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It rarely happens that the invented hero came to life and came to our daily life from the screens of cinemas. But it still happens. An example was Marla Singer, a character in the cult novel Fight Club Chuck Palahniuk. Why is this woman remembered? Because it is close to its strangeness, originality and isolation. Marla was remembered also thanks to the actress, who played her role superbly. Helena Bonham Carter very organically got into the image of Marla. What was her role interested in?marla singer

"Only having lost everything to the end, we gain freedom"

For fans of the book and the movie "Fight Club" Marla Singer - a sample of the modern woman. Beautiful, strange, and to some extent even crazy. She speaks about herself in the best traditions of cynicism: "This girl is sweet, charming, but has completely lost faith in herself. She is a monster. I wish good luck in her salvation!"

Marla Singer is one of the heroes of the white-collar story, who was endowed with the monotony of gray everyday life and was visited by a “bright thought” that there is another world - the real one, where you can be a man only by making your fists.So the Hero has set foot in all grave situations, having founded the so-called fight club together with a friend, where you can blow off the steam in fair sparring.

The hero, played in the film by Edward Norton, is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He is tormented by insomnia, and therefore sleep and reality sometimes change places. It is necessary to consult a doctor, and he, in turn, recommends sports and attending anonymous patient courses. There the Hero makes interesting acquaintances that help to normalize the state of his nervous system.

A meeting

Just on the courses, the Hero meets Marla Singer, a girl who also goes there exclusively for peace of mind. The difference is that Marla sees her death everywhere, but she all does not come. In this, the Hero understands her, as he often found himself wanting to leave at once. Anyway, Marla Singer upsets the delicate inner balance of the Hero, and he again loses touch with reality. To eliminate problems, they agree on the allocation of groups to visit.

marla singer actress

Second time

The second meeting with the girl is as unexpected as the first. Marla Singer makes a suicide attempt and calls the Hero in a fit.Tyler picks up the phone, he comes to the girl, and their meeting ends with sexual contact. The hero hears the moans of a couple and experiences incomprehensible confusion.

Then, too quickly, the denouement comes when the "fight clubs" open across the country, and the newcomers take Hero for Tyler. The truth is revealed to him just by Marla Singer, who understands that the guy has a split personality. It turns out that Tyler is the unfulfilled desires of the Hero.

In conclusion, the Hero manages to ruin Tyler's plans and kill him, almost committing suicide. He shoots a bullet in the head and shoots his cheek. Tyler's bullet pierces the brain.marla singer

How was the casting going?

For all who have seen the film, Marla Singer - actress Helena Bonham Carter. But at the time of the casting, such a decision was a risky option, because the actress became famous as young ladies in corsets and crinolines. Helena is also notable for her small stature, and she would have looked awkward with the main partners in the film if it were not for the tall platform in the shoes.

During a relationship with Tyler, Marla Singer becomes unpleasant and inattentive, and the transition from the real bitch to the soft cat Bonam Carter played very reliably.Her heroine suspects breast cancer, trades on petty theft and lives in a hotel. It was the role-challenge needed by the actress, who was then desperately trying to get away from the same type of images.

She was attracted by the obvious contradiction in Marla. Even to Tyler, she always treated differently. That "You are smart, funny, but unbearable!", Then "Tyler, you are the worst thing in my life."

Marla Singer Fight Club

Tempting look

So, Helena Bonham Carter managed to embody the iconic image that she becameMarlaSinger,dark girl with a huge heart, bad makeup and a penchant for theft. She is bad, but very attractive for men. Marla paints her eyes thickly, rarely combed her hair and loves other people's stories. Helena in this role was not afraid to be grotesque, ridiculous, even vulgar. But the actress was not the first option for the role of Marla. Initially, David Fincher wanted to get Janine Garofalo, Winona Ryder, or Reese Witherspoon. For Helena put in a word Brad Pitt, who showed the director an erotic scene from Wings of the Dove. Then Fincher was pleasantly impressed with the emotional capabilities of Bonham Carter. For the girl, the role was a gift, and the image was work on herself.She decided that Marla would be a feeling girl, dreaming of reciprocity. Otherwise, the heroine would have become an ordinary girl from the street, and this would have been simply uninteresting to play. Moreover, she would not have become an image for ages.marla singer quotes

Says marla

Why this girl could become a heroine of her time? Why is Marla Singer so warmly received by the people? Her quotes are moderately cynical, but romantic. Marla is waiting for this deep relationship, but she understands the saddest thing, accepts the collapse of hope. Relationships with Tyler begin so strangely, but contact is established from the first minutes of communication. Immediately there is a connection between the partners, which is rare. You must admit that it is about such a connection that every girl dreams in the depths of her soul. The phrase “I will not return the money to you. Consider it a retribution. ”

What can be learned from these words? She is sad, hurt. In her soul, she is probably torn by rage, but she can turn her into black humor, screw in a phrase that fully reflects anger.

Here is another vivid example of Marla's cynical humor, beating right on the target and not giving the opportunity to beat off the flow. Pshe called the reserve “the crystal slipper of our day, which they put on when they meet a person, and then they throw it away.”

You can also recall the genuine cry of Marla’s soul, addressed to Tyler: “You caress me, you trample, you love, you hate, you open my soul and make a mockery of me - I seem to describe our relationship, Tyler ?!”movie quotes marla singer fight club

About the film

You can not call fashionable quotes from the movie "Fight Club". Marla Singer is not the only hero with a cynical attitude to life, but because there are no funny witty words that make you smile and want to live. The film may be depressing, but the characters do not cause a feeling of unreality. Even David Fincher admitted that he jumped at the opportunity to make this film, as he often experienced similar feelings of doom, of emptiness. How accurately conveys the mood quote from the movie: "You can die in the company of the TV. If only there was something to see tonight. ”With a person capable of such thoughts, most philosophical topics can be discussed. And how Marla's humor in a dialogue with the Hero has a refreshing effect on people:

-You simulator! You do not die!

“Oh, sorry?

Well, how not to fall in love with such a heroine?

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