IPhone is blocked: what to do?

Now the world is almost impossible to imagine without new technologies. Everything is committed to faster development and technologies are becoming increasingly vulnerable. Now almost everyone who has a new phone, laptop or tablet, prefers to protect their data with a well-thought-out password. Especially often it is used by those who work with various bank transfers and personal data.

iPhone is locked

To protect the data of your iPhone, most users put passwords. But there are small gaps in the memory, because of which it is impossible to unlock it. Also, the device can be blocked in other ways, for example, when the phone has been hacked. How to unlock a locked iPhone in certain situations, you will learn in this article.

How to unlock an iPhone without a password?

If your iPhone is locked, then you don’t have to worry much, because there are proven ways to unlock it. First of all, it is desirable to be able to connect to iTunes on a PC, laptop or netbook.

how to unlock locked iphone

If the password was entered incorrectly a certain number of times, as a result of which the iPhone was blocked, then you can still sync with iTunes. Before you change the password to enter the device, you need to connect your phone to USB with a standard cable from the kit. It is necessary to synchronize all the information so that you can restore it.

Steps to restart the iPhone

IPhone is blocked, but urgently need to use it? To do this, you can use a special mode DFU. Restart the iPhone using the following steps:

  1. Press the lock key and the Home button simultaneously, hold them for a few seconds.
  2. When the logo appears on the iPhone, you need to release the lock button, but at the same time hold the “Home” button.
  3. Next you should wait for the notification about synchronization with iTunes.
  4. When the phone is detected by the computer, the recovery mode will be visible.
  5. Now you need to confirm this procedure.

Now the iPhone is locked (if the password is lost) only for a while before the end of the synchronization process. The phone will return to DFU mode, but without a password.

iPhone blocked what to do

The procedure for unlocking a locked iPhone without a security code is simple but long.Often, the owners disconnect the phone from their PC in advance. It is undesirable to do this, because with an incorrect resumption, all information can be completely erased. In addition, in future operation, system failures may occur during the operation of the iPhone.

If you encounter this problem, then the above method will help you, but remember that it is unrealistic to unlock the iPhone without iTunes support.

Other ways to unlock

Many users say that there are gaps in the operating system of the iOS operating system that allow you to bypass the security code by making an emergency call. But Apple has closed this error, so trying to crack the iPhone without a security code will not work.

unlock iphone 5 s if it is locked

There is also another method - when iExplorer is recommended to get rid of the file with the password of the iPhone, but this option is unlikely to help achieve the goal.

Some owners of iPhones, that changing the password on the iPhone is possible through the special program Find my iPhone. Unfortunately, this method is also invalid.

IPhone 5 S blocked: what to do

How to unlock iPhone 5 S, if it is locked? The device can be unlocked using a jailbreak.This method is very easy, just need to download the program SemiRestore. OpenSSH is required for resetting; you can take it at various available sites. Next, you need to connect an iPhone 5 S, start the application and after running the program, click on the SemiRestore button in the main application window.

blocked iphone 5 s

How to unlock iPhone 5 if it is locked

This can be done using another method. A locked iPhone 5 S can be unlocked using the iCloud service. To perform the necessary actions, you need to make sure that the Internet works on your PC. In addition, the Find my iPhone program should work.

  1. Go to the search program from iCloud.
  2. Login to the site using ID and password.
  3. Make sure that the service found an iPhone online (a green circle should be displayed).
  4. Click on the phone and press the "Erase" key.

This technique will remove all data from the iPhone, so it is advisable to save them in advance.

Fighting scammers

If the iPhone is blocked by fraudsters, what to do? First you need to discuss how to prevent attackers from gaining access to the Apple ID, it is precisely because of this that there is a possibility of remotely blocking the phone.

  1. Do not use email addresses for Apple ID. These addresses are easily accessible to intruders.
  2. Making an Apple ID password difficult, less accessible for hacking. This method is recommended by Apple itself. Moreover, if the password turned out to be easy, then Apple ID, figuratively speaking, “will force” to change the password to a more complex one, this will happen when entering the Apple ID management web page.

how to unlock iphone 5 if it is locked

We now turn to the main answer to the question. What to do if the message "Lock iPhone" was displayed.

  • Make sure that the iPhone is really locked, and you can’t unlock yourself. To do this, you need to go under your data to the program "Find iPhone" on the official website icloud.com. If you manage to enter this program, you should immediately remove the lock and quickly change the password to your Apple ID.
  • Often, fraudsters very easily crack Apple ID, that is, they know the account password in advance, but they don’t immediately change the password. Therefore, there is a great chance to solve this problem quickly and independently.
  • If the "bad people" were serious about this case and changed the password to their new one, they can demand money from you to unlock. Without any hesitation, you should contact Apple tech support.In this service will help to solve this problem, even without presenting documents that the iPhone is personal property.
  • There are all sorts of situations, and if technical support did not help, you will have to transfer money to fraudsters, because the phone will not be unlocked anymore. Immediately after unlocking the gadget, you should change the password, create a new and very complicated one.

Do not immediately panic and transfer a certain amount of attackers, you first need to try out all the solutions that were outlined above.

Unlock iPhone 5 S, if Apple ID is forgotten

People who forget Apple ID or mailbox address are confused and have to prove that the iPhone is in their possession. In this case, you need to perform certain actions.

Before selling the phone, you should certainly disconnect the binding, as well as deactivate the Find iPhone service.

blocked iphone 5

Thanks to this, the future owner will be able to use all functions without obstacles.

When buying an iPhone, you should always check this function, whether it is turned off or on.

To check you need to log in to the icloud.com website in the activationlock tab, you only need to fill in the IMEI of the device you are purchasing. This will help to avoid problems with the activation of the iPhone when you lose contact with the previous user.

Unlocking iPhones is a difficult process that is not easy for everyone. The most important point in the process of unlocking is a check that confirms the purchase of the device.

Why do I need a lock

One of the circumstances is the iPhone upgrade to iOS version 7, in which the function “Find iPhone” was created, designed to reduce the number of iPhone thefts. But along with fraudsters, users who purchased the device from previous owners suffered.

So, if the owner of the iPhone does not disconnect it from his personal account when selling, then the buyer has a great chance to get a locked phone. Now there are many professionals who offer services to unlock iPhones, but, unfortunately, many of them turn out to be intruders.

Now you have some knowledge on how to be if the iPhone is locked. What to do - now you know!

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