How to make a drink "Tarkhun" at home?

For many of us, this is the taste of childhood, and there is something in this drink that is enticing, long forgotten, but easily remembered. Even now, when this taste has been transformed into sweet and sour soda, sold in abundance in supermarkets. But why not try making tarragon drink at home? Maybe then he will satisfy that childish unfulfilled desire?tarkhun drink at home

Drink tarragon at home

And it will not be so difficult to cook if you buy fresh tarragon (or tarragon). In the middle lane, it does not grow, but you can get this grass in the market from greengrocers and in the supermarket - we choose where it is fresher.

In various sources, quite a lot of recipes, telling how this can be done. However, many of them offer to brew tarragon, and even boil for a certain time. The result: brown seagulls, by no means green, and having in taste and color a little common with an unforgettable drink of childhood.However, in order to preserve the green natural color of the grass and its odorous properties, it is possible to do without dyes. One has only to try this method: how to make a drink tarragon at home without the participation of boiling water. Its essence is that in no case shall we cook the weed or even brew with boiling water, but simply soak it.tarragon drink recipe at home


  1. Tarragon leaves are covered with a spoon of sugar and filled with a small amount of warm water (you can mash them a little beforehand for a more successful return of juices). And insist a few hours.
  2. The stems, which have a coarser structure, brew boiling water and insist the same time. Let the water pass all the utility, and it will be painted in a characteristic color.
  3. Then we mix both infusions and strain out. We get a greenish composition, in color reminiscent of natural green. Of course, it is not as bright as that of shop-soda, but on the other hand, almost all substances and aromatic properties are preserved in it. Add the juice of half a lemon per liter, honey or sugar to taste. The resulting extract is stored in the to make a drink tarragon at home

Final step

Next, prepare the drink tarragon at homeoccurs as follows. We prepare ice cubes in the refrigerator and a highly carbonated plain mineral water without any additions. Extract pour about a third of the glass. Add soda, throw ice cubes. We decorate the green leaf of tarhuna (you can use a mint sprig, a cherry, and a slice of lemon for decoration as well as more to your liking).

By the way, the received natural drink tarkhun at home is well (not childish) combined with all sorts of tinctures and beaters, balms. Just a few measuring spoons - and the taste will be original and impressive, especially in the hot summer season, as the drink has a cooling and light anesthetic to make a drink tarragon at home

Another recipe for tarragon drink at home

And here is another cooking option, also not very complex, but it’s tasty and healthy! Today, when it is scary to buy lemonade in stores in general (it is not for nothing that dietitians call them liquid candies), tarragon drink at home is one of the simple ways to pamper children and not crush a blow on the liver and stomach. So let's get tarragon drink at home


We will need fresh tarragon (tarragon) in the form of grass - 70 grams, a couple of lemons, half a cup of sugar (for usefulness, it can be replaced with honey with particular success), a half a half-water of highly carbonated but without any additives, a glass of purified plain water.


How to make tarkhun drink at home? We cut off the leaves of tarragon (we will use them later) and wash them. Sugar is dissolved in a glass of water in a small bowl. Put the leaves of tarragon there and bring to a boil over low heat. We leave to insist (preferably - at least an hour, you can for the night). After settling, pour the syrup into a blender and beat. Then several times filter through gauze. In a purified syrup squeeze the juice of 2 lemons and mix. Before use - we fill with cold soda and drink. Everyone is delighted, especially - kids on any children's holiday!

With gooseberry

Another original recipe for tarkhun drink at home - from the gooseberry. It has long been noticed that from a combination of these two ingredients, you can get a summer and well-refreshing drink in the heat with a rather savory taste and aroma.By the way, it, like compote, can be prepared for the winter. Well, let's try?tarkhun drink at home


A kilogram of green gooseberry berries, a bunch of tarragon, a couple of sprigs of mint, juice of one lemon, two glasses of sugar. Experienced housewives know one secret: that the berries do not burst during the cooking process, they are pierced in several places with a wooden toothpick. And the tarragon is required as a preparatory work - to separate the leaves from the stems. Leaves mash a little, and cut the stems.


We put all prepared ingredients in sterilized jars and pour boiling water over it. Banks immediately roll boiled lids and turn over on a towel. Cover until cool (to make it evenly). A day later we take to the place of storage. Such compote - a drink with tarkhun - has a bright taste and is much more pleasant than a shop. In the summer, banks can not roll up, and keep the drink in the refrigerator, for example, in a jug. And, if necessary, drink chilled. If your children want it to be fizzy, then add to the drink in an ordinary strongly carbonated water without any additives.Then, in appearance, it will resemble a purchase, but to taste it is much better and more beneficial!

With gooseberry, currant and cinnamon

This combination produces a somewhat advanced recipe with even more subtle flavors and aromas. To the previous version, add a few sticks of cinnamon, black currant - leaves, a couple of tablespoons of apple or grape vinegar (this is if you roll for the winter, and if you drink the drink immediately, you can not add it). The cooking method is practically no different from the previous one.

In general, the options for cooking homemade tarragon with various additives - a great many. It all depends on personal taste preferences. Leaves of raspberry, grapes, cherries, cloves, ginger, citrus peel can also be used. But the main ingredient is always tarragon!

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