Komi, Ukhta: population, description, time

A lot of amazing cities exist inRussia. Each of them has its own characteristics. Most of the major settlements of our country amaze guests and tourists with its beauties and sights. Not an exception and the city located in the Republic of Komi - Ukhta. It was founded not so long ago, but it is already well developed. The article will deal with the city itself, its population, transport and attractions.

Komi Ukhta

Republic of Komi, Ukhta: general information

To begin with it is necessary to tell a little about the inhabitedparagraph. It is a city that is located, as already mentioned, in the Republic of Komi. It is located near the republican center of Syktyvkar. The distance between the two cities is just over 300 kilometers. Ukhta was founded in 1929. Since then, the settlement has been actively developed, and in 1943 it already received the status of a city.

It is important to note that this is one of the largest settlements of the Republic of Komi. Ukhta is on the second place in terms of the number of inhabitants (in the first place - Syktyvkar).

Of special interest is the fact that this isThe first city in Russia, where oil production began. Also, the village can boast of its history, remarkable nature, cultural monuments and sights. All this will be told a little later.

city ​​of uhta

Population of the city

The population of Ukhta is todayabout 100 thousand people. Of all the cities of Russia in terms of the number of inhabitants, Ukhta is on 171 places. There are 1114 cities in the list. Thus, we can conclude that Ukhta is not the smallest settlement. Here, as in many other cities of Russia, there is a tendency of outflow of local residents. This process has been going on for the past few years, it began in 2013. For more accuracy, the following data can be cited: in 2013, the population was 99,513 people, in 2014 - 99,155 people, and in 2015 - already 98,894 people. Thus, we see that the number of local residents has decreased over the past 3 years.

National composition of the population

So, we talked about the statistics concerningnumber of inhabitants of the city. Now we should consider the population of Ukhta from the point of view of the national composition. There are many different nationalities. In many respects such a diversity of nationalities is explained by the history of these places. According to the 2010 population census, Komi (about 7.9%), Russians (about 81%), Ukrainians (about 4.1%), Tatars (about 1%), Belarusians (also about 1%) live in Ukhta in 2010. .

The indigenous population of these places is the Komi. There is also another name - Komi-Zyryans. It is a people of Finno-Ugric origin, who has long resided on the territory of the Komi Republic and neighboring regions.

Uhta time

Ukhta population

Many people are worried about the question, is the time in Ukhta different from Moscow time? This question can be answered unequivocally that the time in these two settlements is the same.

It is also worth mentioning to which time zone the entire Republic of Komi belongs, Ukhta. Time here corresponds to the international time zone UTC + 3.


So, we talked about time and time zone, inwhich is Ukhta. Now we need to consider the transport network in the city. Transportation of passengers and various goods is carried out in several ways.

The first type is railway transport. There is a station in the city that belongs to the Northern Railway. There are both passenger and cargo transportation. This direction passes through several regions in the north of Russia, more precisely - through the Arkhangelsk, Kostroma, Vologda and other regions.

For travel around the city is most convenientuse buses. There are many routes that allow you to get to the right place without any problems. Also, suburban and intercity buses run constantly. They can go from Ukhta to Syktyvkar, Kirov, Ufa and other cities. Recently, the idea of ​​creating special trolleybus routes here is being considered.

Ukhta administration

Air communication with other cities

Of course, as in many other majorsettlements, a popular mode of transport is an airplane. Here is the airport Ukhta, which round the clock air service with other cities of Russia. The air port provides regular services for passengers and air transport. Ukhta Airport accepts aircraft of various airlines and is a major transport hub.

Managing the city

Now you need to get a little acquainted with howmanagement is carried out in the village. Like any other region, the Komi Republic is divided into such administrative-territorial units as districts and districts.

Here there is the urban district of Ukhta, the centerwhich is the city of the same name. It is interesting that this municipal entity has the same status as the regions of the Far North. It is located in the central part of the Republic of Komi.

