How to open the third eye?

November 12, 2012
How to open the third eye?

The third eye is a kind of energy center, a chakra that is able to receive and radiate mental images. This is well known to yoga. The cult of the third eye goes back to ancient times, when the presence of the third eye was attributed to each of the gods in which people believed. Then psychics began to appear with allegations that they could fully use their third eye. And the third eye gave considerable possibilities to man: telekinesis, the ability to foresee the future and see hidden objects, the ability to “read” the thoughts of a man ...

Such people exist today. Some argue that everyone has a third eye, but to open it you need to train. So, there are many techniques to help open the third eye. Many exercises can be found in yoga, we will retell a couple of popular exercises that should help you.

How to open the third eye - 1 way

You will need a candle and a relaxed atmosphere. You must be alone in a dark room.At bedtime, light a candle every day and look at its flame for 5-10 minutes without stopping. The candle should be from the eyes at a distance of 10-30 cm. Try to blink less often if possible. Aim to clearly see the glow around the flame.

Then close your eyes and blow out the candle (in that order). Relax and watch the colors you will see. There will be many, they will be different. Look at the colors until they disappear completely. If you feel that you are starting to be distracted, just drive away unnecessary thoughts from yourself, relax even more and concentrate on the colors.

How to open the third eye - 2 way

This method is good for those who practice yoga. To prepare for the procedure, remember the position most comfortable for you in which you are meditating. In the center of the left palm, you need to draw the eye - the pupil and the iris. No matter what color and size the painted eye will be, the main thing is that you like it and be clearly visible.

Sit in a pose for meditation and set your left palm so that the painted eye is opposite your face at the level of your ordinary eyes. The palm should be straight, all the fingers together.Look at the eyes intently, not blinking, but do not strain. The face is relaxed, the tongue touches the upper palate with the tip. As you exhale, imagine that the energy from your third eye is sent to the eye drawn on the arm. When inhaling, on the contrary, the energy from the drawn eye tends to your third eye. Upon completion of the procedure, close your eyes and for some time imagine the image of the third eye.

The methods are much more, and if you seriously thought about how to open the third eye, go to yoga.

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