"Mr. Proper": composition and reviews

From the choice of detergents and cleaning products depends on how clean it will be in the house or apartment. When using quality products, you can clean up the room in a matter of minutes, while eliminating even the oldest stains of dirt on various surfaces.

Effective cleaning products in the house from the brand “Mr. Proper” will make your home shine clean and destroy almost all the pathogenic bacteria. Cleaners and detergents managed to win the sympathy of a huge number of buyers who love high-quality and inexpensive products.

mister proper reviews

A bit of history

The American brand "Mr. Proper" belongs to a fairly well-known company Procter & Gamble and sells its products in eighteen countries of the world. For the first time the funds appeared on the US market in 1958 and already at that time were distinguished by a special, unique formula. A bald, strong and strong man-sailor on all packages of goods became associated with the words “cleaning with one hand”. The image of the hero was thought through to the smallest detail, but in order to make it more modern, they put an earring in his ear.

Over time, the company developed progressively, business connections in Europe and the East increased. In Russia, the first specialized store was opened in 2003. The company constantly tried to adhere to high service and reasonable prices.

The innovative composition is constantly being improved, so that the products Mr. Proper quality is different. Cleaning the house can now be done very quickly and spend much less time and effort on this procedure than using ineffective outdated cleaning products.

Products "Mr. Proper"

The range of this company consists of household products for various purposes, so that every customer will be able to choose a product with a suitable consistency for a specific purpose.

The following products of “Mr. Proper” are represented on the Russian market today:

- cleansers gel consistency;

- liquid detergents;

- powdery cleaning products.

Each type is designed for a specific type of cleaning - washing sinks and toilets, floors, kitchen sinks and tiles, tiles, furniture surfaces, laminate. That is why Mr.Proper is the most versatile tool for cleaning the premises for various purposes. Metal, plastic, linoleum, wooden and painted surfaces can be cleaned.

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Powdered cleaners

Mr. Proper is a popular tool among a huge number of users who can perfectly clean the toilet, bathtub, sink, pipes and other places that often need to be thoroughly cleaned. Powder consistency allows you to perfectly distribute the tool in the area without scattering.

  • "Mr. Proper" (powder) includes special trace elements and particles that allow to cope with the places of "increased pollution".
  • Bleaching Powder is a version of a cleaning powder, which contains bleach, which allows to remove contamination from light surfaces to the maximum.
  • Universal cleaner suitable for all surfaces. It does not include aggressive cleaning agents.


  • "Invigorating Lime and Mint".
  • "Mountain stream and cool."
  • "Lemon".
  • "Rose flower".
  • "Lavender tranquility."
  • "Ocean".

mister prop for the floor

Liquid products

Liquid detergents are in demand by many housewives.Excellent for washing walls and floors of various surfaces. The products have disinfecting components, because it can be used for deep cleaning of surfaces.

Mister proper

Universal liquid means "Mr. Proper" for a floor and walls

Concentrated highly effective remedy, foams well, does not leave streaks on the surface, adds shine. Easily neutralizes unpleasant odors, eliminates old stains, dirt and grease, destroys harmful bacteria and viruses.

It can be used for any surfaces:

  • wooden;
  • ceramic;
  • laminated;
  • tile;
  • linoleum;
  • parquet flooring;
  • the tiles.

means mister prop


The active substances that make up the product can penetrate into the depths of the contaminants and quickly dissolve them, thus forming a protective invisible barrier that prevents sedimentation and accumulation of dust. Due to the fact that the new product does not need to be washed off with water, it saves a significant part of time.

In addition, among the advantages include:

  • easy cleaning of the surface;
  • means "Mr. Proper", the composition of which is indicated below, adds shine;
  • does not leave stains on such surfaces as tiles and stainless steel;
  • convenient packaging;
  • the product is universal, which eliminates the need for special cleaning agents. It can be used in pure form, in the form of a spray or solution;
  • the liquid leaves a fresh, pleasant smell. Mr. Proper long keeps the room pleasant aroma and brilliance.


Instructions for use

For 5 l of water you need 60 ml of the product. After applying the solution to flush and wipe is not necessary. After use, undiluted product is recommended to be washed off


Benzisothiazolinone, soap, non-ionic surfactants (less than 5%), citral, glutaral, fragrances, citronellol, geraniol, limonene, linalool, hexylcinnamic aldehyde are the components of Mr. Proper products.

The cost of this detergent is quite acceptable for most buyers, who will certainly appreciate the excellent qualities of this product if they try it personally.

All products are packaged in very convenient for storage and easy to open packaging and bottles.

Today Mr. Proper is the leader among other brand offers, and many hostesses trust its quality.After use, it is advisable to thoroughly ventilate the room, since the product still contains chemicals in its composition and their high concentration in the air is highly undesirable (especially in those rooms where sick people or small children are present). This is perhaps the only lack of funds.


Products "Mr. Proper" user reviews received the most controversial. Some buyers had a positive impression of the product, but some were completely disappointed. But when using the tools of this brand there is one thing. It is necessary to act strictly according to the instructions. If you overdo it, the surface of any texture can not be washed and cleaned to a shine, but, on the contrary, ruin - damage the chemical composition contained in the tool.

Among the positive qualities, users noted that detergents foam well, have a pleasant aroma, do not leave stains, they do not need to be washed off. Also highlighted a reasonable price.

By cons, some attributed the fact that the funds are uneconomical and have a strong odor that requires a long airing.

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