How to make a good logo?

What is the secret of the logo that the public will like and will draw her attention to the company?
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Shorty Raccoon
Shorty Raccoon
Answered on December 11, 2014 17:04
I just do not understand why not to order a good logo in the company. Now organizations that make them fool. If for some reason you wanted to make the logo yourself, then go to Photoshop and create. Remember the following: the logo should be simple and easy to remember. And he must be universal and decent. So it is not a shame to use in the media,))) Choose a readable font and clear pictures so that people can understand your idea. And try different options. The more you do trial logos, the more likely you are to get a quality product.
Answered on March 14, 2016 21:27
If a person asks a similar question, then he should clearly contact a professional. You need a sense of style, the ability to combine colors, create a concept and an idea from simple. You need graphics software that will run only on a decent computer. In itself, the logo should be simple, but at the same time understandable, something symbolizing.For example, take the most famous corporations and see what logos they have. See how they have changed over time.

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