How to wear pads?

Tatyana Zubenko
Tatyana Zubenko
July 18, 2012

With the age of puberty, girls become interested in how to properly wear pads. Unfortunately, not everyone can consult on this rather intimate question with mom or girlfriends. That is why the question of how to wear pads, and even how to choose them correctly, remains relevant.

Choosing the right type of gaskets

Today, there are many different types of this hygienic means - pads with and without wings, daily and nightly, for tanga panties and regular ones. To choose the right type, you need to know a few points about gaskets.

Buying gaskets, do not save too much. Low price can mean low-quality fiber, which will not only float the skin, but also can cause allergic reactions.

Thin pads are considered the most popular and convenient today, since thicker ones may interfere with movement. The level of moisture absorption can be quite high.This is determined by the drops drawn on the package with gaskets. Panty liners have one drop, while night pads have five drops. It is better to buy several options for gaskets, since the abundance of discharge during menstruation tends to increase and decrease.

It is best to buy gaskets packaged individually. In addition to reducing the risk of spreading the infection, they are also easier to carry around with you in your purse or cosmetic bag.

How to wear pads

After you have chosen the pads, you need to remember a few rules about how to wear them and use them correctly.

Rule 1

Before putting on the pad, you must wash your hands with soap or sanitize with sanitary napkins.

Rule 2

It is best to take a shower or carry out an intimate hygiene procedure before dressing the pads. If this is not possible for any reason, you can use wet wipes for intimate hygiene, which are easy to buy at any household chemical store.

Rule 3

If you bought gaskets without wings, then after opening the package, you will see only one tape on the gasket itself.Under this tape lies an adhesive strip, which should hold the pad on the underwear. So, remove the tape and gently stick the gasket to the panties in the place where they are tapered.

If the gaskets with wings, then there will be two additional strips on the wings. First you need to peel off the middle, very large strip, and then the strip from one wing, and from the other.

Having done everything correctly, you practically will not feel discomfort, and now you will feel much more confident. If, on the first try, something didn’t work out for you - do not despair, because you can always watch a video on how to put on the pads correctly.

Remember that being interested in the proper handling of hygiene products is not embarrassing, but useful and very correct!

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