How to start repairs in the bathroom and toilet

Hello dear readers! Continuing the theme of repair, I will tell you where to start repairs in the bathroom and toilet with your own hands. Surely many repairing these premises are faced with such a question.

If you are the owner of an apartment in which the bathroom is located separately from the toilet, I advise you to start the repair yourself at home with the elaboration of the same color and style. Even if the rooms are separated, it is one. Design choose the same or similar in type of finishing materials and color.

Toilet and bathroom - a kind of twins. I advise you to veneer the premises with tiles of the same type, but of a different color. If you use the same finishing technique, you get different rooms that will create a different mood. If the walls and the floor are made in the same color, but with different finishing materials, discomfort will appear due to the contrast between the rooms.

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I think, now you understand why it is better to use the same tile and decor for finishing the bath and toilet. This approach will help save. After finishing, there will be scraps that, with a high probability, there will be a place in the second room.

How to start repairs in the bathroom

Photo euro renovation in the bathroom

A bathroom is a room in which a person is left alone with thoughts and emotions. Here he takes a shower, relaxes, rests after a busy day, gets rid of irritation and fatigue, gets a boost of energy.

The described effect will bring only a comfortable and comfortable bathroom.

Step-by-step bathroom repair plan

  1. Measure the room. Take a piece of paper, pencil, tape measure and measure the length and height of the walls, the area of ​​the room. On the basis of the figures obtained, calculate the number of materials that will be required to repair the bathroom.
  2. Mentally imagine a new bathroom.. Decide on the color and type of finishing materials, the location of the bath, furniture and accessories.
  3. Prepare the room. Clean the walls and ceiling of the bathroom from the old finish. The work is dusty and dirty, so wear a respirator. You will need a hammer drill, trowel, brush for metal and other devices.
  4. Primer the walls. Lay the wiring and level the ceiling with putty. At this stage, make the layout of the vertical and horizontal by means of a level or plumb.
  5. Replacement of water supply. Step responsible, save on not advise. It is about replacing plumbing, risers and sewage in the bathroom.
  6. Floor waterproofing. By making the cement screed, the water will not leak to the neighbors. Treat the joints between the walls and the floor, the entire area of ​​the bathroom with a special waterproofing solution.
  7. To the decoration of the walls and floor. Try putting tile in the bathroom yourself. If there are no skills, ask for help from the tiler. Some, for the sake of economy, the place behind and under the bathroom is not lined. It is better to revet the plane, and put the bath on the tile. Hide side and communications help screen.
  8. Door installation. If you are going to replace the bathroom door, do it before laying the tile.
  9. Plinth and ceiling. At the end around the perimeter of the ceiling, install a decorative plinth, and paint the ceiling with water-based paint. If this option of finishing the ceiling in the bathroom is not suitable, pay attention to the stretch ceilings or the design of plastic panels. It will remain to close up the seams.

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Following the instructions, you reach the final stage.At the end, install a sink, hang a mirror and a lamp, install furniture. The result is a beautiful room.

How to start repairing the toilet

Small toilet in the attic

People face difficulties in repairing the toilet room. Toilet - an important part of the housing, repair which I advise thoroughly and correctly, taking into account all the details. How to start a painstaking process, I will tell below.

  1. As with the bathroom, I advise starting the repair of the toilet with the preparation of the room. First of all, remove the old toilet, remove old finishing materials from the walls, floor and ceiling.
  2. To the place of installation of the new toilet, bring water and sewage. If the sewage system in the apartment is made of cast iron pipes, replace it with plastic products. If pipe replacement is not planned, limit to plastic flow. Connect pipes better with special inserts. Do not forget about the slope, which is required for the normal functioning of the sewage system.
  3. Pay attention to communications. If they pass along the wall, close the box. Be sure to make sure that the box is removed or disassembled. It’s easier to fix leakage problems.
  4. Before the start of plastering work on the walls of the toilet set up beacons. Using as a guide, align the walls. After drying the plaster, lay the tile.
  5. Switch to the floor. First make a concrete screed, and after drying, lay the tile. Immediately do not install the toilet, it will interfere during the execution of works in the upper part of the room.
  6. There are many options for decorating the walls of the toilet. Which finishing material to choose, you decide, but I advise the tile. If this veneer is not to your liking, the market offers wallpaper, mosaic tiles, natural stone or wood decoration.
  7. Take care of the ceiling. Plasterboard ceiling suitable for toilet room. It will hide wiring and ventilation system. If to add a decorative plinth, beauty will turn out.
  8. Lastly, install a luminaire in the toilet, fix the toilet and attach a paper holder to the wall. I advise you to immediately equip the toilet with shelves for storing air freshener and stocks of toilet paper.

