Mechanical cleansing of the face: what it is, description of the procedure, contraindications

Among all types of facial cleansing, the most common procedures are home peeling, gently scrubbing dirt and exfoliating the upper layers of the epidermis. However, not every skin after simple manipulation with an abrasive substance will shine as advertised. Dense dermis, prone to increased production of fat secretion, surface cleaning can at best not harm, but the benefits of such grinding is questionable.

In difficult situations and deep pore congestion, the most effective commonly available method still remains manual mechanical facial cleansing. How the procedure is carried out and how safe it is - further.mechanical face cleaning what is it

Properties of the epidermis

There are only three types of skin: oily, dry and normal. As for the combined skin, this type is rather a feature of the epidermis to combine several different complexes of the sebaceous glands at a short distance from each other.

Any skin - dry or oily - tends to breathe, remove toxins and provide the body with the primary resistance to negative factors. However, this happens with different intensity and external reaction of the epidermis to provoking circumstances.

Characteristics of skin types

In normal skin of all in moderation - the sweat glands are located at a moderate distance from each other, and metabolic processes through the pores occur almost imperceptibly. In the winter season, this skin does not peel off, and in summer it does not form comedones. Dry looks exceptionally good in youth - it is transparent, with invisible pores and does not need decorative toning. However, it has a tendency to quickly become covered with wrinkles and fade, which makes it necessary for increased measures of protection against UV radiation and constant moisturizing with special creams.

Fatty skin requires care several times more closely than the previous two types. With proper regular cleansing and the use of appropriate cosmetics, oily skin is able to maintain elasticity and youthful appearance for a very long time, but this advantage will quickly fade away if the accumulated pollution in the deep layers of the epidermis begins to come to the surface in the form of blackheads.

First aid for the occurrence of such problems as acne in the form of black, white spots or accompanied by inflammation, it is urgent to stop using scrubs and change regular cream to drying one. Then - be sure to turn to cleaning your face.mechanical face cleaning in summer

What is mechanical cleaning?

As an ambulance for the deep release of skin pores, there is a mechanical facial cleansing. What it is, you can understand from the name itself. This procedure does not use devices, peeling abrasives, and the recovery of the skin is carried out by the method of physical effects.

The beautician, using an individual approach to each case, independently determines the sequence and necessity of using the tools: a strainer for continuous surface cleaning, a Widal needle and a Una spoon for a point effect, a separate device in the form of a spoon for the wings of the nose. If necessary, when the grease plug is sitting too deep in the pore canal, a specialist may decide to remove the contamination with fingers wrapped in a sterile cloth. These are painful moments, which, judging by the numerous reviews of salon visitors, are the only reason why many of them are hesitant to repeat the procedure afterwards.

In the summer, mechanical facial cleansing is an indispensable condition for maintaining the health of oily, problem skin, as in the process of enhanced hyperhidrosis, the pores are almost constantly filled with used fat. It is possible to make such a deep cleaning at home, but the conditions of sterility of the medical office correspond much more to the main purpose of the process - complete sanation of the epidermis.

The sequence of actions when cleaning

A visit to the beauty parlor will take less than an hour. During this time, the master must do a number of strictly time-limited manipulations in a certain sequence:

  • Removal of excess fat from the skin with antiseptic alcohol-free lotions.
  • If necessary - a cleansing mask.
  • Facial steaming in a cold way - that is, through the application of a warming composition.
  • Mechanical cleansing of the face (what it is and how the process takes place will be described later).
  • A soothing mask film and applying a cream with the effect of wound healing.

Often, when the problem requires an integrated approach, cosmetologists use a combined mechanical facial cleansing.As a rule, the vacuum pore cleaning technique is meant.mechanical facial cleansing effects

How to prepare for mechanical cleaning

If there are inflamed comedones on the face, they should be dried and the intensity of the redness should be minimized. To do this, it is advisable not to eat sweets for 3-5 days before the procedure, especially chocolate, use decorative cosmetics less and use drying creams - for example, based on zinc ointment.

Going to an appointment with a beautician, it is necessary to completely clean the face, using the usual means. On the eve it is desirable to make an absorbent mask with cosmetic clay. If this is not done, or the desired effect is not achieved, the mask will be applied directly by a specialist before steaming the face.

Cleaning procedure - the first stage

After clarifying some points on the client's individual tolerance of drugs, he is offered to take a place on the treatment couch, after which one or two steps are taken to pre-sanitize the epidermis - wiping the face with an antiseptic and, if necessary, applying a mask that releases pores from surface plugs.Then, avoiding the areas around the eyes, a layer of thick, self-heating composition is applied, which is activated under a mask of plastic film, neatly applied over the substance.

Second phase

After 10 minutes of cold hydrogenation, the face is completely cleansed and the master proceeds with surface sanitization, treating the entire surface of the prepared skin with an exfoliating strainer for five minutes. This process almost does not cause discomfort and reminds massage. This action continues for about five minutes, after which the specialist is only 12-17 minutes to directly active cleaning. Such a time limit is caused by the cooling of the skin after hydrogenation and an increase in its trauma. Therefore, the tactile and rather painful phase of the process occurs rapidly and sometimes - due to the large amount of work - it ends before all grease plugs are removed. If the cleaning cannot be considered completed, the cosmetologist will assign the following procedure, which implies the repetition of the entire algorithm of actions.manual mechanical face cleaning

Skin care after the procedure

In modern salons, the Darsonval apparatus is increasingly being used to relieve inflammation and destroy the disturbed microbial environment nesting in polluted pores, but this method is poorly suited to people with a low sensitivity threshold. The impact on the skin with current pulses seems so painful to many that the procedure is often replaced with standard masks-films with a strong soothing and tightening effect. In some cabinets (this question is better clarified in advance), cryo-processing with liquid nitrogen is used - this contributes to the speedy healing of the injured areas.

