How to increase download speed?

A large number of users oftenare faced with the problem of slow file upload. Fortunately, this problem is solved. There are several ways to increase the download speed from the Internet. Having learned them, you can not only save your time, but also your nerves.

Tips for speeding up downloads from the Internet

In order to download files at the highest possible speed, follow the following recommendations:

  • Do not "be led" by lightweight "accelerators". When meeting on the Internet a program of only a few kilobytes in size, the developers of which assure that by installing it on your personal computer you can increase the download speed, do not trust these statements and download it. Programs of this kind will not help the user to work on their computer, but rather vice versa harm.
  • Very often, these programs aremalicious and placed on sites that provide free downloads. If an antivirus is installed on your personal computer, it is most likely that it will not allow the given applications to access the system. Remember that there is no such program with which you can increase the speed of Internet download.
  • Find out the real speed of your internet. To do this, you should look at your service plan in the service provider's contract. There will be recorded speed. Then you should check if it corresponds to the real Internet speed on your computer. You can do this on the website, after testing your Internet, you will be shown its download and upload speed, as well as ping (speed of the computer response).
  • If it turns out that it does not match the speed,registered in the contract, you should contact the technical support of your ISP. To confirm your words, prepare pre-made screenshots of the online speed test.
  • Install an upgraded loader. The increase in download speed also depends on the way the files are downloaded. You should check it out. When using the standard download manager, it's no wonder that the task appears how to improve the download speed, because this manager does not have basic functions for downloading different files. It is necessary to find him an alternative substitute. Most often, users prefer applications such as Download Master and DownThemAll.
  • Optimize the modem. There is an excellent program for optimizing the modem. It's called "NetScream". By installing this program on your computer, you can achieve the highest possible download speed.
  • Use the torrent. Torrent is a program for downloading speed from the Internet. It is worth using it. Thanks to torrent download process is much faster due to the fact that this program breaks the entire file into several pieces and downloads it from different places.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that thisthe program distributes the downloaded, so that the following downloads are faster, you want to stop distributing the previous ones.

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