How to treat otitis media?

Otitis is an inflammatory process of the mucosashell of the ear. For some reason, many people do not pay enough attention to this problem when the first symptoms appear. However, the effects of otitis are very sad. Let's talk in more detail about the causes of this disease and about the method of treatment.

Causes of otitis media

In most cases, otitis occurs due tobacterial infection. Infection occurs most often not from the external environment, which, of course, is also permissible: for example, if the ears are not cleaned properly, pressure drops, when immersed in water and ascend, or climb mountains.

The main cause of otitis media isconsequences of the transferred infectious diseases (a flu, a scarlet fever, measles, etc.). Wrong marking of nasal cavities (excessive strong, not alternately blowing out nostrils), stress, overwork, weak immunity can also lead to this disease.

Symptoms of otitis

  • severe (shooting) pain in the ear
  • fever
  • weakness in the body
  • bad appetite
  • bleeding and discharge of pus from the ear
  • nausea, vomiting
  • temporary hearing loss.

Types of otitis

Depending on the cause of the disease, otitis occurs:

  • infectious (bacterial infection);
  • non-infectious (allergic reaction, water entering the ear cavity and untimely extraction).

Depending on the localization of the lesion, the following are distinguished:

  1. external otitis media. Is manifested with mechanical damage to the auricle or external auditory canal. The causes of bites include insect bites, micro-traumas.
  2. otitis media. Occurs when the space between the tympanic membrane and the inner ear is damaged. The causative agents of the disease are respiratory diseases (influenza, parainfluenza).
  3. internal otitis media. It is detected when the otitis media is neglected.

By the duration of the disease:

  • acute (lasts up to 3 weeks);
  • subacute (from 3 weeks to 3 months);
  • chronic (over 3 months).

How to treat otitis media: recommendations

If you have pain in the ears, consult your doctor with an ENT specialist. Only a doctor will be able to determine the type of disease. Treatment of otitis depends on the stage of the disease.

With external form of otitis, treatment can take placeat home. It is allowed to treat the ear cavity with 70% alcohol solution, taking a vitamin complex, warming compresses. About whether you can warm the ear itself, you can learn from our article. Can I warm my ear.

Hospitalization of the patient is possible with an averageOtitis. The patient is given a course of antibiotics. To eliminate inflammation in the ears, drops or camphor oil are instilled. In necessary cases, the eardrum is dissected, after which the ear is treated with an antibacterial solution.

There are situations when there is no opportunity to applyto the doctor, for example, if you are on vacation. To prevent complications, carry in your medicine cabinet ear drops. For children it is recommended to buy "Otipaks", for adults - "Sofraks". Use the drops clearly according to the instructions. Find out more about what you can drip your ear, you can from our article Than to put an ear.

With pain, take pain medicationmeans. But at the earliest opportunity, consult an otolaryngologist. To find out more about how and how you can treat otitis, you can from our article Than to treat an ear otitis.

How to treat otitis media at home

At the initial stage of the disease, you can applymeans of traditional medicine. An effective solution is a solution of glycine and alcohol (70%). Twisted from cotton wool turundochku handle the resulting solution, insert into the ear, and then put the cotton ball soaked in baby cream. Leave for 2-3 hours. Take several procedures depending on your well-being.

Possible problems after self-medication

When self-medication is always important to know the measure. Folk remedies in certain cases can help. But this method of treatment can be delayed for a long time and even cause complications (in the form of meningitis, brain abscess). Often, without a course of antibiotics just can not do. A doctor can appoint them only. Unfinished treatment will entail surgical intervention.

How to prevent the appearance of otitis: advice

The answer to this question is quite simple. You need to strengthen your immunity. But not always we treat this properly: we leave in cold weather without a hat, we start colds, runny nose. These and many other factors make the body vulnerable. As a consequence - the appearance of otitis.

Temper your body, drink vitamins, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, play sports. Observe the basic rules of personal hygiene, and many diseases will recede.

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