Refrigerators "Kandy": model, specifications, manufacturer, reviews

Refrigerator - a device that occupies a leading position in the ranking of vital things. Currently, the release of this equipment is engaged in a large number of manufacturers. Their product range offers a wide selection of different models. You can pick up copies of both black, silver, and classic white.

The difference between the models lies in the height, location and number of cameras. Each buyer has the opportunity to appreciate the refrigeration units provided. However, not always a great variety is an advantage. Those who are not particularly well versed in the characteristics of refrigerators, it is difficult to navigate a wide choice. For this reason, it is possible to get feedback on the manufacturer as the main criterion. According to domestic buyers, one of the popular brands is Candy.It is about its products and will be discussed in the article.Kandy refrigerators

Company creation

The company began its activities in the postwar period in 1945. It was at this time that Italy gradually restored its economy after the Second World War. In order for people to appreciate the charms of a peaceful life again, they had to surround themselves with the necessities.

The first thing the company presented was a washing machine. Put it up for sale in the city of Milan. Feedback about her and the overall impression was positive. Therefore, it is this model that can be considered a successful start for the Candy company.

The founders of the company were the Fumagalli brothers. The development of an electromechanical unit caused a furore. Their father was the owner of mechanical workshops, so it is not surprising that the sons followed in his footsteps. After the development of the first model of the washing machine, the business began to breathe with a new force. It was thanks to her that the direction of activity changed dramatically, gradually expanding. By our time, a small mechanical workshop has become a firm with a powerful capital of the Candy Group.

Way of development

The creators of the company "Kandy" conducted their activities under the slogan: "To success at a rapid pace!" Gradually opened plants outside the borders of Italy.Production of various types of household appliances was started. Not only washing machines, but also gas stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers appeared in the range.

In the past century, the company's policy has changed significantly for the better. They are rapidly swallowing up competing brands. The first were Italian companies. A little later, the company begins to merge with foreign representatives.

The main office is located in the city of Brugherio (Italy). And production capacities are located in many countries of the world that provide jobs for a large number of employees.

Company today

Currently, the company's assets are calculated in very large numbers. The annual volume of household appliances produced is approximately 5 million. The range is truly extensive. Pleasantly surprised by the pricing policy. Under this brand both small and large household appliances, including refrigerators, are sold.

"Kandy" - a trademark that is known to the whole world. The company's market has more than 16,000 outlets. And the most pleasant thing for a domestic buyer is that its representative offices are open in Moscow and St. Petersburg.refrigerator candi reviews

Assortment row

What does a person need for a happy life? Of course, everyone can answer this question in different ways. However, the main criteria are harmony, balance and well-being. If you examine the range of the company Candy, then its products fully meet all the above requirements. Hardly anyone would argue that the "Kandy" refrigerators will not be able to improve our lives. Innovative technology, beautiful design, excellent ergonomics - what else is needed for a comfortable existence.

Practically in all models the correct technology for storage of products is thought out. Also, each of the buyers can choose for themselves as a freestanding, and embedded model. No outdated technology can not be found in devices manufactured under the brand Candy. Thanks to optimally selected temperature conditions, all products will be fresh for quite a long time.

Build quality

Refrigerators "Kandy" are available in pleasant light colors. For the body are selected strict classical features. There are no complaints about the materials of users, as the company protects its reputation and uses the most modern types.It ensures that they have high cushioning properties. In this regard, you can not worry that during operation will form rust or corrosion. Customer reviews confirm this. It is also worth separately to allocate excellent sound insulation, which will not interfere with the household to rest.

Innovative technologies made the Kandy refrigerator reliable and economical. Who is the manufacturer, does not affect the build quality, as it is carefully monitored. The developers claim that all models, regardless of the location of production, are assembled only from original parts made in Italy. Before entering the sale of technology passes quality control. Given the high warranty period and customer reviews, we can say that for many years of operation of the refrigerator will not need repair. Qualified specialists, having studied the internal "stuffing", came to the conclusion that the unit does not require special maintenance.

