How to keep a girl?

In this article on female psychology, we will talk about how to keep a girl or a woman from parting: what to do and what can never be done. It is no secret that many girls and women are quite demanding in some areas. And there is no need for them to be offended, because for any girl and woman it is important that the boy or the man next to her becomes a real support for her, and not a little boy who needs to be fed, dressed and raised, while indulging in all of it. caprices.

How to keep a girl from breaking

First you need to understand what is wrong with your relationship, whether you are really to blame for the break or whether the girl repeatedly finds reasons to get away from you. According to the experience of many guys, I’ll tell you that if you don’t offend a girl, don’t humiliate her and behave yourself, and she, nonetheless, is looking for a way to escape, you need to show strength and ... let her go. Yes, yes, these should not be kept, because the girls of this type themselves do not know what they want from life, so how can you keep it? Just humiliate yourself in her eyes if you cling.If such a person begins to make trouble and say that he will leave you, you just need to say: "the door is there." If you are, as they say, "tyutey", this will not put you in anything and leave you at the most unexpected moment for you. But if you show will, it will add a lot of points to your reputation in her eyes. Now we come to the second part of the “Marlezonsky ballet”.

If you are guilty

Much depends on both of you here. With the insults that you inflicted, the humiliations that a girl or woman experienced from you, you will have to try to keep her, but there is always a way. Only here this method is not for everyone. Remember that it is impossible to deceive constantly, so if you have already decided to change - change. Give her more attention, be together, go in for joint activities, well, at least watch a movie, go to a cafe. The main thing that women need from us is attention. You must be near. If you live together, then give your beloved at least an hour or two of free time per day. Remember - how long was the last time you bought her flowers? Here, by the way, I’ll tell you about one funny observation on the last day of March 8th.I went behind the flowers and barely laughed loudly: there was a long queue in the store, consisting of some men, but on the other days I mostly meet women in flower shops. Is your woman or girl worth only to buy her flowers only on March 8? Think about it, it is very important. A gift doesn’t have to be a reason, why not buy her favorite sweets in a week or a bottle of her favorite wine, which you can drink together? It is very simple, even too simple, but we first detach a person from ourselves, and then feverishly think how to get back. Change the habit, give her attention at least a little, nothing will happen to your game or football if you miss one evening a week or two for the sake of the woman you love, and you can write down the match, after all, and watch it when it falls asleep .

How to keep a woman - learn to give each other

Remember that true feelings and long relationships are built on mutual concessions. I understand, sometimes I really do not want to break my habits and go, for example, to walk with my wife or girlfriend, instead of, for example, driving friends to football or going through another level of my favorite game, but ... it needs to be done, at least sometimes .And the woman will thank you for it, and you yourself will feel that your relationship is safe. And besides - it's such a joy: to see how your beloved shines with happiness. If you are ready to think only about your interests - leave thoughts about strong relationships and a happy family. Well, a few words about treason. No matter how the girl assures you that she doesn’t care who you sleep with, it’s not like that. Not all the same - even for those for whom sex is “not a reason for dating.” If a woman forgives a betrayal, she will definitely remember, and at the first opportunity, she will remind you. Therefore, lovers for a walk, again, do not look for consistency - these are things completely incompatible. If they “got caught,” then they must sincerely repent and show that this will not happen again, but, again, without self-abasement - this is unpleasant for women. Well, I hope, now you know how to keep a woman or girl from breaking up, and also hope that such situations in your life will not arise.

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