"Illusion of Happiness": the actors and the plot

The series "Illusion of Happiness" at one time was very popular among residents of the CIS countries. Despite the fact that its release took place in 2013, it still attracts the attention of many viewers. Especially for the fans of this project, we have created a publication that tells in detail about the plot and the actors of this work.

Movie General Information

The premiere of the television series took place in Russia in 2013. The duration of each series is 45 minutes. Only one season came out, which has 4 episodes. The genre of the mini-series - melodrama. Not recommended for children under 12 years old.

The series "Illusion of happiness"

The plot of "Illusions of happiness"

This section was created specifically for those people who have not watched this series and want to know whether to spend their time on it at all. If the plot of this television series is already known to you, then you can safely skip this paragraph and move on to the next section on actors of "The Illusion of Happiness."

In the center of the story is a girl named Alyona Kuznetsova.The main character is 100% convinced that true love does not exist and that it is possible to live long and happily with one person only in fairy tales, but not in real life. But her worldview changed dramatically when she met a young man named Yuri. Alyona, who has fallen in love with this handsome man, sincerely hoped that this time the fairy-tale story would really come true. But, unfortunately, we live in a harsh reality, and therefore the tumultuous romance of the main character is soon unexpectedly interrupted.

Since then much water has flowed under the bridge. Alena finally realized that love does not exist and decided to enter into relations with the person with whom she will be comfortable and calm. And such a person was found: he was a fellow student of the main character, who was crazy about her. Alyona married him, even though her husband already had a disabled daughter from another marriage. The girl promised herself that by all means she would find the strength to love these people. Her story could end there, but not everything in our world is so simple.

Suddenly, Yuri reappeared in her life, and she realized that the old feelings for him were still alive.She began to cheat on her husband with a former boyfriend, hoping that he would never know about it. But at a certain point, everything went out of control.

The plot of "Illusions of happiness"

The creators of the television series "The Illusion of Happiness"

The director of this television project was Alexei Karelin, known for his work "Weighty Sense", "Alien Face" and "Instead of Her". Valery Podorozhnova and Vera Sher were responsible for writing the script. The musical accompaniment to the show was composed by composer Vladimir Sayko.

Actors "Illusions of Happiness"

With the plot and the creators figured out, now it's time to talk about the people who participated in the creation of this mini-series. We provide you a list of actors who performed the main roles in "The Illusions of Happiness":

Marina Denisova - Alena Kuznetsova. The central character of the series, around which the storyline revolves.

Oleg Almazov - Alexey Smirnov. Alena's husband, who brings up his disabled daughter.

Stanislav Bondarenko - Yuri. The actor of "Illusions of Happiness" Stanislav Bondarenko played the former boyfriend of the main character, with whom she had a passionate, but not a long romance.

Agneta Kaminska - Masha.Alexei’s daughter, disabled, unable to move independently.

Oksana Lesnaya - the mother of the former suitor of the main character.

Sergey Zhuravel - the father of the former suitor of the main character.

Anatoly Lobotsky - Valery Ilyich. Dean at the university, where she studied Alain.

Actors "Illusions of Happiness"

You were provided with complete and detailed information about the plot, the creators and actors of the "Illusions of Happiness". We hope that this publication was interesting to you and you got the facts you were looking for.

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