Having come home after the procedure, the face cannot be wetted, masks applied to it, water emulsions. It will be necessary to keep from contact with water for 12-18 hours, and in the next two days only light washing is allowed without the use of gels or foams. Rubbing lotions with a light alcohol content is required, but not more than 3 times a day. Wipe damaged skin should be carefully, so as not to disrupt the drying wounds. It is advisable not to go out for several days under direct sunlight and not to apply a cream on the face.mechanical facial cleansing contraindications

We do mechanical cleaning at home

In principle, every lady has access to a home procedure for mechanical cleaning of the face. What it is? The principle of rehabilitation is no different from the salon technique, with the difference that the manipulations will have to be carried out independently, with the help of a mirror, and instead of the cold steaming, apply the classic one.

The sequence of actions during the home procedure:

  • Wash with foam, gel or soap.
  • Make a soft exfoliating peeling with cosmetic clay.
  • To make steaming with water broth of chamomile, calendula, horsetail. The composition can be prefabricated or single component. After the broth is boiled for 2-3 minutes, it should be poured into a deep bowl and, having bent your head over the container, cover yourself with a thick towel, creating, if possible, the greatest tightness. For very oily skin, 6-7 minutes of steam treatment are needed, for normal - 4-5 minutes, for dry skin - no more than three.
  • Disinfect hands in an alcohol solution, and treat the face with 1% “salicylka” or 3% peroxide.
  • Then you need to wrap the index fingers of the hands with non-woven sterile napkins and for 10-15 minutes intensively work through each comedo, seeking to reach the surface of the sebaceous formation in the form of cork (eel).
  • In conclusion, it is necessary to wipe the face with peroxide, then with lotion or boric alcohol solution. You can apply a soothing mask with tea tree oil, lemongrass or rosemary.

The advantages of mechanical cleaning of the face at home are in the budget option, in using only natural formulations and there is no need to go out after the procedure is completed.

When mechanical cleaning cannot be done

In some cases, it is possible to refuse the procedure in the salon immediately after the beautician performs an examination of the skin condition or receives oral answers to questions about the current state of health. The reason for failure is the contraindication of mechanical cleaning of the face:

  • Herpes-viral infections on the skin.
  • Dermatitis of any kind.
  • Individual intolerance to mandatory cosmetics.
  • Very low pain threshold.
  • Psoriasis or eczema.
  • A large number of keloid scars.
  • Large bulging moles, tumors of unknown etiology.
  • Period of menstruation in girls.

In addition, mechanical cleaning of the face in the summer may be denied due to perspiration, appearing in the form of bubbles at the hairline, or in the presence of very dry scaly skin, which often becomes thinner in the summer.mechanical facial cleaning reviews with photos

What effect should be expected

Cleaning the skin repeatedly increases its properties - the epidermis becomes more susceptible to sunburn, responds positively to ordinary cosmetic procedures - such as peeling or simple masks. After healing of the wounds, it can be noted that the absorption of moisturizers and tonal means has increased significantly, and the skin itself has become less prominent.

Even if, as a result of the procedure, you do not get the perfect porcelain skin, numerous reviews from a photo about mechanical cleaning of the face should convince you of the feasibility of the technique.

You must make sure that:

  • Subcutaneous blood circulation increased and the face became more healthy.
  • The compacted, rough patches softened and shrank.
  • Eliminate all black and white dots.
  • Inflammatory foci disappeared.
  • Reduced "greasiness" of the epidermis.

The effect lasts from three weeks to one and a half months, so the question of how often to do mechanical facial cleansing is periodically given to specialists. The best solution for moderately soiling skin - once every five weeks. However, no matter how often mechanical cleaning of the face will be required by your skin type, it will be useless if you do not care for the dermis in between the radical procedures.

Possible complications

Undesirable complications after a rough impact on the epidermis, this is an invariable nuance that cannot be avoided. However, it is possible to reduce the likelihood of severe consequences of mechanical cleansing of the face if the recommendations of a specialist are properly followed.

What side effects are observed after manipulations and how to eliminate them:

  • Preservation of the inflamed and painful condition of the skin for more than three days - use panthenol-based ointment, compresses with chamomile extract or with aloe juice.
  • Edema for more than three days - drink "Furosemide" and consult a doctor for skin diseases.
  • Bruises - are eliminated by lotions with calendula decoction, heparin or zinc ointment.
  • Pustular formations - the use of antibiotic ointments according to the instructions.

If there are rashes or persistent redness of the entire surface of the face, you should contact your allergist to find out what this is - mechanical cleaning of the face and its consequences, or the result of home rehabilitation procedures? As a rule, to eliminate allergies, it is enough to drink Zodak, Tavegil or other drugs of the same group.mechanical combined facial cleansing

General recommendations

The formation of comedones largely depends on a person's lifestyle - the frequency of his stay in the fresh air, eating habits, and physical activity. Periodic cleansing of the face without maintaining the body in a healthy tone is a solution to only 20% of the whole problem, since real improvements only from the rehabilitation of a small area of ​​skin cannot occur.

In order for the periodicity of procedures to cease to resemble a monthly torture, and the time between forced cardinal measures has significantly increased, it is necessary to adjust the diet, normalize the mode of the day, determining fixed intervals for sleep and wakefulness. Be sure to set aside a few hours a week for sports and do not forget about the daily cleansing and nourishment of the skin - and soon you will notice that the need for mechanical cleaning arises less and less.

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