How to get to Paris?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
November 17, 2014
How to get to Paris?

Paris is a city of love. Romantics dream to visit Paris at least once in a lifetime. There are various options that allow you to reach the capital of France. About them and will be discussed further.

Paris can be reached in several ways, namely:

  • by plane;
  • by train;
  • by bus;
  • by car.


Traveling by plane is the fastest and at the same time the most expensive way. Flights from Russia are served by five airlines: Aeroflot, AirFrance, Transaero, Aigle Azur, Russia. Most of the planes land at Charles de Gaulle airport, but if you want to use low-cost flights, these planes land at Beauvais. It is worth noting that the journey from Russia to Paris can take from 4 hours.

Unlike other ways to travel, you do not have to go through additional customs control.

A train

If you want not only to visit Paris, but also to see other countries and cities, you can take advantage of the European locomotive Moscow - Paris.In order to get to Paris by train, remember that the train departs from the platform of the Belorussky railway station in Moscow and arrives in Paris at the East Station. On the way you can spend up to 38 hours, the train runs 3-4 times a week, it all depends on the season.

The ticket is not cheap, as the train is positioning itself as a tour. You will also have to go through customs control at the border of Belarus and Poland.


Also, do not forget about the opportunity to get to Paris by bus, as there are various bus tours from Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you start your journey in Moscow, you can spend about 55 hours on the way. It is such a pleasure about 300 euros in both directions.

Personal car

If none of the above options did not suit you, you can use a private car. It is worth noting that the trip to Paris can take several days, since it is necessary to overcome a distance of 3000 km. In addition, it is necessary to study the rules of traffic in Paris and its suburbs. There is also the problem of paid parking in Paris, which complicates travel by car. Speaking of lodging, there are quite a few options: from budget hostels to exotic hotels in the suburbs.If you want to get cheap to Paris, you can negotiate with friends and pay for gasoline together.

Unlike other ways, you will have to spend more time on the Belarusian-Polish border.

Combined version

If you have not chosen a suitable way of travel, then you can use the combined option, that is, take part of the way on one type of transport, and then change it to another, for example, start the journey from the train and transfer to a bus or a plane. If you decide how to get to Paris, you can think about what you can see there in the first place.

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