in the service center, especially if it is a new imported car.

Also it is necessary to note such fact, as lackpower, which occurs when the engine is running. It can fall on different operating modes - under load, before or after warming up or "on cold". And already starting from this, it is necessary to search for the cause of breakdowns. This can be a burnt out valve, and a banally polluted air filter.


Some motorists do not attach specialof the value of this fault. And this is very wrong, because the consequences can be completely unpredictable. The first thing to note is the increased fuel consumption. If the engine is cold on the cold, its consumption will definitely increase. Due to improper combustion, the fuel simply flies "into the pipe", not giving the piston the necessary mechanical thrust.causes engine causes injector Thus, when the motor is running, the flow ratefuel can increase by 50, 60, and even 100 percent. At the same time, the mixture that is not burned in the cylinder pollutes the atmosphere, destroys the catalyst (it also oxidizes the sensor of the lambda probe, forming a deposit on it), or it enters the crankcase where it is subsequently mixed with oil. Large loads are placed on the crankshaft, engine block and the entire cylinder-piston group. And this significantly affects their resource. If you do not eliminate the trouble in time, engine repairs can be a serious expense for you. Therefore, do not hesitate to remove this fault.

How can I tell if a cold engine is hurting?

Often motorists understand this bythe characteristic sound of his work. Especially it is audible on vibrations and a sound of an exhaust pipe. Also on the instrument panel of the car may appear a red lamp "Chek Engin".

There are other signs that indicate that the engine started to run:

  • Vibration of the body. The engine block itself can also shake.

  • Unstable turns at idle.

  • Increased fuel consumption.

  • Noticeable loss of engine power.

But it is worth noting that each of these symptoms may indicate other breakages. Therefore, they need to be considered only in a complex.

Why does the cylinder not work?

car engine

So, why is the engine running? "Priora", the causes of the failure of the cylinders which are quite similar to other cars of our time, is broken due to the following factors:

  1. The ignition timing is incorrect.

  2. Defective candles that stopped giving a spark (only on carburetor and injector engines).

  3. Air sucking in the vacuum brake booster.

  4. Burned valves (photo of one of them you can see on the right).

  5. Worn piston rings.

  6. Infringements of phases газораспределения.

  7. A clogged air filter.

  8. Burned gasket cylinder head.

  9. Worn rockers of valves.

  10. Air intake in the intake manifold.

  11. Leakage loss. It can be caused by the wear or deformation of the diaphragm of the ignition timing control.

  12. Worn bearing turntable.

  13. Defective shaft breaker-distributor.

  14. Burned piston. In the event of such a malfunction, the engine is uniquely damaged.

  15. Carburetor subjected to improper adjustment.

How to find a dead cylinder?

It is not difficult to do this. In order to determine the serviceability of a cylinder, it is necessary in turn to detach the tips of the high-voltage wires from the candles. As a rule, access to them is provided without dismantling any elements. These wires can be seen right away as soon as you open the hood of your car. So, turn off the tip and listen carefully to the stroke of the engine. If it has not changed, then you have found that very idle cylinder.

Safety precautions when disconnecting wires

triples the carburetor engine

Do not forget about security measures. Still, these are high-voltage wires, and not small 12-volt cords. First of all, it is necessary to put a dielectric under your feet, that is, a material that does not conduct an electric current through itself. It can be a rubber mat or a wooden board. Also observe the technology of disconnecting the wires. Remember that you should not hold your fingers by the cap, but by the wire itself. And, of course, it is not recommended to lean against the body at that time with a free, bare hand. Remember that if you do not follow these rules, you risk getting a high-voltage shock.

What if the engine is cold on the cold? Detailed troubleshooting

If you know exactly the cause of thisphenomena, solve the problem with such ICE is much easier than doing all at random. Above we listed the main reasons for the failure of one of the cylinders, because of which the car engine delivers unnecessary vibrations, consumes a lot of fuel and does not pull when dispersed. Now let's look at each of the positions separately.

