How to make kvass?

With the beginning of each summer, especially hot, the need for soft drinks increases significantly. Various chemical drinks quickly begin to cause nausea. Foreign cola, despite advertising, does not quench thirst very well. Not everyone loves beer, and you can drink it not always and everywhere. The look of the people turns to the traditional kvass. However, purchased kvass is not always as cheap as we would like, and its taste is not always good enough. Here is the question of how to make kvass? This is not as difficult as you might think.

How to make home brew

There are many recipes for making kvass. It can be made from many berries and fruits. Here is an approximate recipe for kvass:

For two kilograms of berries or fruits you need about 5 liters of water, 500 grams of sugar, 20-30 grams of yeast. Berries or fruits (they need to be cut smaller) boil in a little water. The resulting broth should be wiped and filtered through a sieve and cheesecloth, then add the remaining water (boil and cool) with the dissolved sugar and yeast.For sweet berries, you can add citric acid, for sour - honey or raisins. When all this ferment, you should strain again, pour into bottles and put in the refrigerator. Kvass is ready.

However, real kvass is bread kvass.

How to make dry kvass

For the preparation of bread kvass you need to have the main ingredient, that is, dry kvass. You can, of course, buy it in the store (preferably without sugar and yeast). It usually consists of breadcrumbs and rye malt. However, a real dry brew is being made independently.

Rye bread (Borodino is better, since malt has already been added to it) needs to be finely chopped and dried well in the oven, but not burned, then it is desirable to pound more finely. There you can add rye malt and rye flour, as well as roasted barley, rice, buckwheat, and all that fancy enough. The basis of kvass is ready.

How to make bread kvass

Per 1 kg dry kvass needs 8-10 liters of water, 1-2 cups of sugar and 30-40 g of fresh yeast. Boil water, pour out the crackers and sugar. When all this has cooled, it is necessary to pour the yeast that has been dissolved beforehand. After that we cover the pot with a cloth and put it in the far corner for two nights.

Two days later, filter the resulting in another vessel (you can in a few). At this point, it is recommended to add a little raisins for additional carbonated. You can add mint leaves, currants, berries, honey. Lovers add horseradish. Leave another night.

The next day, everything is carefully filtered, bottled and put in the fridge. Kvass is ready.

How to make sourdough for kvass

In fact, if we made kvass in the previous way, the ferment is ready. This is exactly what we have left in the first vessel after filtering.

The cooking process remains almost the same, but using sourdough kvass becomes much tastier. We need to take a little less dry kvass, a little less water, and instead of yeast, use the remaining leaven. Everything else is unchanged. After the third or fourth launch of the leaven it becomes too much, so part of it needs to be thrown away or shared with someone, or more kvass should be made.

How to make kvass from bread and beets

Very tasty kvass is obtained with the addition of beets. To cook it, cut a couple of medium beets and bake in the oven to the state of crackers.Add beets with breadcrumbs. All proportions remain the same, except that sugar can be put a little less. This kvass can be prepared as an initial one or using the usual starter culture.

Such kvass is simply indispensable for making okroshka. Similarly, you can use finely shabby fresh beets. Make kvass and with the addition of carrots.

How to make kvass without yeast

If you are afraid that kvass will pick up too many unnecessary degrees, you can do it without yeast. The recipe used is the same. Raisins are put immediately, it is also advisable to add hop cones. Yeast is naturally excluded. The main difference is that kvass is prepared not for two nights, but four or five or more. It is advisable to try readiness. In the second vessel do not need to pour. You can immediately filter and pour into bottles. Leaven can be used as usual.

Apologists say that such a brew is much tastier. Whoever wants can try.

How to make birch kvass

You can make kvass from birch sap. By the way, it is also made without yeast. To begin with, strain the juice thoroughly to get rid of the inevitable garbage.

The easiest option: pour the birch sap into 1.5 l bottles. Add ten raisins to each, close tightly and send to the refrigerator until summer. Open very carefully!

More advanced amateurs add a handful of barley, roasted to a brownish color, and a dry crust of bread, for a ten-liter container, tightly closed. Such kvass is stored in the cold for up to six months.

Bon appetit and vivacity in any heat.!

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