How to make a bar counter?

Modern interior design is almost impossible to imagine without a stylish and fashionable, but at the same time very functional bar counter. This element of the interior fits perfectly into almost any home, at the same time, those furniture products of this type, which are made in rustic style, look particularly impressive. In order to acquire such an attribute of the interior, it is not necessary to go to the store and spend money on its acquisition, because you can make it yourself. All you need is the ability to work with tools, raw materials, a little imagination and compliance with the recommendations given in this article about how to make a bar in a rustic style with your own hands.

Necessary tools and materials

  • a hammer;
  • level;
  • thin wooden slats;
  • ceiling plinth;
  • molding;
  • bars 50x100 mm;
  • boards of 25х300 mm;
  • 75 mm nails;
  • tile solution;
  • sealant for painting;
  • sandpaper;
  • paint for wood;
  • trimming saw;
  • drill;
  • dowel:
  • ceramic tile 20x20 cm.
  • putty for wood.

We perform preparatory work

Before you make a bar counter with your hands, you need to prepare for it the most convenient and correct place where it will look beautiful, and at the same time, will not interfere. It is better to make it closer to the window, if there is one, if it is missing, then it should be placed perpendicular to the wall, because that is how it will be in the most optimal place of the dwelling.

How to make a bar in rustic style

  1. To begin, you will need to cut two beams from the beam, and between them attach the posts, the height of which should be 950 mm. Their connection must be carried out using dowels or nails.
  2. The finished construction of the beams should be attached to the future installation site and marked on its lower part 160 cm from the wall, and on it, at the same time, you will need to put a mark at a height of 90 cm. The distance between these marks should be 250 cm.
  3. Attach the finished frame to the wall with screws, put a timber on top of it, while making sure that it lies flat. For this, you will need to take advantage of the level. If everything is in order, then you will need to nail the timber to the frame with nails.And if irregularities are observed, then it will be necessary to put a few wooden planks under them in order to remove such defects, and only after that to do the fixing.
  4. Cut plywood facade for the bar. Then it should be sheathed installed frame on all sides with nails. From above fix a table-top with dowels. Between it and the facade, install the ceiling molding, and from the bottom with a hammer, nail the prepared plinth.
  5. All the cracks that the structure has will have to be sealed with a sealant, and the joints should be carefully processed with coarse sandpaper. Then apply the solution on the facade of the rack and gently, as evenly as possible, lay ceramic tile. After that, rub all the seams.
  6. Wood structure, not covered with tiles, painted with paint. Its color should be chosen in accordance with the existing interior, and it is necessary to take into account the color range of the ceramic tiles that decorate the facade. Leave the construction for 24 hours until completely dry. After that, your bar in rustic style will be completely ready.

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