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Those who were fortunate enough to visit Montenegro,know that this is the name of Montenegro. Budva, which can often be seen on the Russian-language Internet, is simply associated with local tourists. They even came up with a proverb. Like, on one local there are almost twenty Russian. But even such an abundance of compatriots can not belittle our love for these idyllic places, which even bear the name of the "Buda Riviera". She's really good.Montenegro Budva reviewsMontenegro, Budva. Reviews beginners

Tourists, traveling abroad for the first time abroad,They are captivated by the absence of visas for Russians. In addition, everything here is relatively cheap, and the transport system is truly European. That is, you can easily reach anywhere. Even to the neighboring country - for example, to Dubrovnik. However, the schedule is better to cope not on the Internet, but at the bus station - it can change not only depending on the season, but also on the route and the driver. And the prices are almost "ours": two or three euros per trip for an hour and a half. And lovers of early rising are advised not to run immediately to the sea to take a place, but to walk through the old four churches and charming medieval town streets on the peninsula, which are just beginning to illuminate the rising sun. Then the real Budva will open. Montenegro, whose beaches are very popular, and here pleases us with the sea and rest. Thirty-five beaches in the city and nearby, well-equipped in the afternoon and attracting club discos at night - is also quite an attractive thing for tourists, especially young people.

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Montenegro, Budva. Reviews of veterans

If you are not here for the first time, then you can andto make an excursion around the neighborhood. After all, do not forget that we came to an ancient country, which has something to show. First of all, it is, of course, monasteries. Very close - Podstrog, where even the Montenegrin kings lived. There are beautiful temples of the 12th and 18th centuries. And on the rock above the city itself stands the monastery of Stanievichi, from where opens an indescribable view of the coastal beauty. But the most amazing and beautiful place in the vicinity is, of course, Kotor Bay. Islands, the sea, mountains and fabulous miniature towns with white houses - everything here is worthy of poetic chanting. This is the real Montenegro. Budva, whose photo is often decorated with wallpaper, is perceived as if in a complex of these "mouths of Kotor". The romantic "Italianized" town of Perast is an opening for experienced tourists. Most Russians remain in the noisy Budva, and in this silence and tranquility few people call in. But then you will not have to regret.

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Montenegro, Budva. Reviewsthose who dared toSelect private sector

Tourists who wish to save money on hotels,to see more, take a longer rest or try the temptations of local cuisine, prefer the private sector. First, there is the opportunity to choose and even bargain. And on the saved difference to go somewhere in a restaurant or a nightclub. All the more so that you can eat together with one serving. Secondly, it's absolutely safe - you do not have to hide money and jewelry in safes. All honestly. Yes, and the photos on the sites quite correspond to reality. Hosts practice complimentary gifts - for example, a bottle of good wine in the apartment. And the availability of a kitchen turns this fabulous vacation into a truly budgetary one.

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