Management in the territory of this municipalunit is administered by the Ukhta administration. The city district was formed here in 2005. At the moment, it includes 18 settlements, among which there are urban villages, villages and villages. The administration of Ukhta is located at 11 Busuyeva Street.


It is necessary to talk about such an importantcomponent of the city as an economy. In Ukhta, its basis is the oil and gas industry. There are several large enterprises involved in this industry. Oil production began here a very long time ago. If we turn to history, then the geological study of these places dates back to 1929. Then came here a well-known specialist NN Tikhonovich. It was decided to drill several test wells. And already in 1930 a stationary drilling rig was erected here and for the first time oil production was carried out. As already mentioned, the city of Ukhta was the first in Russia, where they began to extract this fuel.

Uhta Airport

Around there are various auxiliary objects. For example, not far from the beginning of the chemical laboratory, where the drilling processes and many other things related to this industry were investigated.

To transport the extracted raw materials, it is necessary towas also to develop a transport network. For this purpose, it was decided to build the Ust-Vym-Ukhta highway. Its length was more than 250 kilometers. The construction of another major road, the railway that connected Kotlas and Vorkuta, also began. This route passed through Ukhta. Thus, the oil produced in these places began to be transported to the major industrial centers of our country.

Local climate

russia republic of Komi uhta

So, we discussed issues related to the economyand the administration of the city, as well as its population and time zones. Now it is necessary to get acquainted with the local climate and nature, as this is also an important component of any locality. Russia boasts of a variety of natural and climatic zones. The Republic of Komi, Ukhta lies in an area with rather severe natural conditions.

The climate here is moderately continental. Usually in these places there is a warm, but short summer, the average July temperature is about + 15 ° C. Winter here is cool and quite long. The average temperature in January is -17.3 ° C. Snow falls in early October, but a permanent snow cover is formed only by the end of the month. It usually comes off in late April or early May. Often weather phenomena such as blizzard, hail, thunder and ice are observed here.

republic of Komi time


The magnificent nature of these places is also amazingits diversity and beauty. It really will please and leave unforgettable impressions. Mostly in this area, spruce and pine forests predominate. Often there are other trees, for example, birch and other small-leaved plants. Walking through the forest, you can periodically see various marshy areas.

Here grows a lot of representativesflora, which has long been listed in the Red Book. There are more than 20 species of plants on the verge of extinction. Among them, one can separately note the buckthorn alder, the basin caper, the wild bird cherry, and others.

As far as the animal world is concerned, it35 species of various mammals. Most often you can find a squirrel, a brown bear, a marten marten, an elk, a river otter, a wild boar and other animals. Thus, the Republic of Komi, Ukhta and other nearby settlements can boast a rich fauna.

Birds are mainly represented by a group of passerines, of which there are more than 55 species in these places.

In the vicinity there are many natural monuments: the cliffs of the Timan Ridge, the "Belaya Kedva" and "Chutinsky" reserves, the Paraskin Lake, mineral springs and others.

the streets of Ukhta

Ukhta city - attractions

As is known, this settlement is famoustheir magnificent objects of cultural heritage. There are various theaters - the folk drama theater, the "Fresco", "Druzhba", "Rovesnik" studios. If we talk about museums, then 4 institutions are open in the city. The Ukhta Historical and Local History Museum is especially famous. It is mainly devoted to the history of the city, as well as the development and production of gas in these places.

russia republic of Komi uhta

Also Ukhta amazes with its architecturalobjects. Especially it is worth paying attention to the building of the Central House of Culture and the management of Ukhtkombinat. Also in Ukhta there is an area called "Old Town". There is always a unique atmosphere here. The region conquers with its warmth, the accuracy of buildings and their architectural unity, and it is perfectly landscaped and landscaped.

The townspeople and the Palace of science and creativity are proud. Its building is recognized as one of the best architectural objects in the city. The streets of Ukhta also store a lot of interesting stories and events. Once there, it's worth a stroll through them to fully enjoy the atmosphere of this city.

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