Indoor bamboo - care of a plant

What we call decorative or indoorbamboo, really has little to do with real bamboo. The real name of this plant is Dracena Sander. The name of Sander comes from the English florist Frederick Sander, who was the pioneer of this plant species.

In his homeland, in Southeast Asia, bamboois considered a sacred tree. It is used to remove the evil eye, spoilage and expulsion of evil spirits. For many centuries, this plant was used to fulfill any desire. He is referred to magical plants, which brings happiness to the owners of the house. Also bamboo is a symbol of imperishable love, devotion and loyalty. He is able to give power in difficult life situations and go through any hardships. Therefore, this plant has become so popular among florists recently. Care for bamboo is not complicated, but it has some features.

Many gardeners advise home bamboogrow simply in water or gel, and not in the ground. The plant in water receives the most comfortable conditions and, in addition, the root system placed in water is protected from drying, which can ruin bamboo. Care of this plant is simple, as it is very unpretentious and the presence of moisture is the only mandatory need.

Water should be changed regularly, at least once a week. Like any other plant, Bamboo likes constant care. It is important not to forget about fertilizing with special mineral fertilizers. For proper development and growth, fertilize the water every three months. In nature, bamboo receives nutrients and minerals directly from the soil, so if you do not feed it at home, it will stop growing and can discard the leaves.

You should carefully approach the choice of water. Note that ordinary tap water does not like bamboo. Care of this plant requires the use of pure liquid. Moreover, tap water is not suitable for watering other indoor flowers, since it contains a lot of chlorine and biocidal additives. The best thing for these purposes is rain or melt water. Fill the plastic bottle and place in the freezer. Once the water is completely frozen, leave the resulting ice thaw at room temperature. This fluid acquires the necessary softness and is perfect for watering plants.

If in hot days the water quickly deteriorates andgets an unpleasant smell, you can add charcoal to it, which, thanks to the sorbing and antibacterial properties, will help to eliminate all unpleasant odors.

If you use a transparent vase, you candecorate with all kinds of pebbles and colorful glass. But do not forget to rinse the jewelry in hot water beforehand in order to disinfect the surfaces from infections and bacteria, otherwise the flower can get sick and die.

Dracaena-bamboo, care for which requiresmandatory regular watering, in general, very unpretentious. It can be grown in the ground. To do this, do not need any special soil, and any land for indoor flowers will do. In the soil, home bamboo grows as well as in water, and sometimes even better, as it grows in nature in it. If the water needs to be changed regularly, so that the plant does not rot, then with the use of soil this will not happen. Initially, the transplantation at the bamboo injures the root system, and it needs abundant watering. If you use soil, the only important requirement is drainage at the bottom of the pot. If it is absent, sooner or later it will lead to the appearance of mold, which affects the roots, and then the entire plant as a whole.

Choosing a place for Dracena Sander,be guided by the fact that this plant does not tolerate intense sunlight. Delicate plant leaves do not like sunlight and can turn yellow and fade when exposed to the sun. It is best to place a home bamboo in the penumbra. To the temperature regime, the plant is not whimsical, it feels good both in + 17 ° C and + 35 ° C.

Now you know that bamboo grooming loves and responds to it with good growth and a beautiful appearance.

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