Hypertension syndrome in children

Hypertension syndrome implies an increase in intracranial pressure, which, in turn, is associated with impaired blood circulation in the brain. As you know, the brain is constantly washed by the cerebrospinal fluid, which among specialists is called liquor. Normally, between the production of a given substance and its absorption there is always a balance. However, it is often broken, and there may be several reasons for this imbalance. This and intrauterine hypoxia, and birth trauma, and even congenital malformations of varying severity.

External manifestation of the diseasehypertensive syndrome

  • In young children, hypertension syndrome is manifested in the form of constant crying, behavioral disorders, and sleep disorders. Often, by the time the disease reaches its apogee, when headaches do not cease for a long time, nausea and vomiting may occur. Some children have increased sweating and sharp fluctuations in body temperature.
  • As for older children, they have hypertensive syndrome, usually in the form of a headache of arching nature. At the onset of the disease, pain syndromes can be fixed in the morning hours, as well as after each exercise. With its development, the headache becomes regular.

Hypertension syndrome. Treatment

  • First of all it should be noted that when diagnosing thishypertensive syndrome treatmentdiseases in infants immediately after birth, they must be observed at the pediatric neurologist. Then, in the absence of external signs and symptoms, the hypertensive syndrome is removed. Based on the clinical manifestations, as well as the severity of the disease, the specialist, as a rule, prescribe the appropriate treatment. Most often, drug therapy involves the use of special drugs, the main effect of which extends to the removal of excess CSF from the brain. On the other hand, those means that bring all the vessels into a tone are also used. In some cases, herbal infusions are prescribed with a sedative purpose (for example, mint, motherwort, valerian or sage).
  • Hypertension syndrome in adults is treated by almost the same methods.However, in addition to the implementation of all the above recommendations, it is also necessary to regularly check the fundus of the eye and carry out an X-ray examination of the skull (once every three years). Only in some cases more inpatient treatment is required.adult hypertension syndrome

Useful advice to parents

It should be noted that in addition to all the useful tips provided in this article, you should closely monitor the child, his behavior, including in matters of daily nutrition. Your child is better to teach to eat at a certain time of day. It is recommended to protect the baby from infections, often walking with him in the fresh air. In short, you should do everything so that the child is less nervous, crying and worried over trifles, and more fun and happy life.

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