How to take birth?

It happens that a woman in labor appears during childbirth far from a medical facility. If you are close to a woman in labor, it is your duty to help her give birth to a healthy child and preserve her own health. Of course, such a prospect is scary, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Today we will talk about how to take delivery on their own.

How to take birth: instructions and tips

Psychological support

So, if the birth was taken by surprise, remember the most important thing - do not panic! Your fear and excitement will surely be passed on to the parturient woman, and childbirth will be slower and harder. Remember, women have given birth on their own for hundreds of years. A woman's body is able to cope with this task on its own, because to carry and give birth to a child is the task of every woman initially. Calm down, focus. You can voice these thoughts to the woman in labor.

Call an ambulance

Before taking delivery, call an ambulance, a doctor. An ambulance can drive up while you are giving birth, and give help immediately after the baby is born. Also, doctors can give you valuable guidance over the phone.Ask for help from others: perhaps there is a medical worker near you, or call for help a woman who has already given birth.

Keep clean

The main thing - do no harm. It is very easy to get an infection during labor, so wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to your elbows or use a disinfectant: a weak solution of potassium permanganate, an alcohol solution. Keep the room where the woman in labor is as clean as possible. Take clean sheets, towels, paper napkins. You may need a basin of warm water to wash the baby or the mother.

The choice of posture for women in labor

A mother can take a comfortable position: lying on his back, as they do in the hospital, or squatting, also on all fours. The latter poses are more comfortable, as they provide greater cervical dilatation. Whatever position a woman chooses, you are so that you can clearly see the vagina.

Childbirth process

  1. Wash the vagina mothers. During contractions, make sure that she breathes smoothly and calmly. Breathe along with it, encourage. A woman's face can be periodically cleaned with a damp cloth. Encourage her to strain when contractions subside.
  2. Soon you will see the back of the head, then the head. Your task is only to gently hold the baby, you can not pull it, twist it. The head of the child will turn to the side, then one shoulder will appear, then the second. After that, the rest of the body will slip very quickly. The child is taken in a clean sheet. Get ready for the body of the baby to be slippery. Be careful.
  3. Tilt your child down a bit, about 45 degrees, to clear the airway. Hold the head constantly. Do not hold the baby’s feet or shake it. You can gently wipe the nose and mouth with clean gauze. The baby should scream or cry.
  4. Put the baby on the mother's chest, close both with a clean sheet.
  5. No more than half an hour after delivery, the placenta should be born. Before this, blood will flow from the vagina, the umbilical cord will lengthen. The mother should push and push the placenta out of herself. Put the placenta in a bag - then it will be examined in the hospital.
  6. You do not need to cut the umbilical cord yourself if medical assistance arrives soon. Leave everything as it is, just make sure that the umbilical cord is not too tight.

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