Is pregnancy possible with HBV?

After giving birth, all the women are completely focused on their baby. Laundry, cleaning, child care, motion sickness and, in most cases, frequent breastfeeding are the daily concerns of the young mother. With all this, the pregnancy stage is over, and you can continue to renew your intimate life. There is an opinion that a woman can not get pregnant while breastfeeding, but is it so? Why do gynecologists still prescribe birth control pills, although pregnancy with GV is not possible? Or is it still possible? It is necessary to understand.

Is pregnancy possible with HBV?

Unexpected news

A woman completely absorbed in caring for a baby may not even notice that she has a pregnancy. Round the clock bustle does not allow to concentrate on yourself and listen to your body at the very beginning of the "interesting situation". But in the end the woman will guess about her new condition very soon.

If a young mother already had suspicions that something is wrong in her body, then first of all it is worth watching and analyzing the situation. To assess yourself, whether there is pregnancy with GV or is a false alarm, you need to think about whether there are any of the following signs.

Possible signs of pregnancy in HBV

  • Absence of menstruation.  If it does not occur in the first six months after childbirth, it is worth making a pregnancy test or going to a gynecologist. Excess checking does not hurt.
  • Soreness of mammary glands and nipples.  In GB, most women know firsthand that swelling of the breasts, redness and pain of the nipples and halos are associated with the beginning of breastfeeding, which not all are developed. This is especially true of primiparous women, as well as those who have flat or drawn nipples. While the baby will develop a breast, time will pass. Therefore, pregnancy with HS is so easy not to notice.
  • Decrease in quantity and quality of milk.  With the onset of pregnancy, the woman's body begins a global restructuring. This applies to the production of milk, which may decrease in quantity, and its taste may also change. The kid will certainly notice the changes that have arisen and may well abandon the breast or start eating badly. Many adults think that the child is picky or shows his character, but the reason for his crying is much deeper.
  • Increased fatigue.  In the first months, it is especially hard for a young mother to take care of a baby. Constant lack of sleep and a fairly active life often lead to the fact that a woman at the end of the day just falls down. Pregnancy and the formation of a new life within the mother also takes a large amount of strength. As a result, a woman will not immediately be able to guess what happened.
  • Work of the uterus.  Under the influence of the hormone oxytocin, milk is taken out of the glands. If the test shows two strips, then the other hormone - progesterone, which helps to relax the uterus, begins to stand out. There is a conflict, and if progesterone is not enough, then this is a threat of termination of pregnancy. Therefore, any manifestations of pain must necessarily tell your doctor.
  • Toxicosis. As with normal pregnancy, and with GV toxemia can not be avoided. Frequent attacks of nausea give reason to think: maybe something is wrong in the body? In any case, it does not hurt to make a pregnancy test.

There are other signs of pregnancy in HBV, namely: changes in taste preferences, drowsiness, back pain, a different perception of flavors, frequent urination, changes in basal temperature, mood.

Pregnant or not?

To date, the probability of pregnancy with GV is very high. If a married couple has an active sex life, not being protected, then the opportunity is very large. Breastfeeding is not a defense against unwanted conception. In addition, getting pregnant after a recent birth is quite dangerous, since the body has not yet fully recovered from the previous gestation of the fetus. Especially doctors categorically do not recommend pregnant with women, whose delivery was by cesarean section. The resorption of filaments, the healing of the seam (both in the upper layer of the skin and in the internal tissues) is very slow, so gynecologists talk about possible subsequent pregnancies only 3 years after the birth, not earlier. In addition, if the seam has not yet healed properly, then it can not withstand repeated gestation, and this already threatens with abortion.

Who first notices that soon the family will be replenished?

Of course, a child. The change in the taste qualities of mother's milk during pregnancy immediately notices a baby. Children eat milk many times a day, so quickly remember the taste of the consumed. Even if my mother eats something sour, spicy, salty, then the child will certainly feel it through the milk. Possible crying or his bad mood is a consequence not only of colic, but also of probable pregnancy, since the mother begins the reorganization of the body. Therefore, if the baby suddenly noticed a change in milk, expresses his dissatisfaction, then this is the first sign of pregnancy with GV.

Continue to breastfeed or better not worth it?

Many people ask: "Is it possible to continue GV during pregnancy?". If, nevertheless, the "interesting position" of the woman has been confirmed, in any case, it is not worth to deprive her child of milk.

Of course, perhaps now it will be necessary to supplement it with a mixture, because the milk produced is not enough, and the child simply does not gorge. But in any case, he gets mother's milk, and this, as all experts say, is the best food for the baby.

