"Nurofen" with teething in children: instructions for use, feedback

The appearance of a child in the family is always accompanied byjoy, a feeling of love and pleasant cares. But from the very first days, parents have new concerns. Moms and dads are most concerned about the health and development of crumbs. In the first year, most children have teeth erupting. This event is very happy new parents. By the first anniversary, the crumb can have one or more incisors. Often this natural process is accompanied by disturbing symptoms. This is normal, but you can alleviate the condition of your baby with the help of modern medications. In such situations, doctors recommend giving the baby "Nurofen" a baby. When teething, the medicine copes with its task quite effectively. More details about this you can learn from today's article.

nurofen with teething

Symptoms of teething in babies

When the crumbs are chopped, every one noticesattentive parent. The baby becomes whimsical and whiny. He has lost his appetite and mood is down: nothing makes a little fidget. If during the day the mothers manage to cope with these signs somehow and distract the capricious, then at night the intensity of anxiety grows.

Many babies during teething badsleep: they groan in a dream, grunt, pinch their legs and tease gums. Often in children, the body temperature rises, diarrhea occurs. All this is not so dangerous if there are no other signs of illness. During the eruption of teeth in children, immunity decreases, which can lead to the appearance of a cold, coughing and the adherence of an additional infection.

The action of the drug "Nurofen", composition and types

Before giving "Nurofen" during eruptionteeth, you need to study this drug thoroughly. The drug is released in adult and pediatric form. The latter is divided into tablets, suppositories and suspensions. The main active ingredient of all types of the drug is ibuprofen. Candles contain 60 mg of substance in one suppository. In 5 milliliters of syrup, 100 mg of ibuprofen is present. Tablets have in their composition 200 mg of drug substance.

The drug "Nurofen" is used for eruptionteeth as an anesthetic. In its essence, ibuprofen refers to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics. The active ingredient inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins, which causes pain syndrome. The effect of the use of the remedy is noted already within the first half hour.

nurofen baby syrup user's manual

When is it necessary to give the child "Nurofen" with teething?

All types of Nurofen are used forchildren only after three months and exclusively on the prescription of a doctor. If your child is concerned about the symptoms of teething, then do not be lazy to consult a pediatrician. It is important to know how to give the baby this medicine, in what dose. The main indications for which Nurofen doctors are appointed (with teeth eruption) are the following situations:

  • temperature increase;
  • severe pain in the gums;
  • inflammation of the area of ​​teething;
  • restless sleep (caused by gum pain);
  • refusal to eat.

Also, the use of the drug is indicated for the symptomatic treatment of viral and bacterial infections. Use the medicine for headache, toothache, myalgia, neuralgia.

Contraindications to the use of the drug in children

Never used the drug "Nurofen" (withdentition and other indications), if there is an individual intolerance of the components. It is worth remembering that in the composition of medicines there is not only ibuprofen. For example, tablets contain sucrose, and syrup - sweeteners and flavors. It is contraindicated to use the medicine for those children who have diseases of the digestive tract (ulcers, erosion, colitis). Do not appoint Nurofen to children with heart failure, hypertension, with renal and hepatic insufficiency. Do not use the medication in all forms, if you previously had an allergy to acetylsalicylic acid preparations. Hearing loss, hemophilia, bleeding of unknown origin, lactase deficiency is an excuse to give up this medication.

whether it is possible to give nurofen with teething

Method of use of medicament

How to give the child "Nurofen" correctly? When teething in children, it is preferable to use a suspension and suppositories. They are applied after three months, but before this age of a similar problem, most likely, and does not arise. The dosage of the drug is determined in accordance with the age and body weight of the baby. One serving is 5 to 10 milligrams of ibuprofen per kilogram up to four times a day.