Ignition timing

If the cylinder fails for this reason, it is more likelyin total, you will hear characteristic claps, in which the motor will jog a little. In order to determine this fault, you should carefully listen to the sound of the engine at extremely low speed. The fact is that at high levels, his work is leveled, and skipping the clock in one of the cylinders is hardly noticeable. Hearing similar sounds and bouncing, we can conclude that the moment of ignition in the engine was set incorrectly, namely, too early.


On the cold trip engine for various reasons,one of which is incorrect sparking. And this problem does not occur in all temperature modes of the motor. The fact is that after heating, the characteristic sound and vibrations often disappear or become less expressive. What to do in this case? First you need to find out which of the cylinders is in an inoperative state, using the above instructions. Then you need to unscrew the spark plug and inspect its external state. In her mind, one can judge the health of the entire engine. So, what should I look for? First of all, determine the color of the insulator of the central electrode. Determine whether it is a working candle or not is very simple. The insulator has a light or slightly brown shade for a workable part.the cause prior cause engine If its color is different from normal, you needfind out why this happened. For example, the presence of deposits or traces of oil on the surface of the insulator suggests that a highly enriched mixture enters the combustion chamber. Its composition, it pours a candle, or oil is poured onto its surface. As a result, there is a violation of sparking, and as a result - the engine is moving.engine block

Also, the following factors can cause the contamination of the candle:

  • Malfunction of the injectors.

  • Malfunction of the oxygen sensor (lambda probe).

  • Low compression in the cylinder.

  • Infringement of phases газораспределения.

  • Malfunction of the non-return valve of the power system.

  • Frequent running of the engine at idle when warming up.

Next, you need to inspect the external condition of the casecandles. The latter must be an integer. The presence of cracks and chips in it is excluded. Also, different black bars and black dots are not allowed. If they are on the case, such a candle must be replaced.engine repair

And, of course, you should check the qualitysparking. To understand how well the candle works, you need to turn on the starter and keep it at a distance of 1.5-2 centimeters from the mass. If a large bright blue spark appears between the electrodes, then the part works properly. If the engine is idling at idle and warm-up, 100% this problem is triggered by candles. The absence of a spark or its low brightness can indicate the following faults:

  • Ignition coil failure.

  • Malfunction of the switch.

  • Increased resistance of high-voltage wires.

Of course, you can test the candle in a different way,closing the on-board electrode on the "mass". However, remember that in this way you will check only the performance of the part, not more. And the quality of sparking is checked exactly by the method that we described above.the engine is idling at idle

Defective candles - that's why most oftenthe engine "injector" trots. The causes of the non-working cylinder, as we said earlier, may be hidden in their commonplace wear or in the accumulation of various deposits, because of which the part can not form a normal spark. Therefore, if you have a gasoline engine, first of all you should examine the external state of the candles.

Breakdown in high-voltage wires

Rarely the engine is idling at idlecause of breakdown in high-voltage wires. But this problem is also quite solvable. Check the serviceability of high-voltage wires is best in the dark - so you will see sparks that will go out. Thus the motor should be in the brought condition. But this method does not always help. It happens that the breakdown was formed not in the winding, but inside it, that is, the wires themselves are damaged. In this case, take the multimeter and measure the nominal resistance. Ideally, it should not be more than 20 kOhm. If you find a spark or a change in the resistance level, replace the high voltage wires with new ones. But remember that their length is different. Therefore, before buying, remember their length, so as not to buy a very short or long.


So, we found out why the coldengine and how to solve this problem in different cases. Finally, we note that it is not necessary to delay the elimination of this phenomenon. Otherwise, expensive engine repairs will be inevitable. And, of course, we should not disregard the candles. It is on their serviceability that the performance of the entire engine can depend. Therefore, it is not recommended to install the cheapest options.

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