How to tie a sweater without prompts

How to knit a sweater, seen on a random walker and very much liked, when there is no possibility to find a detailed description of the work, and your own knitting experience is measured by several meters of neatly knitted scarves? For example, you saw a sweater like this:

how to tie a sweater

Isn't he lovely? How to knit a sweater to achieve the same freedom of fit, such an interesting color game?

Preparation for work

how to knit a sweater

You are happy to note that the master unknown to you used only two types of pattern, or rather one. This gum on the sleeves and on the bottom. The rest is the front surface. You can do it. By the way, if you sew correctly, without seams, you could wear it inside out ... Eraser, apparently, 1x1. 1 face loop and 1 purl alternate. In principle, this is not so important. It looks good and 2x2.


I hope you discreetly felt this sweater. How else to knit a sweater, from what? Judging by the "babbling" structure of knitwear, as if pouring over the curves of the body, it is silk. Due to what the front surface of the view is not smooth? And at the expense of the material, and even more at the expense of color. But with color you can and should experiment. The main thing is to keep the contrast in melange.The black and white is beautiful. But it can be hotter: hot pink with brown - how do you? And gentle turquoise with dark blue? Dare! It is not good if there are two identical sweaters in the same city, isn’t it?

knit a sweater


There is one more important question: how to tie a sweater? Knitting, yes. And what? The texture of the front surface in this case can not be called dense. So, the spokes should not be the second number, but at least the fourth. It is necessary to warn about certain difficulties of such knitting. Silk is an exceptionally slippery thread. Metal needles - too. And if the needle slips out (and she will do it repeatedly), the loops will irreversibly crawl down, you will not lift them, and it will not work out exactly. Nice wooden knitting needles. They are not so slippery. And you will need just such - round ones, if you want to knit a sweater with knitting needles with virtually no seams.

Actually work

Tie a sample of the selected yarn with the right knitting needles. Wet and dry. Iron iron. Count the rows and loops in one square centimeter - in length and height. Write down the data. Then take your measurements off yourself. Or spread on the table one of his blouses, suitable size, and measure it. Measure the bottom of the front of your blouse / future sweater.Calculate the number of loops and boldly begin to knit gum, 5-6 centimeters, no longer needed. Then in the last row of the gum add one loop evenly every 10-15. And go to the surface.

What's next?

how to tie a sweater

Knit just like a scarf, without further ado, until it is time to draw a neckline in a boat. Divide the number of loops in half, from the middle count the half loops of the distance you intend to bare, mark this place with a contrasting additional thread or a special marker and count the same number of loops in the opposite direction from the middle. Having tied the row to the first marker, close all loops to the next and finish the row to the end. Coming back, type exactly as many loops as you closed. Gently with this. Most often, dial-up loops on weight when proving are substandard. But you will try, and you will succeed. Have you noticed that you have already begun to knit back? So, they understood how to knit a sweater without instructions. Now add to gum, then gum, and close, with God, all the loops. Left sleeves. Brave, brave little tailor, measure the width of the sleeves, mark carefully the place where you will tie them to the main part.

Sleeves and Shutdown

how to tie a sweater

It is recommended to measure this place with an exact count of rows, and not by eye! Be sure to write everything down, mark with knitting or thread on knitting! And if they have not lost, but have gained additional courage, gain two sleeves at once, which is there. Straight on the edge of the front and back, cling 2 loops on the loops and pull a new loop onto the next needle. With the face and inside of the sleeves do not miss! The product itself is temporarily deformed, but soon you will be able to straighten it and admire it as soon as approximately one third of the sleeves are tied. For now - forward and smooth! And do not ask more how to knit a sweater. Tied a third of the sleeves - start to reduce 1 loop on each side in each 6 row. Loops 20 just have to clean up. But just in case, do not part with the measuring device! That's how you finish to gum. And even gum bind. Then close the loop. Now you sew - that's all. Well, you can tie a sweater without prompts? Then the bonus: inconspicuous seams. See the drawing.

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