How to sculpt from dough?

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How to sculpt from dough?

If you decide that it is worthwhile to do something useful and entertaining with the child, besides, the practical side of the question is not indifferent to you, we recommend that you do the modeling from the test. This is an extremely fun and exciting activity, the benefits of it are undoubted. The development of motor fingers of children (proven long ago), leads to the development of speech. And finished products are almost eternal, if you do the craft with the mind and soul, it will delight you and bear the benefit. So, how to sculpt from dough? What is needed for this? It is necessary:

  • Stacks (available in sets with clay).
  • Rolling pin - the dough is very plastic, it can be rolled.
  • Scissors (we recommend manicure).
  • Board.
  • Toothpick.
  • Water.

When you try to make figures and crafts from dough, you will definitely want to use some of your auxiliary tools. For example, some craftsmen make their hair with the help of a garlic press, transfer the texture of the fabric, pushing the fragment with a piece of burlap or dense canvas. You can also decorate individual details with the help of relief buttons, shells.

How to make dough

Take the usual flour and the same amount of salt. Salt will need fine. Mix and dilute with water to make a dense, but elastic dough. Usually, the water must be taken exactly half as much as the flour. The dough can be stored in polyethylene, the main thing is to prevent the ingress of air.

To sculpt salty dough is interesting, easy. Here we add that at the kneading stage, you can add paint to the dough, then you will not have to cover the product with a tone. Although there is an observation that this method does not give a bright and juicy color scheme.

We suggest making an animal figurine out of dough. We make a duck and a cat from salt dough. Take a picture from which you will sculpt, and looking at it, sculpt carefully and slowly. A duck consists of two flattened balls. The body of the oval is larger, and the head is smaller. Fasten the parts together. Make a beak, tail. Draw the wings on the sides. To do this, use a stack or a plastic knife.

The cat will also come from two main parts. Make the torso in the form of a cone, divide the legs with a longitudinal line, you should put your head on the sharp top. The head is made of a round piece of dough (smaller than the torso).Make ears, stretching two sharp cones on the sides of the head. Then make a hole for the eyes with a toothpick. Glue these holes into the holes with water (you need to lubricate with a brush) round eyeballs. Before attaching the nose, in the same way, we glue two round “pancakes” on the cat's face, which will represent the convex lower part of the physiognomy. There will be a nose in the middle. It is also made from a round piece of dough. It is characteristic that the more it is, the more fun the expression on the face of the figure goes. Make the tail of a long sausage, a little wider at the end. Glue it to the body. Work out the details. Draw the fingers on the paws, slightly curving the tail, like a hook.

Now our figures need to be dried so that they harden, they were not fragile, and they could be covered with paint and varnish. There are two methods of drying.

  • In the oven. The firing time on average one hour, at the lowest temperature (about 100? C).
  • On the radiator or in the sun. This treatment will take a week.

We color figures from the test

Such products are covered with different colors. For a start, we recommend gouache, because it is non-toxic, has a good texture, is opaque, and we sculpt from dough with children. Paint the eyes of the cat with white paint, paint black dots-pupils.The color of the animal can be red (orange), black, striped. Duck let it be lemon-colored. Then coat the figurines with varnish, even for nails.

Picture of dough

For making pictures, you need a frame and cardboard. Glue on the cardboard "applique", which will be embossed and painted. A still-life (vase, decanter, apple, pear, grape) is successfully obtained. The main rule is that all figures should have a flat back wall to adhere well to the base. The frame does not have to buy, we also sculpt it out of dough. Photos in this design will also look catchy and nontrivial. You can make a frame pigtail, you can arrange the flowers. Do not forget to paint the picture and frame. There is another secret: the paint must be mixed with the same amount of PVA glue.

Naturally, it will take some time and skill to orient how to sculpt from the dough. The video will certainly help clarify some issues. It is worth noting that this activity is very exciting, so it is possible that having learned, you will begin to create fantastic and amazing products.

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