How to weave rubber bands? Different ways of weaving

Everyone has their own entertainment. In children, this is called a game, in adults - a hobby. And it is especially good if it is not only a pleasant pastime, but also a real benefit. One of these options - weaving products from elastics. But how to weave out of gum?

how to weave rubber bands

There are a large number of different methods. Some of them are more suitable for experienced professionals, because require experience and even special equipment, while others are rather formed specifically for beginners. What techniques are suitable to weave gum for beginners?

Finger job

Human fingers are, among other things, a practically universal tool of labor, which we received from Mother Nature. With their help, you can easily learn the basics of weaving from silicone stretchable little rings, consider how to weave out of rubber bands.

Moreover, fashion is a process that is frankly unstable and fleeting. With the advent of new trends, clothes and accessories are becoming unfashionable, and handicrafts are becoming popular.

How to weave from rubber bands figures on the machine? One of the most interesting things to do is to weave figurines of colored rubber bands. This is a fascinating pastime for people of different ages and the opportunity to spend an evening with your family for an interesting affair. Such a relatively new type of needlework makes it possible, in a short period of time, to make entertaining decorations with its own hands, using colored gum for this.

Prepare the following items from the simplest set for needlework:

  • silicone rubber red and green colors;
  • a small beautiful fastener (you can buy such items in handicraft stores or where you can sell buttons, zippers and other accessories, fabrics);
  • metal or plastic hook.

Prepare your hands to work, stretch your fingers.

Little ring

For the initial lesson, you can choose a product easier, for beginners who are not yet experienced beginners. For example, you can think of ideas how to weave out of rubber bands for dolls. One rezinochku need to pull on your fingers, dragging it figured eight. Then put a different shade gum over the top, without winding it into the figure.Next, drag the lower rubber eyelets closer to the middle part.

how to weave gum animals

Without twisting the gum, we place another one on the hook, now red. We are working on the fabrication of this structure until the chain is long enough to wrap around the wrist. Then attach one edge of the lock to the initial loop, and the other - for the loop, lying on the fingers. We unfasten the resulting ring with the fingers with our right hand and watch how it looks on the hand.


Most newcomers first learn the technique of how to weave out of rubber bands, during the creation of trinkets. And this is quite understandable, since making a key chain is quite simple. In order to understand the secrets of making trinkets, you do not need to go to specialized classes, just read the detailed instructions carefully or watch a master class. And also buy some materials and auxiliary items:

  • multi-colored (three to four shades) rezinochki;
  • light forks - 2 pieces;
  • crochet hook (number does not matter).

Herringbone. First step

How to weave out of gum on the machine? We are starting to work on the “Fir-tree” trinket. Pull up the prepared gum, for example, purple, around the crochet hook four times. Then throw a purple knitting pair on the prepared hook.

how to weave gum

Run selected rezinochki through the workpiece. Put unlocked eyelets on the hook. Having completed this stage, we will begin to work with rubber bands on the forks purchased specifically for this occupation. Let's make homegrown "machine". To do this, press the forks tightly together and wrap with scotch tape. It will be much easier to work with forks fixed with adhesive tape in the required position, therefore this preparatory work cannot be ignored in any way.

Then transfer the last pair of elastic bands from the crochet hook to the central teeth of the first fork. The next pair must be moved to the teeth of the next fork. After that, skip two more gum purple hue.

Take the first two multicolored gum on the first fork and toss them to the middle. According to the same scheme, it is necessary to throw the loops from the teeth located opposite. Such is the technique of how to weave out of gum with the help of additional tools.

Next stage. Needles

Next we are preparing magnificent needles for our Christmas tree. This is another good example of how to weave gum. First, we spend four times around the hook dark green gum.Then, having thrown two elastic bands, we carry them through the resulting billet. Take the unoccupied loops.

By the same technique we create another blank. We transfer preparations on the "machine" made by us. We throw a gum of your chosen shade on all the teeth of any of the forks.

We take two elements of different shades and stretch them between the forks. Similar billet set between the middle and upper teeth.

Then take rezinochku, throwing it on all the teeth. Rearrange this gum to the middle of the charm. Alternately rearranging the first elements from this fork to the middle of the produced trinkets. Next, in the same way we work with rubber bands on the next fork.

And the last ...

