Jack Huston (Jack Huston): biography and filmography of the actor

Jack Alexander Huston - Talented Englishan actor who played many roles. Films with his participation are still very popular. Many remember the paintings "Neighborhood Watch", "Vikings" and some other films. Jack was filmed not only in individual paintings, but also serials. One of them is the "Underground Empire". He got into the role of his character so much that he got the place of the main permanent actor after the fifth series of season 1.

Famous family of Jack Huston

Jack Huston was born on December 7, 1982. His mother is English Margot Cholmondeli. Father - American Walter Huston. Jack Houston, whose biography is closely related to the cinema and television, was born into a family of actors. They were his aunt, uncle and even great-grandfather. In addition, along the line of his mother, Jack had famous outstanding aristocratic relatives: the Marquis of Cholmondeli and the first prime minister of England. In addition to acting and politics, his relatives distinguished themselves in the financial sphere. One of them was once the treasurer of Baghdad, and the other was founded by a bank clan in America.jack houston

Childhood and studies

Jack has been confident since six years that he wants to becomeactor. At school he played in all plays. And after playing the role of Peter Pan decided to finally connect his fate with acting. As a result, after school Jack went to Hartwood House - a famous drama school.

The first films with Jack

Jack's debut took place in the movie "Spartacus", whereHouston played the part of Flavia. Then he appeared in the pictures "I seduced Andy Warhol", "Mushrooms", "Twilight: Eclipse". This was only the beginning of his acting career. But thanks to the series "Underground Empire", Jack Huston, whose photo you can see in this article, became a real celebrity in Hollywood.

Rise in career

Houston was invited to shoot "Undergroundempire ". But initially it was not planned to leave it on a permanent basis in the main role. Jack played the disfigured former sniper, Richard Harrow, who returned after the war with a crippled face and life. The main character falls into the fate of a gangster gang.jack houston movies

Jack could so "get used" in the role that immediatelyHe was in the center of attention of the audience, as soon as he appeared in the frame. There were also difficulties. It took not only to wear a mask, but also to change the voice a little. Jack did an excellent job.

Houston, instead of creating an image of a brutal killer,made his character somewhat different. Jack looked at the protagonist as a victim of fate, not only with a disfigured face, but also a crippled fate that lost even a piece of the soul. He seemed to be "closed" from the whole world and did not believe in a happy ending. This role brought the actor fame.

The hero, played by Jack in the series, got into the top 10 scandalous villains. But Houston tried to present him not only as a gangster assassin, but as a person who has a soul and is able to love.jack houston photo

At the height of glory

Not only the "Underground Empire" brought the actorglory. True, just after this series was seen by the directors Jack Huston. Films with his participation are now very popular. What was his way to fame? First hereceived an invitation to appear in the film "Kill yourfavorite ", in which Kerouac played. And after this picture, Houston offered the role of Judas Ben-Gura director Timur Bekmambetov. After these two paintings he was recognized on the street.

Despite the many pictures and episodes in thewhich has already managed to play Jack Houston, he still believes that despite dozens of roles, work in the series "Underground Empire" - this is 4 years of his main main activity. And this is what really became his acting career.

Next, Jack Huston starred in the movie "The ScamAmerican, "which was subsequently nominated ten times for the Oscar, but, unfortunately, the statuettes were awarded to other applicants. Although the "Golden Globe", "Afera" still won three victorious nominations of seven declared. And the series "Underground Empire" became so successful that in 2012 he received the Guild of American Actors Prize.jack houston biography


At this time, Houston continues to act inthe series "Underground Empire". Still in the main role. But Jack still does not want to confine himself to these shootings. He has already played on the big screen more than once, not only the main roles, but also the secondary ones. The actor, of course, has a talent. And he tries to do his best in the work at 100% and constantly improves himself.

Jack Huston is an actor who invests in histhe role of the soul. It is wonderful. But there is a downside to the coin. It's not easy for actors like Jack to convince producers that he can do the job. Even if the hero has an image unusual for him.

But you can give an example of how"Get used to" the role of Houston. After the end of some filming, for which he had to grow a mustache, he was going to shave them off. But for the picture "Night train from Lisbon" it was necessary that Jack kept them. As a result, he had to wear a mustache in real life, until there was no need for them.

Personal life

During the filming of the series "Underground Empire" Jackmet with Shannan Click. The girl was an American model. They had an affair. And since 2011 they started dating. A couple of years, on April 6, 2013, Shennan gave birth to a charming little daughter Jack, who was given the name of Sage Lavinia.jack alexander houston

Houston: a little about myself

In one interview, Jack was asked if he agreedhe with the fact that, born in a family of actors, a person automatically continues the activities of his relatives? Or is it still the merit of the person himself? Houston replied that he began to play, while still quite a child. But the fact that the family has an impact on children is an indisputable fact. Apparently, he still liked the world of actors, since he had a desire to try himself in this field from a young age.

Jack likes freedom. He writes a lot, draws and loves to travel. Jack Houston often remembers school holidays, during which he went to perform with the theatrical circles. Houston notes that it is not always so simple as it seems from the outside. The work of an actor is a complicated thing and requires a great deal of dedication and self-discipline. And to get the first role is sometimes very difficult. The viewer in this case does not yet know the actor, and to evaluate his game begins precisely after his first role.

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