Thanks to the strict and classic design, the Kandy refrigerator (reviews are confirmation of this) fits perfectly into the modern interior.Also, customer demand increases usability.

Be sure to tell that the company deliberately refused to use unsafe materials. For example, as a refrigerant, refrigerators are charged with completely unhealthy, according to scientists, R600a gas.two-chamber candi refrigerator

Look inside

In the reviews about the refrigerator "Kandy" a lot is said about the optimally chosen design. The interior is no less attractive than the outside. Large capacity used in the refrigerator compartment and freezer. The popularity of these devices adds the number of various shelves and drawers. This allows owners to store products in optimal conditions. Manufacturers inside used shelves of metal gratings, tempered glass and plastic. Regardless of the type, they are easy to remove for washing. The quality of all these materials are of high strength. Even with a heavy load shelves do not bend.

A lot of positive feedback system has earned Multibox. These shelves are located on the refrigerator door. They provide a place for storing eggs, butter, dairy products and other things.refrigerator candi instruction


Describing the characteristics of the refrigerator "Kandy", you can not keep silent about the innovative technologies that the manufacturer has applied in their appliances. In order to keep products fresh for a long time, different storage systems are provided. Particularly noteworthy is the separation of BioSafe. You can put any meat products, dairy products in it, and not only will they not deteriorate for a long time, but they will not lose their natural taste and beneficial properties.

Another interesting innovation is the Turbo Cold system. As stated in the instructions for the Kandy refrigerator, it is intended for products that should be stored at low temperatures. The principle of this technology is that the developers have installed the fan in the upper part of the chamber. This ensures optimum air circulation.

Also worth noting is the technology Dual Cold. It is used only in two-chamber refrigerators. Designed to improve the properties of the unit, while easing the load on it. This technology is responsible for the double cooling circuit that operates between the refrigerating and freezing compartments.The main advantage of this development is that the temperature control occurs in a special mode, that is, cooling is carried out only where it is required.built-in fridge candi

Embedded models

The most popular built-in refrigerator Candy - CFBC 3180A. The model is equipped with an automatic defrost function. Technologies used are Turbo Cold and BioSafe. It consumes electricity very economically, the manufacturer indicated in the instructions class A.

Speaking of built-in refrigerators "Kandy", it is necessary to note the model CFBC 3150A. About her online you can find a lot of accolades. The total volume, according to the instructions, is 287 liters. There is an automatic defrost function, and a high energy efficiency class.refrigerator candi characteristics

Two-chamber models

First of all, you should pay attention to the refrigerator Candy CCM 400 SLX. This model is two-chamber with located freezer at the bottom. The volume of the cooling compartment is 228 liters, it has open shelves and drawers. The volume of the freezer is 134 liters, it consists of three compartments with different temperature ranges. The model is energy efficient, when disconnected, the cold persists for 14 hours provided the door is closed. Stainless steel is selected for the case, which allows a significant increase in the service life.

The Kandy CDD 250SL two-compartment refrigerator stands out among the entire range. It has a small size. The total volume in it is 238 liters. The freezer is small - only 49 liters. The dimensions are very compact, so fit perfectly in a small apartment. Its width is 60 cm, and the depth is 54. The manufacturer did not make a great height, stopping at a factor of 1.44 m. It is sold only in white. Users pay attention to the loud noise during power up. This is the only drawback, but otherwise the model is excellent.

Kandy refrigerator: faults

Owners of Candy refrigerators do not complain of frequent breakdowns, but failures in the operation of appliances still happen. The main problems include the following:

  • Problems with on or off.
  • The formation of snow in the chamber in large quantities.
  • During the operation of the refrigerator there was a noise.
  • In the freezer compartment, the temperature was disturbed.
  • Failure of the electronic scoreboard.
  • The accumulation of water inside the chamber and under the device.

refrigerator candi malfunctions

Refrigerators "Kandy" - high-quality and reliable household appliances that will please the owners for a long time with fresh products.

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