How to start an apartment renovation?

Decided to do the repair, and before you the question arose: where to start repairing an apartment? This article will discuss, first of all, about self-repair, because if you turned to repair specialists, you should not be concerned about this question, because the masters of their work will get money for this.

So, first of all, you need to decide: what repair do you want to make? Cosmetic, or capital? However, the approach to these repairs is similar, just when redecorating, some works are omitted.

How to start an apartment renovation: stages

  1. Creating a design project repair. This stage can be done both independently and with the help of a designer. At the same time, you can keep this project, both in your imagination and in the form of a visually presented interior (be it a drawing, a drawing). In addition, at the same stage it is necessary to make all measurements of the premises, if you are making drawings, they should be all based on these dimensions. At this stage it is necessary to decide: whether there will be redevelopment of premises, replacement of plumbing, electrical wiring, doors, windows, what style you will adhere to, whether there will be built-in furniture.It is also necessary to determine the areas of the premises (recreation areas, beds, functional areas). Think about lighting, about the ceiling, about replacing the floor. You need to foresee a lot. At this stage it is very important not to miss anything, because the correctness of your repair budget will depend on it.
  2. Cost Estimates. When you have decided on a repair project, it is necessary to calculate the cost of the repair because, as a rule, the repair budget is not rubber, and you need to keep within it. At this stage you need to choose materials for repair. You should not save on them, since their quality is more dependent on how long you save yourself from subsequent repairs. At this stage, you expect the choice of flour, as a hardware store, and the materials themselves. In addition, due to the absence of any materials, or their high cost, your design may change slightly (in terms of tonalities, relief of materials, their shape). Do not forget to include in the estimate the cost of hired labor, if you are going to invite specialists for any repair work, and sometimes it is inevitable (replacement of wiring, plumbing fixtures).
  3. Directly carrying out repair work. It is necessary to begin repair with preparation of rooms, disposal of an old interior. The main contenders for the championship in repair are windows. It is with their replacement that you should start. Next is to do redevelopment, replacement electricians, plumbing. After this work, leveling the surface of the walls, floors, and ceiling follows (if you are not in favor of stretch ceilings). And then you can start the implementation of your project.

How to start an apartment renovation: tips

If you decide to do the repair, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Be sure to save the wiring diagrams, plumbing pipe location, in case you need to replace them.
  • Savings for repairs should be reasonable. Pay attention to the environmental friendliness of materials and paints. In addition, there are things that simply can not be saved, such as wiring, plumbing, windows, doors (especially the entrance), batteries.
  • Responsibly refer to the removal of measurements, the calculation of the volume and quantity of materials, as errors can have a deplorable effect on the repair budget.
  • Sometimes it is profitable to buy all the materials in one store (saving time and money on delivery), but nowadays, promotions will help you to save a lot, so asklook for information on the Internet, walk through the hardware stores.
  • It is better to start repairs from the kitchen and bathroom, as the work carried out in them is usually the most “dirty”.
  • If you choose stretch ceilings, then they should be done after the end of all construction work, as opposed to curtain.

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