At the next stage of consideration of the technique, how to weave out of rubber bands, we shall throw one more gum over the teeth. Then put on two pieces between opposite teeth of the fork.

how to weave out of rubber bands for dolls

Behind this action we move all the elements below to the middle. Add one rezinochku. On both forks throw two gum different shades.

First, we throw to the middle of a wider and more durable gum, and then those that are at the bottom.We put on one billet, made in the form of eight. Once again we put on the existing elastic bands between the teeth and again throw them exactly in the middle.

We take the upper element from the middle of the teeth with a crochet, moving it to the desired (right) protrusion. In the middle of the loop throws on the left ledge.

In the same way we act with loops on the other fork. We throw eight. Between the side projections take two rubber bands.

We throw out the element of the eight decorated in the middle. Three left at the bottom of the element with each of the plugs throws to the middle. We throw eight.

Over it we pull on one elastic band on the last ledges. The elements below are thrown into the center of the trinkets.

Next, we stick another gum and transfer the created blank onto it. We throw one loop to the previous one and tie a knot.

At the end of the work, it is necessary to make toys for the "Christmas Tree". This requires a gum of red shade that is wrapped around the forks five times. Then through it is a green gum. The crochet hook is wound under the loop on the weaved “Christmas tree” and grabs one part of the blank.

how to weave gum figurines on the machine

The other side of the workpiece passes through the loop created. The extra loops are hiding inside the trinkets. In the same structure, working beginners will need to make two more toys for the Christmas tree.


How to weave gum figurines? From the number of creations it is more difficult to see how to weave a koala out of colored rubber bands. This will be a small figure of the beast, which is quite possible to use as a trinket.

To work you need to stock up on such materials:

  • 96 rubber bands of three primary colors to your taste (preferably based on the natural coloring of the koala);
  • a large factory or home-made machine with columns in three levels that look to the right with the free side;
  • small beads from any material (both artificial and natural), which can be made with the eyes and nose of the future animal.

The process itself, how to weave gum, can be divided into several stages:

  1. It’s better to start the process by creating a trinket head. To do this, pull on two colored rubber bands on the three front columns, fasten them in a circle.
  2. Attach rezinochki on the second row column.
  3. Mount the base for details of the neck, shoulders and body, immediately determining what color your product will be.
  4. Use darker (black) rubber bands to mark a place for koala limbs.To do this, it is necessary to tighten the rubber strings one by one on the last posts. All of them must be wrapped several times.
  5. In the middle with the help of a crochet hook, drag the lower rubber bands through the upper ones. This will be a little pigtail for the ears of the animal. Secure it with one hand.
  6. The elements of the muzzle - the eyes, nose and mouth (the thoroughness of the processing is determined by your taste and level of skill) can be made either with the help of rubber bands or using beads. In the first case, take one rubber band for any eye on the posts. Fix the dark-colored gum against the background of the general body. If you decide to use beads made of natural or natural material, skip the leading color in it and fix it on the posts.
  7. Using the same technique, construct a little animal spout.
  8. At the end of the process of creating a toy, you need to raise the koala from the machine on which you made it. To do this, stretch one gum around the head and secure it with a hook.

In everyday life, you can use the resulting toy as a trinket trinkets or wear it on your hand as a small jewelry made by your own hands.This is a good example of how to weave animal gum.

how to weave bracelets of rubber bands on a slingshot

After working a little with this material, you can make other products from the gum on your existing machine model. In the sets, which can be purchased in stores, there are several sample diagrams and instructions. And when you add a little skill and experience, you will be able to make absolutely any trinket or decoration, depending on your taste and skills.

A bracelet

How to weave bracelets of gum? Another beautiful and useful bauble - bracelet "You and me." There are all sorts of methods for making such jewelry. Next will be described how to make such a bracelet on the machine.

Tools and materials you will need:

  • small, you can make a homemade machine;
  • colored gum;
  • one lock;
  • crochet hook

It is necessary to put the existing machine correctly. Tie the black gum in two turns around the near column. Throw two more elastic bands on top.
The last two loops must be tightened in the middle. On one ledge make three ringlets, for example, a pink shade, and on the other - three light green.

Throw two black elastic bands on the pegs of the machine.Flip solid color loops to the middle. Then move to the middle of the bottom black layer consisting of two elements. Weave it until the size of the bracelet reaches the one you need. After that, throw on pegs one black gum.
Put loops on it. Remove the loop from one peg and place it on the other. Hem the clasp, pull the bracelet off the machine. Attach one half of the clasp to the eyelet on the second free side of the bracelet. Bracelet ready.

