Vladimir Bystrov - midfielder of the football club "Krasnodar"

Vladimir Bystrov (football player) - midfielder of the clubFC "Krasnodar", ex-player of the Russian national football team. In 2008 he was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports of Russia after winning bronze medals of the Russian team at the European Championships 2008 in Austria - Switzerland. The winner of the Russian soccer championship as a member of the St. Petersburg "Zenith" in the 2009/2010 and 2011/2012 seasons.

Vladimir Bystrov

Childhood and youth Bystrov

Vladimir Sergeevich Bystrov was born on January 31 in1984 the city of Luga (Leningrad region). Vladimir grew up in an ordinary family - his father Sergei Nikolaevich Bystrov was an ordinary driver, and Svetlana Bystrova's mother was a worker in a grinding plant. The family lived poorly, so the parents periodically went to work in the capital, and Vladimir, along with his own brother, lived together with his grandparents (there were also four other relatives living in the apartment). The close and harsh living conditions could not keep the boy from sports. Vova managed to learn at school, and also engage in various sports (football, basketball, tennis, hockey and volleyball). Sporting talents were immediately noticed by the physical education teacher Vladimir Martsinkevich, who said that Bystrov is the fastest-lying guy with whom he had to deal. Here the young hero takes part in school city and regional competitions in football. Also, he is often invited to speak for adult teams.

"Mother always said that she wanted to give me inmusical academy. She loved the piano and wanted to join me. But the father took the initiative in his hands and promised that he would make me a football player, "- recalls Vladimir Bystrov in an interview.

At the age of eight, future professionalthe football player almost drowned in the swamp, when he fell headlong into it. Vladimir recalls this with a smile on his face and says that then he was incredibly lucky, because he was a hair away from death. He says the following: "I have grasped the last strength for some branches or sticks and was able to escape."

The beginning of sports career

At the age of thirteen Vladimir Bystrovwas a review of the Academy of the club "Smena". Initially, the young player did not want to take the club, but persistent father Sergei managed to convince the leadership of the sports school, promising that he personally will bring his son to training. As a result, young Bystrov became a pupil of the "Smena".

Training took place three times a week. To get to the sports base, Vladimir Bystrov, along with his father, had to spend 6 hours in the train. Father Sergei earlier was also a football player, played for Luga "Spartacus" (which now does not exist anymore), so he wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. A few months later, his father rented a home in St. Petersburg so that his son would not tire of constant and long journeys. In the end, all this has borne fruit - the guy began to compete on an equal footing with the players of the football club "Smena". He was the fastest player in the team - played the role of flanking midfielder, and sometimes switched to the place of the striker. In 1999, Vladimir Bystrov, together with his team, became champions of Russia in youth football.

Where Vladimir Bystrov plays

Football career in St. Petersburg "Zenith"

Since 2001, Vladimir Bystrov begins to performfor "Zenith". The debut match for the football player took place on May 8, 2002 against the team "Torpedo-ZIL". Also Bystrov went to the starting line-up of Zenit in the Russian Cup final of 2001/2002, but was replaced in the first half, making a number of gross mistakes in the programs.

Going to FC "Spartak"

In early July 2005, Bystrov receivesproposal for a four-year contract with the Moscow "Spartak". As the football player himself says, the reason for the transition was the conflict that unleashed with the head coach of the St. Petersburg club Vlastimil Petrzhela. Vladimir was hard to part with his own club, but he said that since childhood he was a fan of "Spartacus."

Vladimir Bystrov football player

Return to Zenit

At the end of the summer transfer window in 2009Footballer (photo by Vladimir Bystrov below) again signs a contract with the former club. The total cost of the transfer was 17 million dollars. St. Petersburg fans did not take well the return of the former football player, or rather despised him. Conflict with the fans grew into a fierce baiting on the player. The football player constantly received threats, and at matches he was shouted by humiliations from the stands. "Harassment" on Bystrov lasted until 2012, but the sediment of the fans has remained until now. In January 2014, Bystrov moved to the club "Anji" from Makhachkala on loan.

Photo by Vladimir Bystrov

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