How to roll out the dough?

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How to roll out the dough?

To correctly roll out the dough, it is required, asminimum, good skill and knowledge. After all, to make a thin dough so that the cakes are uniform, so that there is no excess seals, it is not easy. However, with proper training, everything will turn out.

How to make a dough

First, let's look at how you can make a dough.

Necessary ingredients:

  • 2 cups of flour
  • 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 packet of dry yeast
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1.5 cups of water

Cooking process

  1. In order to knead the dough, cooklarge board and fill in the center of a hill of flour. In the center of the hill make a hole and fill it with all the ingredients except water. Stir everything neatly.
  2. Water should be heated to body temperature (about 40 degrees) and, continuously stirring, gradually pour into the pit.
  3. Depending on the viscosity of the flour, water may need a little less.
  4. Stir dough for 10-15 minutes, as a result you haveit should turn out to be elastic. Form a round ball and leave it on the board, be sure to cover it with a towel. The place where the dough "rest" should be warm.
  5. An hour or two later the volume of the test will double. Now divide it into three parts, after rolling out you will get three even thin cakes.

How to roll out the dough thinly

The board sprinkle with flour, so that the dough does not stick when rolling out, sprinkle your hands with flour. For rolling, use a rolling pin, the most convenient size is about 45 cm long, about 5 cm thick.

Roll the cake in different directions so that all sides are the same. You need to start from the center to the edges.

In order to roll out a very soft and stickydough, put it between two sheets of well-oiled parchment paper and sprinkle a little with flour. Then follow the already mentioned scheme. If you do not have paper, then you can roll out a bottle filled with cold water. The neck of the bottle must be tightly clogged.

How to roll out dough for dumplings

For dumplings, manti and khinkali, the dough is rolled out in different ways.

  • You can roll out a large thin sheet and cut out circles. The remaining dough is rolled into a ball again and rolled out to use it completely.
  • You can form thin sausages and cut into brusochki. Roll out each piece separately. With enough experience, all the circles will be the same for you.

Roll the dough on a baking sheet

If you need to place the cake on a baking tray or in aform, then this can be done directly in cookware for baking. First you need to lubricate the mold and sprinkle with flour, then put the dough in the center and evenly distribute it over the entire surface from the center to the edges.

How to roll puff pastry

There are special forms for baking withThe holes that allow the cakes to be baked evenly. For such forms, the dough should be rolled very carefully. To make the cake very thin, sprinkle it with flour and wrap it around the rolling pin. Thus, the rolling is especially thin and uniform. This is how you can make puff pastry for pizza, pie and other dishes.

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