IPhone with "Aliexpress": customer reviews

In the age of ayphonomania, it is difficult to find a person who does notwho has heard or does not want to buy an "apple" device. Virtually everything - from small to large, ordinary people and celebrities, do not get tired to spread their socialies in the social network, made with a mirror and a steep gadget with a logo in the form of a bitten apple. And if some can afford to purchase an original smartphone from Apple, others such luxury can not afford. It remains to look for something similar to Chinese sites.

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"Alyexpress": goods at very low prices directly from China

Internet-shop "Aliexpress" is the mostpopular site with delivery from China. In fact, it's not even a store, but a playground on which hundreds of small shops sell. On "Ali" you can find everything that can come to mind, from trinkets worth a penny to furniture.

With its popularity, "AliExpress" is obliged tolow prices. Sometimes you can find lots that are 10 times cheaper compared to other stores. But that's not all, our fellow citizens are attracted by a huge selection of products. You can find everything for every taste, color and purse.

Perhaps, it should be mentioned from the minuses thatproduction on "Ali" is not always of the proper quality. Moreover, you can send absolutely not what was expected. Sometimes in the picture we see one thing, and the Chinese sends out something else entirely. The blessing on the site is the system of consumer protection, and you have the right to open a dispute and demand a refund. Another disadvantage is the very long delivery. Depending on the work of our "Post of Russia", you can receive the long-awaited parcel as in 2 weeks, and in six months.

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Is it possible to buy a quality iPhone on a Chinese website?

Let's be realistic: buy a real iPhone to "Aliexpress" will not work. But when searching for this model the site will give you hundreds of offers. So what kind of phones are they, and do they have anything in common with the original?

Depending on how much you would like to save when buying a phone, you can face two options:

  1. You will be offered to buy a copy, and this will bethe real thing is bullshit. No, outwardly the phone, of course, will look like an iPhone, that's just the stuffing, the build quality and everything else will be significantly different. Such pseudo smart phones are breaking just before our eyes, everyone who bought an iPhone for "Aliexpress" writes about it, the reviews are almost always negative. So why buy them? For children, for fun, for Ponte. But the fact remains: for such a miserable amount you can send a phone with a bitten pear as a logo.

  2. For more or less worthy payment for "Aliexpress"you can find a restored iPhone. In other words, this is a kind of repaired gadgets. Here is the most original stuffing and the operating system iOS. Probably, the case and the battery will be Chinese, but in general the phone is a real iPhone. And if you're lucky, you can buy such a phone almost in perfect condition at times cheaper than ours. So, judging by the reviews, the iPhone with "Aliexpress" is quite possible to buy.

айфон with aliexpress reviews

How to order an iPhone with "AliExpress" and not get caught in the tricks of scammers?

The website "AliExpress" is a huge virtual marketwith sellers and buyers of different suits. Here you can meet as very polite, respectable sellers, and frank scammers. The latter does not cost anything to put colorful pictures of the phone, in the description write that it is the original, but in fact send you, to put it mildly, substandard products or nothing at all send. It's not always possible to prove one's rightness, and there will be a lot of time left for everything. Therefore, it is better to immediately look for trusted stores and buy an iPhone with "Aliexpress" with positive reviews. So, what you need to consider before deciding to order a phone:

  • Read the description of the purchasedproducts. In fact, the Chinese do not lie, describing their product, but only skilfully mask. Read each line, check if the dimensions and characteristics match the original.

  • Do not hesitate to ask questions to the seller. Usually they willingly go to contact and answer all the meticulous questions of Russian citizens. You can even ask for a small discount.

  • If you are going to buy an iPhone with "Aliexpress"Feedback - the most important thing that you should pay attention to. And get a grasp of each feedback, sometimes good-natured customers put 5 stars and write that everything is fine, even without receiving a parcel.айфон 5 with aliexpress reviews

IPhone with "Aliexpress": reviews of real buyers

Is it worth buying anything expensive for "Ali" -it's up to you. But if you really want to, and you can not make up your mind, maybe the practice of other people will help you, which, for example, bought an iPhone 6 with "AliExpress". Reviews always help not to step on the same rake.

There are many sites devoted to reviewsreal buyers. And even better and more clearly - video calls with unpacking the package. The blogger will show in what form and how long the package was going, what exactly the vendor put in the box and how much the purchase corresponds to the description. So it will be possible to buy an iPhone 5s with "Aliexpress", the feedback about which will help to make a decision.

The most popular and affordable iPhones from China

By monitoring the Internet, you can find thatthe popularity of the iPhone 5 with "Aliexpress" became very popular, the reviews about which are very positive. And this is not surprising - the ratio of price and quality is the most reasonable. Of course, we are talking about the restored phones, and not about fake.

The second most popular is the iPhone 4"Aliexpress", the reviews are good here. People who bought this device, were quite happy with their acquisition. Sometimes you can find complaints about the fact that the smartphone did not come or broke during the first month. Also, buyers report that the bundle (charging, headphones) are sold non-original.

айфон 6 with aliexpress reviews

Once again about the pros and cons of such shopping

"Alyekspress" every year is gaining increasing popularity, and it is no accident. After all, there are many more advantages:

  1. Affordable prices - the fact that in our stores is worth a lot of money, on "Ali" you can buy at times cheaper.

  2. A huge choice - you can always find something original and not like "everyone"

  3. You can pay in any way - a bank card, PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex Money and others. The commission is minimal.

  4. There is a buyer's protection, you risk nothing.

Well, a bit of tar in the honey:

  1. Very long delivery - sometimes you have to wait for six months.

  2. Unfair sellers are a lot of scammers trying to fool you.

  3. Not the best quality products - what price, such quality.

айфон 4 with aliexpress

Making the right conclusions

So, to buy a smartphone from China or not - to decideonly you. As they say, who does not take risks, he does not drink champagne. But do not forget that absolutely all phones, and other gadgets sold in Russia, are manufactured in China. That is, even buying a smartphone in your city in a proven store, you buy Chinese production, only with a wrap. And whether it is worth overpaying or not for the same product is the business of each of us.

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