How to make a bead bracelet?

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How to make a bead bracelet?

Beadwork has gained particular popularity lately. Jewelry made of beads and glass beads have long been popular with young girls. Weaving bead bracelets, using a variety of techniques, is a simple and very exciting experience. Using the basic techniques of beadwork, you can make openwork, patterned, multi-color or one-color jewelry, which is quite simple in technology. In this article, let's take a closer look at how to weave bracelets out of beads using the example of several weaves.

Beaded Lace Bracelet

This product is a fairly wide strip of weaving, decorated with a complex ornament in the form of oblique multi-colored stripes and original flowers, crosses. Using the same pattern of weaving, you can create other types of bracelets, focusing on the elaboration of details, without focusing on the color scheme. When selecting a color combination, we suggest choosing pink, purple and red color, as well as beads of any dark color to form crosses.So, let's take a detailed look at how to make a bead bracelet using the following scheme:

  • The first action is the stringing of beads in the amount of 11 pieces on the working thread, in color design: 9 - pink and 2 - red.
  • Then, through the hole in the fifth bead, we draw a needle and tighten the resulting loop.
  • Now you need to collect three purple beads on the needle, and pass a working thread through the first bead.
  • To form the second link, it is necessary to thread 4 beads onto the working thread: 1 - purple and 3 - red.
  • The next step is to pass a needle through the middle bead in the upper row.
  • Next on the thread we collect: 2 - red and 1 - purple and thread through the hole of the tenth bead.
  • Further actions take place according to the same scheme, starting with the first item, alternating the selected colors.

According to many craftswomen, bracelets in different colors, made from the same beadwork, will look especially efficient on one hand. For example, weaving a second bracelet, you can use the same colors, just swap them. After mastering this technique, you can start weaving bracelets of greater complexity, consisting of 3, 4 and 5 links. This weaving is performed in the same way.

To focus on the contour line of this ornament, you must take beads of the same color, or bleed dark glass beads with white beads. When using one-color weaving, a beaded loop is formed from 5, 7, or 9 beads, and when using glass beads, it is necessary to pair a pair of cylinders, make from glass beads on each side, and separate by beads. For convenience, this model of the bracelet is best done with a clasp.

How to weave a bead bracelet

Bracelet "Crosses"

This product belongs to the weaving of bead bracelets for beginners. The technology of execution is considered simple, and due to the direction, the threads are ranked as one of the eight weaving types. This technique is used to make fairly narrow jewelry with a simple ornament. When performing work is best to use two contrasting shades, for example, blue and white. Consider the scheme:

  • First of all, we take a working thread and string 4 beads of the same color, in this example, white, then tighten the loop to form a beaded little ring.
  • Now on the needle we get another 2 beads of the same color, skip through 2 beads and pull the thread well.
  • Now we take 2 beads of a different color, in our case blue ones, and string them on a needle.
  • After 6 beads we hold the thread and pull it again.
  • In the next step, one white and one blue bead are strung on a needle and pass through 8 beads, after which we firmly tighten the resulting loop.
  • Further work continues in the same way.

In the end result, this product will turn out to be narrow, therefore it is recommended to weave it not detachable, without a fastener. When working, for convenience, it is better to string the beads on a thin elastic band.

How to weave a bead bracelet

After reading this article, you can make your own bead bracelets.

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