How to write a class attribute?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
March 19, 2013
How to write a class attribute?

Very often, young teachers post the question: how to write a class description? It is especially difficult in the first years of work, when there is still no experience. Of course, you can ask your staff for help, or you can look at our page.

What to write about

Characteristics of an elementary class should begin with information on the number of students in a class. The number of girls and boys is indicated separately. In the same paragraph, we must describe the physical form of children, namely, to which group of health they belong.

The next step will be an analysis of student performance. It will be good if you compare the performance results with the previous year. But this is the case if you worked with the class last year. At each lesson, students may display their behavior differently. Describe it. Describe what kind of relationship children have with teachers who teach in this class. Is discipline broken? What students in relation to the teacher: aggressive, balanced,Are there any other problems?

The pedagogical characteristics of a class should reveal their individual cognitive processes in individual students. There are guys who stand out with good memory (visual, auditory, mechanical or mixed), level of attention, inattention, or poor speech development. Basically, these listed items will give you the answer to the question of how to write a characterization of class 1.

Class as a team

Collectives are also different, so describe how it was in the past year: friendly or there were disputes, united or conflicts arose. Write whether there are any groups in the class that are hostile. Describe whether there are leaders in the team, whether other students in the class respect them. Is there anyone willing to go to a parallel class? If there is a good atmosphere in the class, then mutual understanding should prevail. Write whether it is in your team. Do students help one another on their own initiative or only when they are asked to do so.

Specify in the description what kind of relationship with the relatives of the students. And also what guys are addicted to: types of art, sports. Here you can also include out-of-class work with your wards.Write down what events were held, who take an active part in them at will, and who do not want to completely participate in such events. Evaluate local government.

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