How to tell a guy that you love?

Gone are the days when ladies languidly sighed into the side, expecting that their beloved will pay attention. Now take the first step - is not considered something shameful and humiliating. Many girls themselves admit their feelings. In the article we will consider in detail how to tell a guy what you like, how to choose the right situation and what is better to say.

When a girl is in a relationship with a guy

It will be easier to admit first, when there isconfidence in mutual feelings. It happens that the young man is embarrassed to utter three treasured words, but his attitude shows that the girl does not care about him. Sympathy is obvious, the couple are no longer friends. Here you just need to choose the right moment. With a constant, fairly close communication, the relevant situation is very easy to create.

A suitable situation comes by itself, it is notyou need to plan ahead and carefully prepare for it. The couple, in whom sympathy is obvious, is looking for solitude. In such touching moments the girl can calmly say: "I love you." Do not be afraid that the young man will be surprised or will not say anything in response. He needs time to realize this recognition.

Also, instead of words, you can use a smallgift. For music lovers, a CD with tracks about love is perfect. A subtle hint will prepare for recognition. For those who want to express their sympathy for the whole country, radio stations and television programs have been created, where it is possible to transmit the message. It's a great way to tell a guy about love unusually. Only you will need to make sure that the addressee will hear or see a confession.

How to confess your feelings to a distant person

And what about girls who are not in therelationship with the object of your love? Here everything is much more complicated. In this situation, you will have to muster courage and courage, because the result may be unexpected. There are several common ways to open your feelings.

The appropriate environment will help, when bothare not in a hurry, relaxed and on the same wavelength. To create it, you can arrange a romantic dinner. Over a glass of wine or champagne, with tenderness looking into his eyes, utter a magic phrase. In this case, do not worry, worry or think about the bad. Also, you should not expect a lightning response. All conversation should be accompanied by smiles, rare accurate touches and conducted in a calm, measured tone. A girl should not be nervous or worried.

Confession of love is accompanied by a slow dance,When both partners are as close as possible to each other, and pleasant music surrounds you. In the rhythm of the melody and you can whisper in the ear of your beloved man his confession. In this way it will turn out to be natural and gentle.

Do not get lost in ordinary paper letters,mailed. On paper you can pour out your feelings, beautifully arrange and send. Such a method will surprise with its originality and will suit for shy ladies. Recognition in electronic form will not be so interesting and unique, it will not attract so much attention and will not reflect the depth of emotions.

Do not report your feelings anonymously orask other people to talk about it. Touching moment should happen alone and only between a guy and a girl. The best assistant in this is sincerity and honesty. The heart itself will tell what to say.

What if there was no answer

Sometimes it happens that after the recognition of the girl,the guy does not say a word of love in return. If the couple is in a relationship, he may need time, since he was not ready for this turn of events. A little patience - and the beloved will also tell about his feelings. Do not demand recognition, let everything go its course. Some young people need to collect their thoughts before they say about their love.

If the response did not occur,the guy has moved away and avoids communication. Alas, the feelings are not mutual. Do not despair, pursue it, look for meetings, impose your company. This life situation must be experienced, because then there will be many more happy moments.

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