Having a hard way, in the end you will get a result that will delight you with freshness and originality. But more pleasure will bring the idea that the author of the masterpiece - you yourself.

How to start repairs in the combined bathroom

Combined toilet and bathroom

The combined bathroom has disadvantages and advantages. The main disadvantage is that the room is available only to one household. Plus - the ability to expand the area of ​​the bathroom. In the combined bathroom is easy to put a washing machine or closet for accessories.

In modern apartments, the toilet is separate from the bathroom. At the same time, the premises are characterized by a small area and there are often cases when several centimeters are missing for the installation of furniture or another item. To fully address the issue, consider how to combine the bathroom and toilet.

How to combine bathroom and toilet

This kind of repair, in addition to construction work, provides for "paperwork." According to the rules, redevelopment in the apartment is coordinated with the relevant authorities. At the same time changes are made to the housing plan.

When creating a preliminary plan, mark the transfer of plumbing, change in electrical wiring and plumbing. This is an incomplete list of factors that should not be ignored. Combining a bathroom is a small technical part of a great job.

Approving the plan, switch to repair.It is better if at the time households go on a summer vacation. As a result, they will protect themselves from discomfort, and no one will hurt you.

  • Tear down the partition between the bathroom and the toilet, line the walls, which are usually extremely curved.
  • Redo the pipes. If necessary, change their location so as not to interfere. The same goes for the heated towel rail.
  • The next step involves laying the wiring. Route the cables, locate the switches and sockets, and install.
  • Primer the walls and level the floor with a concrete screed. Before laying the flooring, whether it is a tile or other finishing material, fill the floor with bitumen. This will reduce the likelihood of neighbors flooding when leaking.
  • Stretch ceilings - a good option for the combined site. Only entrust their installation professionals, since the arrangement of the ceiling involves the use of special equipment and skills.
  • Trim the walls and lay the flooring. To visually expand the space of the room, build a large mirror in each wall. The combined bathroom will turn out beautiful and original.
  • The final stage of repair involves the installation of plumbing, furniture, connecting household appliances, installation of bath accessories - hanging soap dishes, hooks.

If you want to achieve results, listen to the recommendations. They will help fast and successful completion of the repair. When the family returns home, the beauty of the bathroom combined will surprise.

The choice of furniture and bathroom planning

Designer repair in the bathroom

The final part of the article is devoted to the planning of the bathroom and the subtleties of the choice of furniture. If you have finances, arrange a separate bathroom in the house, especially if the family is large. As a result, several people at the same time will be able to meet needs. If you prefer a combined bathroom, make sure that it has a sliding partition. With its help, divide the room into zones.

Room size. To make the toilet comfortable and comfortable, select a few square meters for furnishing. Excess space is not required. Design a bathroom, guided by tastes and preferences, but you should not overdo it with space - 6-10 squares abound.

Furniture. Before buying furniture, decide what you want to see indoors.Usually it is a set of sink, mirror, pencil case and floor stand. Sometimes there is a hanging locker. Before buying a bath headset, make sure of quality. On the surface of the furniture paint should lie evenly.

Fittings. From the accessories, choose models equipped with chrome legs, handles and hinges made of metal. Make accessories and plastic, covering with a layer of chrome. Such furniture is not worth buying because chrome or gold-plated plastic handles will quickly lose their original appearance.

Sink. It is mandatory to inspect the sink for chips and damage. Check the integrity of the product by lightly tapping. Buy bold shell sink. A dull sound is a sign of defects.

Bedside tables and cabinets. When choosing bedside tables and cabinets, be guided by the size of the room, the number of tenants and tastes. If there is more than enough space, buy a large headset in which the hairdryer, curling iron, shampoos and other things fit. If there is a problem with the area, pay attention to the set of thumbs and several hanging boxes.

Shelves and niche. It is useful to complete the bathroom with niches and shelves open or closed. They will help with the storage of bath utensils.Be sure to provide a place for clothes and bath towels. A hanger or a set of hooks will help solve the problem.

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