  • Children from 3 months to a year are assigned 2.5 ml multiplicity three times.
  • After a year (up to two), use 5 ml three times at the same time.
  • From 4 to 6 years, doctors appoint 7.5 ml for triplicate use.
  • From 7 years and up to 9 prescribe 10 ml three times a day.
  • Up to 12 years, children are recommended to 15 ml at a time three times.

nurofen for children with teething

Teething permanent teeth

A painful syndrome can be accompanied bythe appearance of permanent teeth in children. It happens at the age of 6-10 years. During this period, the children can already tell what exactly bothers them. If you earlier for other reasons gave the drug "Nurofen", then now you can use it. Since the moment when the child turned 8 years old, it is possible to give the medicine in tablet form. You can also use the usual suspension. Suppositories at this age are no longer used, since they contain a small dose of the active substance.

Tablets are given to children one at a time 4 times a dayat regular intervals. It is not recommended to give the baby more than 6 tablets a day, otherwise there will be symptoms of an overdose. The medicine does not require preliminary grinding, it is washed down with a sufficient amount of water. After 12 years, the drug can be used in a doubled dose: 2 tablets at a time. The multiplicity of the application will be 3-4 times.

how to give nurofen with teething

Is it possible to give the child a drug in its adult form?

It happens that the baby is allergic to a sweetener, which is in suspension. Is it permissible to give the crumbs in this case tablets? Can I use an adult form of medicine?

The drug for adult patients is available inthe minimum dosage is 200 mg. The same amount of ibuprofen has a children's "Nurofen". When teething, as in other situations, a child weighing 10 kilograms requires 50-100 mg of the active ingredient. This means that you need to divide the pill into 2-4 parts. The shape of the pills does not allow this. On the tablets there is no dividing line, you can cut the pillow unevenly, thereby violating the established dosage. Doctors do not recommend using tablets for babies. Follow the advice of pediatricians and use the medication in the prescribed form.

It is allowed to use tablets only for those children who are shown to take a single dose of 200 mg. The body weight of such a child must be at least 20-40 kg.

Nurofen at night with teething

Adverse reactions form negative reviews

You already know how to use an analgesic"Nurofen" (baby syrup). Instructions for use are provided for your reference. Often it is this form of the drug that causes allergy in children. It manifests as a urticaria, the appearance of spots on the skin, itching. In all these situations, you need to cancel the medicine and see a doctor. Negative feedback on the suspension occurs in most cases precisely for this reason. Parents of children say that after such treatment of pain they had to give the child sorbents for a long time. At some kids reception of "Nurofen" demanded gastric lavage.

Adverse reactions may also occurdyspepsia: the baby has abdominal pain, gas formation increases, vomiting occurs. Often joins a headache, drowsiness or, on the contrary, increased excitability. When using large doses of medication, renal failure or pathology of the urinary system may occur.

Nurofen with teething reviews

"Nurofen" with teething: reviews

Which opinions most often form about themselvesmedicine? Does the medicine help? Many parents say that they give Nurofen for the night. When teething, this tactic allows the baby to sleep peacefully and not to suffer from unpleasant sensations. Statistics show that the effect of the drug comes quickly. Within 15-20 minutes of the child stops pain. The drug lasts no more than 8 hours. If the baby sleeps more (which is normal for young children), then by the morning it will again start to disturb the teeth. In this case, the parents can re-give the medicine, and the sweet sleep of the crumbs will continue.

Doctors say that in the annotation in detail andIt is clearly described how to use "Nurofen" for children (syrup). Instructions for use and dosage are also indicated on the vial itself (in case of loss of the package with the annotation). It is important not to exceed the established norms. If the child has severe pain syndrome, it is better to give earlier a repeated portion (for example, not after 7-8 hours, and after 5). But never give a larger amount of medicine. This can have a bad effect on the organs of the blood and the urinary system.

Nurofen with teething as an anesthetic

What can we say in conclusion?

So, do you know if it is possible to give "Nurofen" whenteething. If the baby's fever rises due to the appearance of incisors, it is not only possible to use the drug, but it is also necessary. However, before this it is worth consulting with the doctor. The drug "Nurofen" is not used more than five consecutive days as an analgesic. If, at the end of the specified time, the symptoms that bother the child persist, you should show the child to the pediatrician for a choice of further tactics of action.

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