How to get to Cheboksary?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
December 19, 2014
How to get to Cheboksary?

The city of Cheboksary is the capital of the Chuvash Republic. You can get to this town in different ways: by train, by bus, by car and, finally, by plane.

How to get to Cheboksary: ​​ways

By bus

Passenger transportation to Cheboksary and from them (to major Russian cities - Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Ufa, Ulyanovsk, Orenburg, etc.) are carried out by many transport companies. The starting point is Cheboksary Central Bus Station, which is located at 78 Mira Ave. by ordering tickets or for other questions, please call (8352) 56-64-08, 28-78-43.

By train

To get to Cheboksary by train, as well as by bus - is not difficult. Most often, passengers buy train tickets in the following directions:

  • Moscow Kazan - Cheboksary (special timetable - you need to check at the ticket office of the railway station or on their website), train No. 142Г, the train arrives in Cheboksary at 13:40;
  • Adler - Cheboksary (the timetable is also special), train No. 498С (trailer), arriving at the destination at 12:15;
  • St. Petersburg - Cheboksary (special schedule), train 133A (trailer), arriving in Cheboksary at 14:45;
  • Novorossiysk - Cheboksary (a special schedule), train No. 336С (trailer), arriving in Cheboksary at 14:45.

By plane

You can fly to the capital of Chuvashia by plane, for example, from Moscow, on modern airplanes. Flights are carried out daily, the journey time is only two hours. The airport is located a few kilometers from the city, at Pl. Skvortsova, 2.

By car

The easiest way to get to Cheboksary is by car. The city is connected to other settlements by the federal highways: M-7 Volga (Moscow - N. Novgorod - Cheboksary - Kazan), A-151 (Tsivilsk - Ulyanovsk), A-119 "Vyatka" (Cheboksary - Yoshkar-Ola - Kirov - Syktyvkar).

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