How to repair chipped?

Chips can occur on a wide variety of surfaces. At the same time, there are all sorts of ways to eliminate them. Everything will depend on what exactly they appeared on, as well as on their size. Accordingly, it will take a little time and effort to put in small chips, and if they are of considerable size, you will need maximum skill and patience, then the result will not disappoint you.

How to repair chipping in the bath

If the chip appeared on your bath, then the process of restoring its attractive appearance will be quite time-consuming. Indeed, very large pieces of enamel are chipped off on them most often. But, if you are lucky and they are not significant, then it will be possible to manage it in a short period of time. Before you repair the chip, you, of course, need to purchase the appropriate materials. It is recommended to give preference to special restoration kits designed to carry out such works, because they have everything you need. They are sold in specialized stores and are not of high value.

Before you repair the chip on the bath, you will need to prepare its surface. It will need sanding sandpaper. After that, you will need to walk on it with gasoline or solvent, this will degrease the place where the restoration will be carried out in the future. Then, it will be necessary to dry it, for this you can use a hairdryer.

Then, you will need to take the brush, which is included in the set and enamel, it will need to be applied with a thin layer. If necessary, you can cover chipped again, but only after the first layer dries. After that, you will need to leave the restored surface for 24 hours. After this period, the enamel is completely hardened, and your bath will look like new.

With strong chips, you will need to carry out more large-scale work. To do this, you need to buy enamel "Renaissance", "Svetlana" or paint "Reafleks 50". Then, it will be necessary, with the power of an abrasive stone, to clean the bath until minor scratches appear, and in places of chips before a metallic luster appears. Then it will be necessary to remove small debris with a vacuum cleaner, wash the surface with water and dry it with a hairdryer.And after that, you will need to cover the entire bath with enamel or paint in two layers, and then let it dry well.

How to repair chips on the car

Chips on the car are not uncommon. If they are small, then a wax stick is perfect for embedding them. It is very convenient, because before you repair chips with a machine, you do not need to prepare the surface for a long time, it will be enough to wipe it dry with a rag. After that, they will need to spend on the formed potholes on the paint several times.

If the chips are significant, then you will need to take a color-rich polish and gently apply to the places that need restoration. Then it will be necessary to cover it with a special protective paint, suitable for your body palette.

How to repair chip on tile

If the chip appeared on a ceramic tile, then here you can use one of two methods. The first is suitable in those cases, if the surface has no significant damage, before it is carried out, you will need to purchase paint that matches the color range of the coating to be restored.Before you repair the chip on the tile, you need to process it with fine-grained emery paper. Then you will need to fill the defect with alabaster, and then cover it with paint.

It is also possible to patch up chips with the help of special corrective kits, there are now a lot of them on the market. Armed with them, you will need to unscrew its cap and apply a paintbrush from the bubble included in the kit with a brush. It dries very quickly, and after a few minutes you will be able to enjoy the perfect look of your tile.

Using these recommendations, you can forever forget about what chipped. After all, an attractive surface will never remind you of them.

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