How to sew a dress for a girl?

For your favorite princess you can sew the most beautiful dress with your own hands! And if you consider that the baby has no outstanding female forms, then it is not difficult to make a pattern for the dress at all. After reading this article, you will learn how to sew a dress for a girl, make it unique, the most beautiful, original.

Make a pattern

Take a piece of wallpaper left over from the repair and place it on a flat surface. The right edge will correspond to the fold of the front and back of the dress bodice. Depart from the top point 2 cm down and 5 cm to the left. Connect these points with a smooth line, you get a rear neckline. Now mark 5 cm down and connect this point with the same side point. This is the neckline of the front of the dress. Now from the top of the neckline measure 8-9 cm to the left, but 2 cm below. It was a shoulder line. Now measure the volume of the armhole for the sleeve on your young model: from the upper point of the shoulder, lay a measuring tape in a circle along the line of the sleeve. Divide the measure by 2, record the result. Now measure the chest girth.Also divide the measurement by 4 and add 1.5 cm. Transfer the chest measure horizontally to the paper, at a height of about 17-20 cm from the top of the pattern. And measure the sleeves move horizontally between the extreme point of the shoulder and the horizontal line of the chest. Get a line cut sleeve. Now we will measure on one more baby - from the largest cervical vertebra to the waistline. Then move the measurement to the paper along the edge on the right. Then connect a straight line point of the edge of the sleeve with the waist line. You got two patterns of the bodice (the upper part of the dress) with a difference only in the depth of the neck. To sew a dress girl with your own hands, you still need a skirt pattern, but it is better to cut it immediately on the fabric.


Now you need to take the selected fabric and spread it on the table. First, cut the back of the bodice with a bend, then cut off the part of the neck from the pattern and cut the front part of the bodice out of the fabric. Add on each side 1.5 - 2 cm for seam allowances. To skirt, cut a rectangle of fabric with a height equal to the length of the skirt, width - waist circumference multiplied by three. It will be a fluffy skirt on the assembly. If you want to make a “flared skirt” skirt, then divide the waist circumference into three, then the resulting measure is set aside from the upper right corner of the fabric folded in half.From the extreme points, draw a part of the circle. From the very arc, make a measure equal to the length of the future skirt. It turned out a large canvas with a round neckline.


Now you can collect the upper part of the dress. Sew the shoulder section, side seams. Handle the necklines of the sleeves. To sew a fluffy dress for a girl, it is necessary to sew a skirt on the first pattern to the resulting bodice. It is necessary to make a side seam, then make the assembly on the skirt and sew it to the top of the dress. Under this skirt you can sew the lower fluffy base. Take an old fine-look tulle, cut the petticoat in the same way, make it 5 cm shorter than the upper skirt. And if the fabric is very beautiful, then you can tailor 2-3 cm below the base, and the underskirt will look very flirty out of it. And in order to sew an elegant dress for a girl, then to the resulting basis it is necessary to sew the sleeves of light chiffon fabric. Sew frills from the same chiffon to the bottom of the skirt. The front part of the bodice can be decorated with bows of brocade or any other showy fabric.

Special dresses

If you want to sew your own sundress, the pattern will be even easier. Measure the length of the product from the top point of the shoulder to the bottom and chest girth.Divide the second measure by 4, add 2 cm and measure on the top edge of the paper. Then you lay down the first measure, the length of the product, expand your resulting rectangle downwards as much as your sundress will be. Then sew the sides, hem the top and bottom of the product, collect the top edge of the gum. And how diverse can you decorate such a summer dress! After you appreciate it, you will never again have a question to poke or sew the dress for the girl, for your little beautiful princess!

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