Kia Sorento. Owner feedback

Kia Sorento in 2013 had a positiveinfluence on the public. A solid, expensive, modern and smart crossover immediately attracted the attention of interested journalists. Updating of Sorento? What for? The reasons for this are sufficient.

First, the predecessor of the current model did not havethe softest suspension. To this, the developers paid special attention and smoothed out the flaw that was apparent to the owners of Kia Sorento. Reviews of this crossover contain enough information about the rigidity of the rear suspension. Secondly, the car, which entered the market a few years ago, is a little outdated. In our time, he does not look as stylish and emotional as before. But everything could do without the competition.
kia sorento reviewsOpponents do not sleep, and the Koreans decided to giveattention to the design of Kia Sorento. Reviews do not repeat the old-fashioned design, and so the developers of the updated model relied on their vision of the car. The result is a nice and solid crossover, which some customers may prefer the new-fashioned and dynamic Hyundai Santa Fe of the latest generation.

kia sorento 2013The ruler of motors of the Korean off-road car does nothas changed. Power units, familiar from the previous generation, are also installed on the new Sorento. Note that the modification of Kia Sorento diesel differs from gasoline with better dynamic characteristics and lower fuel consumption. The option for "diesel" is perfect for the city, and car owners have already managed to appreciate it. Many of them advise buying exactly the diesel Kia Sorento. Reviews of him are full of praise of such a modification. However, other drivers note the reliability of the gasoline unit. Despite the fact that the diesel produces an impressive 197 horsepower and accelerates the crossover to "hundreds" per second faster, they purchased the Sorento with a gasoline engine.

kia sorento dieselKia Sorento kits surprise with largeopportunities. It's not the BMW X3 or the Volkswagen Touareg, but the set of standard equipment is really impressive. At a relatively low price, a Korean SUV is equipped almost as richly as European crossovers from a more expensive segment. And 1.6 million rubles is the maximum price of Kia Sorento. Reviews of it indicate the presence of heated seats already in the normal trim levels. The most prestigious versions of the crossover differ from the rest with leather interior, panoramic roof, xenon headlights, navigation, decorative wood inserts and many more advantages.

Kia Sorento is a well-equipped carthe price of European crossovers of the middle class. In our time, Korean cars are considered less expensive analogues of European cars. Crossovers Kia and Hyundai have similar characteristics and have a large list of standard equipment, but their price is usually much lower than the price of competitors. For example, Kia Sorento is comparable to Volkswagen Touareg. These crossovers are well equipped, they have a high level of safety and good off-road capabilities. But the cost of a similar Sorento is about 30-40% lower than the price of Tuareg. And this is with the same list of options and identical dimensions. The only difference between the Korean crossover and the German one is the "modest" motor. In other words, the most powerful engine of Sorento develops 197 liters. with., and the base motor Touareg gives out 240 liters. from.

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Kia Sorento. Owner feedback Kia Sorento. Owner feedback Kia Sorento. Owner feedback Kia Sorento. Owner feedback Kia Sorento. Owner feedback Kia Sorento. Owner feedback Kia Sorento. Owner feedback Kia Sorento. Owner feedback Kia Sorento. Owner feedback Kia Sorento. Owner feedback