How to return the loan insurance?

Recently, when granting a loan, banks are required to insure their lives and property without fail. It turns out that insurance premiums are added to considerable loan payments. Such costs are not everyone can afford. How can you return the insurance on the loan, you will learn from our article.

Valid loan

It is possible to terminate the contract itself in any case, but it is difficult to return your money. Insurance, issued for the purchase of cars and housing, are not refundable, since in this case it is a mandatory condition of the loan.

However, it is not at all necessary to insure your life and health, which is regulated by the law “On insurance of deposits of individuals in Russian banks”. Ignorance of the law is actively used by financial and credit companies that impose unnecessary insurance on people.

If the contract does not state otherwise, it is possible to return the loan insurance. To return the funds that were paid for the insurance, you must write an application in any form and submit it to the insurance company or bank.An example of filling out an application you will find. If the insurance company does not meet your requirement, contact the court or Rospotrebnadzor. All legal expenses will be required to pay the borrower.

Do not forget about the limitation period. If you issued a loan more than three years ago, then by law you can not make claims to the insurance company.

Early repayment of the loan

Returning insurance after early repayment is a bit easier. In this case, you need to contact the insurance company and ask to understand your question. It is pointless to contact the bank about this, since in fact it is just an intermediary in obtaining insurance.

The contract must be spelled out how much you can get in the case of long-term repayment of the loan. Company employees will tell you in detail what you can do in this case, what documents you need to have. Most likely, the full amount you can not return. You will only partially be reimbursed. And the amount of compensation will be calculated from the term of the contract. For example, if you paid for insurance for 9 months 900 rubles, and repaid a loan for 6 months, then you will be returned 300 rubles.

Unfortunately, if the contract states that in any event the refund is not provided, you will not be able to return anything. If this item is not registered, then you still have chances for success, although they are not high. You will have to sue the insurance company, and litigation with them is usually delayed for a long time and does not guarantee a positive result for you.

There is another way to partially return the insurance after the early repayment of the loan. If you pay insurance not one time, but several payments, you can stop them after the loan is paid off. Insurance is automatically canceled. But nevertheless, before that you should familiarize yourself with the contract - are there any points providing punishment for such actions? Then you will not be fined.

Ways to refund

If you make a successful decision on the issue of the return of insurance funds, the money can be returned to you in several ways. The insurance company can transfer them to your bank account or bank card. Here everything will depend on the terms of the contract and the court decision.

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