How to start living?

Everything starts so well, you meetevery day, walk, go to the cinema, plan your holiday, vacation. You are delighted with each other. And of course, at the same time with these wonderful feelings, thoughts of this nature are brewing in you: "How will we live together," "where to start a life together." By negotiating this topic with your loved one, you will certainly start going into the beautiful, as you will be well, when you wake up in the same bed, you will prepare breakfast together. But not always the thoughts come into contact with reality. In this article we will try to give efficient advice, to form your painless transition to adulthood and answer the question: how to start living together?

The first steps to living together

First of all, you need to sit down and discuss everythingdetails, pour out your soul, your fears to each other. It is clear that we are not all ideal, and everyone can make a mistake, but do not be afraid of problems, passing through them, solving them, you will be confident. Do not doubt yourself and take it seriously.

Before you start living in the same apartment,discuss your personal life (meaning your friends, friends, parents), because it does not mean that you already live together and should always be together - there is no such thing should not be, slightly divide your territory. This is a very important question, be extremely attentive, resolve it as quickly as possible.

Try to overcome the illusions thatjoint life is simple and easy. No, it's not. To build your life, as you want, you have to go through a lot (quarrels, resentments). Be like the discoverer of your married life, try to take everything as it is, draw conclusions, do not allow more of this.

The most important aspects of life together are:

Please note that you do not need to immediatelyto dream of a beautiful apartment, a car. We need to start with a small build huge. Having correctly tuned your initial life in an alliance with your loved one, you will give yourself a push to develop, to think as one whole, to overcome difficulties.

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