How to pass a polygraph? Polygraph test

A lie detector, or polygraph, is not only used in forensic science to determine whether a suspect is guilty. A polygraph test is also offered in some companies when applying for a job. In this way, the personnel department gets an opportunity to find out if a potential employee of the company is capable, for example, to commit theft and so on. It should be noted that only those who have completed special courses and have a certificate of the established sample have the right to conduct testing on a polygraph.

How to pass a polygraph

How does the lie detector

Before you pass a polygraph, you should find out how this device works. The lie detector is a sensory device, which with the help of sensors records the indicators of heartbeat, blood pressure, muscle tone, sweating, blink rate and other things. Sensors are connected to a computer, which displays test results in the form of a graphic image.

How is the testing

Mostly checked by sensors. In addition, he is put on a special sensor and asked to sit still. After all, even a contraction of muscles can be a reaction to a provocative question. Before going through a polygraph, the person being checked must inform if something is disturbing him or he wants to go to the toilet. For maximum objectivity of the test results, the person to whom questions are asked should feel comfortable.

How to pass a polygraph in the Ministry of Interior

Before testing, the detector reads all parameters from a person. This is done because many people are worried about the very fact of verification, and not because they are guilty of something. A person can be honest and principled, but at the same time impressionable or just with signs of neurotic. That is why, before going through a polygraph in the FSB, for example, it is necessary for the examining officer to take the primary parameters of the indications of all body systems.

How to pass a polygraph in the FSB

What is a polygraph test

First of all, it is worth noting that, in principle, a lie detector can be deceived, since the program is designed to record measurements of the state of the body: respiration, pulse rate, blood pressure and other biophysical data.And if you calmly answer the questions asked, the device will not detect changes in your state. It would seem that here is the answer to the question of how to pass a polygraph. But you should know that the possible control over the reaction of the organism is taken into account in this program. To do this, the first twenty minutes you will be asked simple questions to customize the polygraph specifically for you.

What influences the test result

Before you pass a polygraph test, you should know that the result depends largely on the internal state of the subject. A person who is checked on a lie detector must sit still, he is forbidden to move his legs, arms, head, eyes, strain muscles and even swallow saliva. All these actions are a distraction and can provoke a physiological reaction that the polygraph will fix, which, in turn, will affect the result.

polygraph test

Is it possible to fool the polygraph

If a person is arrested on charges of committing a crime, then sometimes a lie detector is the only way to prove his innocence. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to pass a polygraph in the Ministry of InteriorFirstly, before testing a person is recommended to sleep well. Answering questions needs to be as truthful as possible, if a misunderstanding has arisen, then it should be as detailed as possible and, while remaining calm, to explain everything.

If there are any negative moments or violations in your biography, then they should not be ignored. On the contrary, it would be more correct to try to tell frankly about them. A law-abiding person should not be afraid and think about how to pass a polygraph in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The key to a true result will be composure, sincerity and straightforwardness.

How to trick the lie detector

Specialists conducting testing on a polygraph, say that it is not easy to fool him. This is only possible for a person who thoroughly knows the principle of operation of this device and knows himself well. On the other hand, it is easy to preserve the external imperturbability, but the polygraph records the indicators of the internal state. And controlling your emotions is much more difficult. When a person is asked a question, and in response he tells a lie, his body automatically reacts to this lie. The device can not fix this answer as deceitful only in two cases:

take a polygraph test

  1. If a person himself truly believes in his words.
  2. When he answers a question without analyzing it and without thinking about the answer, that is, automatically.

Polygraph Tips

In order to get tested, you first need to just relax, especially if you have nothing to blame. You should not think about the importance of what is happening and immediately tune in to a negative result. At the very least, you won’t worry and try to remember all your mistakes that have been accumulated in life. For example, they often ask: “Have you ever stolen?” And a person who never took anything else, suddenly accidentally remembered that he had taken a toy in kindergarten, would say no, his answer would be recorded detector like a lie. The reason for this result will be an internal conflict between memory and response. Therefore, remember: passing the test, do not try to remember life situations, do not think about and do not analyze the questions you are asked. Answer extremely sincerely, but at the same time to some extent automatically.

By the way, automatism can help fool the polygraph.For example, a person can answer questions with detachment without forming mental images of situations from his life. But only a few are able to achieve a fully detached state and correctly alternate between positive and negative answers. But you can achieve this state by switching your attention to some other, more important problem. In this case, you actually dismiss the questions asked to you and, therefore, do not have time to analyze them and form in your head the mental images of situations that compromise you.

Certificate of Lie Detector

The first analogue of the polygraph was created and applied by the Italian psychiatrist Cesare Lombroso back in 1895. Then he was called hydrospigymeter. But a crime detective was invented by police officer John Larsen in 1921. A polygraph, or a lie detector, allows you to record even minor changes in the psychophysical state of a person, according to which the specialist makes a conclusion about the veracity of his answers.

how to pass a polygraph test

Who is not recommended to be tested on the detector

Polygraph testing is not recommended for people with a weak nervous system and mental illness. Women may refuse to check on a long term of pregnancy.It is also forbidden to conduct testing for adolescents under the age of majority. But if necessary, adolescents can be tested in the presence of parents or persons warding a child, or with their written permission. And one more thing: before you pass a polygraph, you must give a written consent to conduct this procedure.

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