Fish tail

This is one of the basic and easiest methods, like weaving rubber bands. You can apply one or more different colors, depending on your tastes and intentions. The process is simple:

  • pick one gum in color, form it with a figure eight and fix it on the machine;
  • attach two more rubber bands, but do not shape them;
  • using a crochet hook, fasten one rubber band, then gently pull it through the other two to the middle of the machine;
  • do the same with a different part of the workpiece;
  • put another colored gum, not twisting it;
  • pick up the first gum from both sides so that it is in the middle;
  • continue to work also in the future, you need to make a flagellum, something like a pigtail or a tail of a small fish;
  • fix the fasteners at both ends, if the bracelet is too large, remove a number of the last rubber bands, reducing it in this way.

So you can do with your own hands different figures of rubber bands, turning various plots into reality.

how to weave bracelets of gum


It should be noted that the machines for weaving can be with any number of columns, and not just limited to two. For example, in the children's version on the machine there are six to eight columns. This allows you to easily learn different methods of weaving, such as, for example, "Kvardfish" - another fairly easy and quick to learn the technique of how to weave rubber bands:

  1. On the four central columns of the machine, fasten the gum. Fix it near each column.
  2. Take and fasten two more elastic bands, but it is not necessary to fix them anymore.
  3. With a crochet hook, hook one rubber band and pass it through the other two, already fixed elastic bands, so that it is top on the central posts.
  4. Take another gum and keep making the bracelet in the same way further.


How to weave gum on a slingshot? To form original bracelets of bright color from elastic bands is a good and practical work,which allows the child to develop motility, fantasy, perseverance, patience, attention, teaches the basics of activity with colors and their various combinations. And here we have to look for new technical capabilities. If you do not have a specialized machine at hand, you can make original jewelry out of rubber bands using a slingshot. This tool looks like a light plastic handle, for which the master holds the tool in the course of work, with several branches for attaching elastic bands.

How to weave bracelets from rubber bands on a slingshot? Learning how to make bracelets using a slingshot will give you the opportunity to various instructions, in which the basics of individual weaves are easily and simply demonstrated. There are a lot of schemes for the formation of jewelery made from rubber bands with the help of slingshots, the resulting bracelets seem beautiful, juicy, original, voluminous. Subsequently, you can modify your own trinkets by adding individual decorative parts and beads.

how to weave gum figurines

How to weave rubber bands on a slingshot? The technique is quite simple and similar to the manufacture of bracelets.

"French braid"

How to weave gum bracelets for beginners? Try the "French braid". This method of weaving got its name due to its similarity with the popular female hairstyle. Bracelet called "French braid" is very soft, flexible, voluminous and juicy. For its weaving, you need to take the elastic bands of two shades, optimally - contrasting, so that the bracelet looks original, bright, you can pick up a slingshot, you can make a homemade, crochet hook, S-shaped medium-sized clip for attaching to the brush.

Instructions for making how to weave rubber bands, the following:

  1. We fasten one gum on a slingshot, twisting it with a figure eight. Attach the following gum in a contrasting color to the slingshot, but you do not have to twist it.
  2. Following her gum, changing the two existing shades, attach exactly.
  3. Crochet remove the lower gum from both posts.
  4. Take the gum of a different color. We weave according to the method that creates the pattern we need: from one column we remove the central gum, and from the other - the bottom.

Fix another gum, move to the middle of the central and lower.We carry out weaving in the given sequence until the required length is reached. We connect both end gum trinket clasp.


Another master class is devoted to the study of such techniques as weaving with rubber bands, using which you can make a juicy, original and very volumetric beautiful bracelet. For a bright, unusual scheme "Pavement" you need two different colors of rubber bands, a machine, a crochet hook. Manufacturing instruction:

  1. Each time it is necessary to take two rubber bands to make the trinket become stronger. The initial pair is fixed to both columns, forming a figure eight. We are fixing a pair of a different color going after it without twisting.
  2. We overturn the slingshot with free parties to our side. On the one hand, press the lower level and move it to the middle. Take another pair. On the other hand, we press down the two lower level levels, move them to the middle.

weave gum for beginners

According to this scheme, we complete the weaving to the required length. Both ends of the bracelet gum should be fixed with a plastic clip.

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