Nubuck - what is it? Advantages and disadvantages

The fashion industry does not stand still and constantly offers consumers new ideas and ways of self-expression. The texture of the raw material from which a certain thing is created is of great importance in the matter of creating a harmonious look. In this article, we consider a fashionable, attractive and velvety structure. It perfectly conveys the conservative ideas of strict shoes and with the same success reflects the spirit of free style. Very often, this material is taken for suede. On closer inspection, differences still appear. Nubuck - what is it?

nubuck what is it

Nubuck or suede?

Both of these materials occupy a worthy place in designer collections. They are ideal for sewing shoes, outerwear and small accessories. Many are interested in natural nubuck. What is nubuck material and how does it differ from suede? Consider further:

  • Used raw materials. For the production of natural suede deer skin is used. Nubuck made from the skin of cattle.
  • Tanning method. Suede is traditionally processed by the fat method, and the chrome version is designed for a material called nubuck.What is this procedure? It provides softness and elasticity of the material, but gives it the unattractive ability to get wet quickly and dry for a long time.
  • Pile. Nubuck has a shorter pile length.
  • Wear resistance. Suede is more adapted for long wear.

Nubuck shoes. Rules for the care of winter and summer models

Consider closer nubuck. What is this material and how to wear it?

It belongs to the category of expensive and capricious, so not every girl is able to decide on such a purchase. Modern trends dictate their own rules, offering summer and winter models from natural nubuck. Recently, sports boots and elegant slippers have become the most popular. Using suede or nubuck for these types of casual shoes may seem impractical, but there are rules for the care of capricious shoes that will help preserve the beauty of the material in its original form for years.

nubuck boots

In what weather can you wear nubuck shoes?

Expensive materials do not tolerate high humidity, so natural nubuck boots can not be worn in wet and rainy weather.Despite the large number of models for everyday life, suede shoes remain the parade option, not involving long walks and the possibility of getting into adverse weather conditions.

Suede shoes and boots, nubuck boots are designed for indoor use, as well as for dry street roads. These conditions are considered the safest to preserve the beauty of the product.

How to clean nubuck

Natural nubuck is a noble material that requires reverent and careful handling, care and constant attention. Boots and nubuck shoes can deteriorate with a negligent attitude, so it is important to be thoughtful about the care of products.

When buying a capricious shoe should take care of related products. You will need a brush for cleaning, nano-spray for processing, tint paint for nubuck for tinting, heating inserts for drying.

Primary care for nubka consists of high-quality surface treatment, drying and re-processing. The composition of the protective agent creates a barrier that prevents the penetration of moisture, dust particles and reagents.Preventive measures reliably protect shoes from possible problems, and also slow down the contamination of the material. In a question with suede shoes, it is better to be safe, spending on protective equipment, than to spend money on repairing a damaged item or losing it altogether.Therefore, it is imperative to know how to care for nubuck.

nubuck what kind of stuff

Winter boots care

In winter, there is no dust, so the care of the boots is simplified. It is enough to wipe the product with a flannel cloth and dry away from heaters. If the shoes are significantly wet, you can not immediately start cleaning. It is necessary to fill the boots with paper or newspapers, leave to dry completely away from heat sources. You can use special liners for drying shoes.

Care for summer nubuck shoes

Caring for such shoes in the summer is much more difficult. Even a short stay on the dusty street takes away from the noble thing all the sophistication. To remove dusty deposits, it is convenient to use a soft cloth or a special sponge brush. For best effect, it is recommended to use a foam cleaner. Spots can be easily removed with a regular eraser, which also lifts the pile, refreshing the look of the product.

nubuck paint

Caring for nubuck shoes: how to lift a nap?

In the process of wearing socks, velvet spots appear on the velvet surface. A cotton pad dipped in liquid ammonia is used to remove them. It is necessary to wipe the dirt and raise the pile with a brush or sponge.

To update the appearance of the product, you should arrange a "hot bath". You can return the original appearance of the pile, holding the shoes over a pair of boiling water. Steamed villi need to wipe with a flannel napkin. After such manipulations, the shoe is transformed on the eyes.

Artificial Nubuck

What is it? The answer is simple - it is a synthetic material. In appearance it is quite difficult to distinguish it from natural. It is famous for its durability, but does not allow air. As a positive point, one can note its ability not to absorb moisture.

how to care for nubuck

Nubuck oil

Modern design designers, which has high moisture-proof qualities, called nubuck-oil (nubuck, saturated with oil). It is considered the most resistant to external environmental influences. Its water-repellent impregnation allows even in wet weather to wear shoes without fear of spoiling it.However, the material requires the same thorough care as the classic version of the manufacture.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of nubuck: durability, pleasant look, breathability. Things made from it always look stylish and expensive, qualitatively complement any outfit.

Disadvantages: delicacy. Fears of wet weather, requires careful care. The purchase of associated care products is required on a regular basis, which is financially unprofitable.

how to clean nubuck

For doubters: is it worth buying nubuck shoes?

Most often, girls refuse to purchase such shoes due to the complexity of care. Having studied the methods of proper processing, following the rules of compliance with the weather regime, you can not worry about the appearance of your favorite thing.

Natural nubuck shoes are an elegant and stylish element that will never lose its relevance. The presence of such shoes - an indicator of good taste.

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