How to make yourself more beautiful? How to become more beautiful - tips

Almost every woman in the world thinks about it. One can hardly find a woman who is one hundred percent self-confident and does not dream of eliminating at least one of his shortcomings. Everyone wants to fix something in himself. Every girl wants to be the most beautiful, and for some it even becomes the goal of a lifetime.

True, we should not forget that the concept of "beauty" is relative to all. Some love slender, and some - full. Someone thinks that bright makeup is beautiful, and someone appreciates natural beauty. Some people pay special attention to a beautiful neckline, while others respect modesty.

However, there are universal beauty secrets that will be useful to any woman, regardless of her preferences in clothing or make-up. They will help get rid of the shortcomings that sometimes make me sad. So how to make yourself more beautiful?


Full rest is the first and basic rule for avoiding health problems.If you constantly lack sleep (that is, sleep less than eight hours a day), the condition of the skin on the face will noticeably worsen. Dark circles and bags will appear under the eyes, wrinkles will appear from fatigue and over time will deepen. The overall appearance will noticeably suffer, freshness and vigor will disappear, and this does not paint anyone. No makeup will help to make yourself more beautiful

People who wonder how to make themselves more beautiful, it is very important to think about the need for healthy sleep:

  • It is recommended to always go to bed before midnight.
  • Do not drink at night (so that the face is not swollen in the morning) and do not have dinner late.
  • Comfortable anatomical mattress and pillow - the key to a healthy and sound sleep.
  • It is necessary to provide fresh air in the room at night.


If a girl thinks that a good figure is beauty, then a gym is ideal. From simulators to dancing, everything will be useful, even a simple jog in the morning or evening. They say that at least twenty minutes of training each day can provide a charge of strength and a systematic expenditure of calories, in addition, it will keep muscles in to become more beautiful

Refusal from cosmetics

Recently, the fashion for natural beauty began to spread throughout the world. If you do makeup, in natural tones, so that it was almost imperceptible.In order to remove skin imperfections, it is not at all necessary to hide them under layers of foundation and powder.

how to girl become more beautiful

Lemon is suitable for whitening and smoothing the skin tone, as well as cucumber masks for smoothing and getting rid of circles under the eyes. Egg shampoo for hair - a wonderful tool, time-tested. Apple masks and soda baths to strengthen and give beauty to the nails can also be safely used without fear of overdoing.


The problem with how to make yourself more beautiful arises in women of all ages. That is why the information presented in the article will help not only experienced women. We will show you how a girl can become beautiful.

It is not a secret for anyone that the basis of an excellent figure and good state of health is a healthy diet. Yes, they talk about it from all sides. Fruits there, vegetables here, down with fast food! And not just like that. Rejection of trans fats, soda, very salty and fatty foods, the love of natural products is the best solution. Fresh vegetables and fruits, boiled dietary meat will help a lot if there is a question about how to become beautiful in a week.become beautiful in a week

Bad habits

So often, the public service announcements on the dangers of cigarettes and alcohol on TV screens literally scream: “It is killing!” You can see with the naked eyelike a long time smoking girls change appearance. So, they have brittle hair and nails, aged yellow skin, a rough voice, bad teeth.

Of course, once a month nothing happens from one glass of quality wine, but every girl wondering how to become more beautiful should learn: systematic use of alcohol and nicotine can worsen the general condition of the body so much that no masks and powders can help.


To be able to choose clothes for yourself, to emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws is a real art. We must learn to avoid fashion trends and follow only our taste, otherwise it will be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Fashion is changing, so it’s important to have your own style. The new image will help to radically and quickly change the appearance, so if there is a question about how to become more beautiful in a week, it can be considered solved.

Proper care

A modern woman does not always have enough time to make homemade masks and shampoos, so she often has to turn to ready-made products. Although homemade cosmetics according to “grandmother's” recipes are considered the most correct, purchased care products are not always bad and of poor quality. You just need to be able to pick them up correctly.

If you have oily skin, then you should look for cosmetics for this type of skin, do not hesitate. If the hair is dyed, then you should pick up a special shampoo, etc. If possible, you need to undergo massage courses and visit spas.

Fasting day

Fasting day - full or partial refusal of food for the day. This is a kind of magic wand for many women, because it allows you to quickly get rid of a couple of kilograms and return the feeling of lightness.

As a rule, choose kefir, green apples or cucumbers. Fasting day will help in deciding how to make yourself more beautiful, pretty quickly. Usually he is satisfied with the frequency from once a week to once a month.

Hairstyle and manicure

It has long been known that they are met by clothes, and escorted by mind. It is required to make a clarification: they meet not only according to their clothes, but also according to their hairstyle and manicure. Many stylists say that hairstyle is half of the entire look, so hair should be given special attention. The same applies to the hands. Peeling varnish and dry skin must not be allowed.

how to become more beautiful in a week

Wash hair should be as it is contaminated, without waiting until the hair is completely dirty.Every day you can do simple hairstyles, it creates the impression of well-groomed. The main thing - do not be lazy.

The most important thing is to feel your beauty inside, to become self-confident, and then everything will work out.

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