How to transplant aloe?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
April 22, 2013
How to transplant aloe?

Each plant requires careful maintenance. It is necessary for proper development and even growth. Such a flower as aloe can often be seen on the windowsill of an amateur gardener or a professional. Periodically and aloe needs a transplant. How to transplant aloe? Now we find out.

Transplant: when

If you want to transplant aloe, see how the plant has grown. It does not require an annual transplant, it does not perceive changes. The plant needs to be transplanted only when it needs a bigger pot. Wait for spring, at this time of year the succulents (to which aloe also applies) are less vulnerable. Repot only at the end of March or in April, when it is still not quite hot, but it is no longer cold.

Transplant: where

Look at the pot in which your aloe grows. When choosing a new pot, be guided by the size of the previous one, choosing a few centimeters more. Between the containers for flowers, the difference in diameter is 5 centimeters. For succulents, including aloe, flat pots are more suitable.You should not buy a high standard pot, pick up a round or square container from plastic or ceramic.

Transplant: how

If you do not know how to plant aloe, you need to use some recommendations. Take a pot, make holes at the bottom to provide drainage. Several of these holes in the middle and on the sides will allow the plant to grow and breathe normally. If they are already available, proceed to the purchase of the necessary materials. This is a land for succulents, that is, dry sand with a small percentage of peat. It is necessary medium size claydite, its quantity depends on the volume of the bowl. Pour three centimeters of expanded clay on the bottom of the pot, then - 10 centimeters of earth. Aloe plant, transplanting which requires caution to avoid damage to the sheets and roots, must be placed in the ground. Now fill the pot, crushing the soil. Put a saucer under the pot.

It is necessary to ensure proper care of the plant after transplantation. If you already know how to transplant aloe, take care of the fresh air and sun for the plant in the summer. Do not water the aloe when a crust forms on the soil.In winter, watering is needed no more than once a month.

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