Modern methods of determining pregnancy

In order to understand their situation, there are several ways how to determine pregnancy with GV:

  • The simplest and most affordable option -do a test to determine pregnancy.  Sold in any pharmacy, it is cheap, it is easy and clear, therefore, it will not be difficult. GV does not affect the result. If the level of hCG has increased, this will immediately affect the test with two strips.
  • To have an appointment with a gynecologist.  As with a previous pregnancy, an increase in the uterus in size will say that soon you will need to buy another cot.
  • Ultrasound.  When breastfeeding it is not prohibited, so research can be done safely at any time. It immediately shows whether there is pregnancy or not.
  • Analysis of urine.  Delivery of blood to the hormone hCG (chorionic gonadotropin) is a relatively accurate option, because it begins to rise only 7-10 days after conception. In any case, to give a general blood test will never prevent, because if a pregnancy is found, then when registering, you still have to take it.
  • Blood test.  But this is a more accurate and quick result. In the blood, the level of hCG is higher than in the urine, so taking the blood test is one of the best solutions to learn about replenishment as soon as possible.

Absence of menstruation is not a reason for relaxation

Many say that pregnancy with GV without a period is not possible, but is it true? In fact, before the first monthly period, ovulation occurs first. If at this moment there is an intimate affinity with the husband, the conception is not far off. If fertilization does not occur, then menstruation comes. But this does not mean that there was no chance to have a second or subsequent child.

When the chance to get pregnant is higher. Reason number 1

There are times when a high probability of unplanned pregnancy may occur during GW. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the frequency of feeding the baby. If the child drinks 150-180 ml of milk 5-6 times a day, then the chance is much higher than when the portions at breastfeeding would be smaller, but the attachments themselves - more frequent. In addition, if the crumb does not eat, then more frequent attachment to the breast will solve this problem.

Reason number 2

Secondly, the fastest recharge in the family depends on the age of the boy or girl. Usually, after 4 months, they start introducing complementary foods (vegetable purees, cereals), gradually replacing 1-2 feedings per day. By the age of 6 months, when fruit purees are added to the diet, and the menu is becoming more diverse, the risk of unplanned pregnancy begins to increase. After 7-8 months, baby meat is added to the baby's food. After this moment, many women give up feeding, because the child has almost completely switched to adult food, or reduces the application to the breast to a minimum. In this case, you can easily become pregnant.

Reason number 3

Feeding a child by the clock is a common reason that many give birth to a baby sister or brother. More correct at GW will be feeding on demand. To that, all children are different, and a break of 3-4 hours at one time of the day can make a baby seem long, and another - fast. It is better to apply to the baby's chest when he wants. But it is worth remembering that the minimum time between feedings is 2 hours. This rule should be adhered to not to disrupt the enzyme system of digestion.

Protection - taking care of the mother's health

If pregnancy with GV is undesirable, then it's worth talking about protection. To conceive a child several months after childbirth or to have an abortion is not the best action that will shake the health of a young mother. To protect yourself, you need to think about contraception beforehand. The most well-known methods of contraception today for HB:

  • Condoms. Convenient, accessible, easy. However, according to experts, they do not give 100% guarantee against unwanted pregnancy. But the benefits they bring are not to be denied.
  • Intrauterine device.  About it you can say: set and forgotten. Already in the eighth week after delivery, its installation is permissible. In addition, the cervix is ​​still soft, so insert it will not cause severe discomfort. The protection is very high.
  • Birth control pills.  Oral contraceptives are another good way to prevent pregnancy. They create a mucus, through which the passage of sperm through the cervix becomes difficult. If all the same they could break through this barrier. and fertilization has occurred, the newly formed fetus can not attach to the wall of the uterus and begin to grow, because the endometrium of the uterus has been altered.

All methods of protection, their appointment, duration of admission and the necessary drug cancellation should be decided only by the attending physician. Any independent action can harm a woman's health.

Women during pregnancy are accustomed to constantly visit the gynecological office. But here after sorts or labors all has changed, and on two-three inspections and delivery of analyzes all comes to an end. This is wrong, because to restore a woman after childbirth with GW needs time. So, the observation should be longer. A regular campaign to the gynecologist (at least once a month) will relieve of new problems, including that will help to reveal the begun pregnancy in early terms. Therefore, make a decision about further actions and keep health to mom.

Finally ...

It is worth remembering: the common opinion about the impossibility of conception with breastfeeding is mistaken, and this has long been proven by the relevant specialists. HS and a new pregnancy can exist together, but how this affects the health of the mother is a big issue.

There are girls who want to have children-pogodkov, and therefore deliberately try to settle a new life in themselves. But how did the new pregnancy affect the GW? Everyone has different ways. Everyone has a woman's body, and one should not try on successful self-conceiving or tragic termination of pregnancy. In any case, the birth of a new life is always happiness, regardless of life principles and circumstances. Any decision made for a woman will be right, because everyone himself is later responsible for their actions.

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