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A tourist traveling in Germany will immediately feel the contrast between the northern part of the country and Bavaria. One gets the impression that you lost the route and inadvertently stopped in Italy. The cordial and southern temperament of the locals is immediately striking. Bavaria is a worthy competitor to the Rhineland in terms of visiting tourists.

It has everything - the slopes of the Alps, romantic castles, medieval towns. Angela Merkel once said that if you didn’t like Bavaria, then you’d hardly like anything in this world at all. The German chancellor knows what he is saying. About half of the printed materials about the sights of Germany are views of the Neuschwanstein castle against the backdrop of the Alps or medieval Nuremberg. But in this article we will not be distracted by interesting places in Bavaria, and consider only the sights of the city of Munich.Munich attractions

Some practical tips

The capital of the federal land is compact, but not small.You will definitely want to use public transport - metro, tram, bus or suburban S-Bahn train. In order not to be confused in the zones and not to guess how much to pay for the fare, it is best to purchase the Munich City Card. It can be of several types: for one person and a group of up to five persons, for a day or three days.

The most expensive Munchen City Card costs 51 euros, but it is still profitable. A piece of plastic not only gives the right to unrestricted use of public transport, transportation from and to the airport, but also discounts on entry to many museums in the city of Munich, whose sights you want to see. To go to Füssen (near which the fairytale Neuschwanstein castle is located), Nuremberg, the Dachau concentration camp museum or the Garmisch ski resort, it is recommended to purchase the Bavarian Pass. This ticket costs 31 euros, applies to five people and operates the whole day. If we consider that one ticket to the nearest towns costs 23 euros, then the benefit of the Bavarian Pass is indisputable.Munich attractions photos


All tourists start exploring the city from this square. Here are several attractions. The main one is the New Town Hall building.It is made in neo-gothic style and is richly decorated. On the central facade of the building, watches attract attention. It is advisable to be in the forefront of the audience at eleven o'clock in the morning (and in the summer at noon and at 17.00). This action attracts crowds of tourists visiting Munich.

Sights, photos of Marienplatz are replicated in millions of postcards, the clock on the New Town Hall occupies a central place. Forty-three bells announce the start of a puppet show. The windows are opened and in turn thirty-two figures appear, made in human height. Duke William the Fifth and his wife Renata of Lorraine open the tournament, in reality, held on the square in 1568. Heralds, knights, and standard-bearers pass in front of the spectator. Coopers are dancing, celebrating the retreat of the plague. After seeing the two town halls and the statue of the Virgin Mary, quenching your thirst in a beer restaurant, we go on.

Munich Attractions Description


Munich, the sights of which we describe, got its name from the Latin word "monacum". And in the emblem of the city also stands out monk. The oldest church is the Cathedral of St. Peter. It was at this place that the monastery built its monastery in the 9th century.And then people began to settle around the holy monastery. At first the church was Romanesque. But after the fire that happened in the thirteenth century, it was rebuilt in the Gothic style. The most important church is the Frauenkirche, the Cathedral of the Most Holy Theotokos. It was erected in the XIV-XV centuries. It is rumored that the devil himself left a mark at the entrance to the temple.


To visit everything, you need to come to Munich for at least a week. Sights (the description of the most valuable exhibits of the three Pinakothek and Glyptotek will take more than one page) can be the basis for a multi-volume.

The paintings of Rubens, Bruegel, Cranach and Dürer can be seen in the Old Art Gallery. "Sunflowers" by Van Gogh, paintings by Gauguin, Cezanne and others - in the New Pinakothek, avant-gardists - in the Newest. But there is still the City Museum (St. Jacobs-Platz), the residence of the Bavarian king. Interesting places are concentrated not only in the city center of Munich. Attractions that are simply a must-see include Theresa's Meadow with a hollow statue of Bavaria, the German Versailles, the Nymphenburg Palace and Park Complex, a pub where Lenin and Hitler used to go, Hofbräuhaus.Sights of the city of munich


Munich, the sights of which fit well into the beautiful pre-alpine landscape, is a very green city. If you arrived in the capital of Bavaria in the warm season, be sure to visit the English Park. There is a Japanese garden with a pavilion for tea ceremonies. Interestingly, this city park attracts ... surfers.

The fact is that the Aizbach creek flowing here creates a steady and high wave, which is what fans of this water sport need. Also in the English park there is a good pub with a garden. Not far from the Residence of the Elector is Hofgarten - the oldest park in Munich (XVII century). In its center is worth visiting the temple of Diana - an elegant pavilion with fountains.

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