Mask-gommage - what is it and what is it used for? Mask-gommage "Avon" with Dead Sea minerals

Girls often use all sorts of gels and tonics to make their skin soft and beautiful. Such procedures make it possible not to cope with the problem, but simply to hide it, so people are looking for a more effective means to get a good result from it. But not everyone knows that gommage mask is a unique tool that helps cleanse the skin of the face and maintain its elasticity. Even costly scrubs can be replaced with a mask, which has already been done by many women.mask gommage with dead sea minerals

Mask-gommage: what is it

The tool is a form of peeling. Today, many manufacturers of cosmetics can be found in the range of mask-gommage. What is it and how to use this tool - you can learn from the article.

Using a mask, you can remove all dead skin cells on the face. The tool is perfect for owners of delicate, sensitive and elastic skin, as it does not contain solid particles that can damage the face.

Human physiology implies that the upper parts of the skin must be peeled off naturally. But due to poor ecology, lack of vitamins and hygiene, the appearance of the skin deteriorates, and an internal imbalance appears. In addition, the skin gradually loses the speed of regeneration processes and needs support from the side.

How does it work

Having learned that it is a gommage mask, it is necessary to understand the principle of its operation. Fruit acids are involved in the mechanism of action, but solid particles that are not in the usual scrub are not involved. Such means, including a gommage mask for the face with Dead Sea minerals, when applied to the skin of the face, affect dead cells, clogged pores, microparticles of dirt, and almost instantly dissolve them.

The peeling process itself is carried out very carefully, which helps restore the water-alkaline balance in a natural way.The skin is not injured even during massaging, which is necessary to stimulate their protective function.
mask gommage with minerals

Mask gommage with Dead Sea minerals produced by Avon or other similar means of other brands can be used by all women. It does not matter the age or skin type, as the tool does not harm the face. The use of masks, some cosmetologists equate to the usual washing with water, which is contraindicated only in the presence of certain skin diseases.

A huge advantage is equal success after the procedure at home alone or in the salon with a professional beautician. To apply the mask and get the desired effect, you do not need to have any skills or create special conditions.


Each cosmetic, like the gommage mask from Avon Dead Sea, has its own characteristics and advantages, but they all have the same benefit. In addition to mild cleansing and stabilization of water-fat balance, gommage performs the following functions:

  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • nutrition of the skin;
  • acceleration of cellular metabolism;
  • alignment of face tone;
  • smoothing skin texture;
  • elimination of fine wrinkles;
  • moisturizing the skin.

mask gommage with minerals of the dead

Mask selection

Today, the production of masks-gommage are engaged in many cosmetic companies. This product has an identical type of action, which is to cleanse the skin of the face. But you can often get to a fake or just a poor quality product, which can quickly cause skin problems, which are not so easy to cope with.

You can choose the most suitable means for yourself by means of experiments. Any mask when applied to the skin gives an individual response. If the skin is not too fastidious, you can regularly use the tools of different companies, having in the arsenal about 2-3 tubes.

The ideal option that meets all quality standards is a gommage mask for the face with Dead Sea minerals from the manufacturer Avon. It is recommended to pay attention to many beauticians and people who have already received the desired result from this mask.

Rules of application

The frequency of use of the mask is always adjusted depending on the type of skin:

  • normal - up to two times in 7 days;
  • combined or fat - at least three times a week;
  • dry - no more than once in 7 days.

You can start the procedure only after visiting a hot shower or sauna, as for the penetration of useful components the skin must be steamed. If there is damage on the face, then at the end of the procedure, the agent should be rinsed with water.

Application and removal

Before applying the product to the skin, it must be cleaned of makeup cosmetics and excess dirt. Cosmetologists recommend using a mask after taking a shower or bath. It is these procedures that perfectly open the pores, so that the tool can perform all its functions.

This type of peeling is allowed to be applied not only on the face, but also on the neck and décolleté. After cleansing the skin should be smeared with an agent, while avoiding the area around the eyes. It is necessary to hold a mask not less than 10 and no more than 15 minutes. And in order to improve and refresh the area around the eyes, it is recommended to put cotton pads well impregnated with mineral water.mask gommage avon reviews

As soon as the mask dries out a bit, the skin will have a thin crust. Keep gommage so that everything is completely frozen, it is not necessary, because it can damage the skin.Removing the crust is very simple - you need to gently roll it with fingertips into flakes, holding the skin with one hand, so as not to stretch it. Along with these flakes, dead cells will disappear from the face.

If there is damage to the skin, the mask should not be rolled up. In this case, you just need to wash it off with plenty of water or treat it with a moistened sponge.

At the end of cleansing, it is imperative to apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream to the skin It will interact with new cells and, therefore, will have a greater effect.

After the session it is not recommended to go out, especially in windy or frosty weather. Also, in the first 24 hours, you should refrain from prolonged exposure to the sun and a visit to the solarium, because during this period the skin is too sensitive.

Cooking at home

Mask gommage can be easily purchased at a cosmetics store, but you don’t always want to spend money on it. It is quite easy to make at home from ingredients that will cost several times cheaper. The perfect consistency - a watery-thick, reminiscent of sour cream.To get it, the components are recommended to beat in a blender.

The most simple and effective recipes today are:

  1. Mix dry cream, rice flour and barley flour in the ratio 1: 1: 2. All this is to be poured with a special cleanser or plain water and mixed thoroughly.
  2. Combine semolina, oatmeal and chopped orange peel in the ratio 2: 1: 1. In this mass, add about 2-3 tablespoons of water and mix.

mask gommage reviews

Home remedies should be applied as described above, based on the type of skin. A positive effect will be noticeable after the first two or three procedures. To stop using the mask should not be achieved if the desired effect, since they, unlike the purchase means, can be used as a prophylaxis, without causing harm to the skin.

Remedy for "Avon"

The mask-gommage from a well-known manufacturer is a variation of the scrub and is intended to cleanse the skin without abrasive particles. It acts quite gently and delicately, while not forcing to regularly resort to mechanical cleaning options.gommage mask what is it

The tool peels the entire horny layer of the epidermis, as well as opens and cleans the pores.In no case does it dry the skin, does not cause irritation or redness during and after the procedure. Gommazh does not contribute to the appearance of inflammatory processes, because it has no mechanical effect.

The composition of the mask contains Dead Sea minerals, which have a healing effect on the skin. They contribute to the removal of harmful toxins, stimulate metabolism. Under the influence of minerals, there are improvements in blood circulation and oxygen enrichment in the tissues. After applying the product, the skin becomes smooth and elastic.

Reviews gommazh mask

To date, this tool is available at home for many girls. Reviews about the mask-gommage "Avon" there are only positive, which is based on a huge number of advantages and amazing effect.

Some people acquire a mask just in a rush of total shopping. Having tested it, no doubts in quality and efficiency arose. Despite the fact that the tool was acquired "blindly", it was the right choice. Buyers positively respond to the result, which became noticeable after the first application.mask gommage avon

Among the owners of the mask there are women who are already well over 40. At their age, they do not expect any exceptional performance from modern cosmetics, but the Avon gommage mask pleasantly surprised them. The customers liked the acceptable cost of the product, as well as the opportunity to tighten the skin a little and let it breathe freely.

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